What is Task Manager Mac, Mac Task Manager or Activity Monitor and how to use it?

When changing from Windows operating system (OS) to Mac OS X, you may feel strange with the new platform and features. Therefore, you will not know how to stop or close a running application. In Windows OS, it’s very easy to stop a process by opening Task Manager and select “End Process”.

Mac also has a Task Manager application but with a different name: Activity Monitor. Features of Activity Monitor application are very similar to the Task Manager in Windows. You can easy to view, manage and close any active processes that are running in Mac OS X. It’s very easy to use, right?

How To Open And Use Task Manager Mac

In Windows, if you want to launch the Task Manager, simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del or right-click on the taskbar and select “Start Task Manager”.

Start Task Manager Mac - Activity Monitor

But if you want to open the Activity Monitor in Mac OS X, just go to Applications > Utilities and then select “Activity Monitor” application.

Simplest Way To Open The Mac Task Manager

There is another way that could help you to open “Activity Monitor” program easier and quicker.

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Simply press Command + Space key to launch Spotlight search field.

Type “Activity Monitor” in the search field and press “Enter” or “Return”.

Task Manager Mac

Use Spotlight to open Activity Monitor: a Mac Task Manager

The Activity Monitor is a very powerful Task Manager application as it’s not only displaying running applications under user-level but also shows running applications under system-level or kernel level and a few other processes.

If a program is running in your Mac computer, you can find it with Activity Monitor (Mac Task Manager or Task Manager Mac), never miss any tasks.

Mac Task Manager

It allows you to sort processes by ID, name and memory usage. Also, you can search for a specific process that matches characters or names.

Kill Process In Mac

The Activity Monitor application can also use to force quit Mac apps when they are unresponsive. To doing so, just select the application you want to force-to-close from the list in Activity Monitor and then click the (X) icon at the top-left corner and choose “Force Quit“. The selected application will be terminated immediately.

You can also use Force Quit Application to close any unresponsive apps by pressing the key combination: Command + Option + Esc to bring up Force Quit Application. Next, choose the application you want to close and click on “Force Quit”.

Force Quit Application

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