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No one likes those annoying blinking Ethernet lights. The problem gets complicated as there is no set standard for the use of lights by the manufacturers. In other words, an orange glow on one Ethernet port may convey a different message than the same light on another port. Fortunately, there are some excellent ways to get rid of this blinking orange light.

Multiple ways can help you resolve blinking lights on Ethernet ports. You can either manipulate the connection between cable and LAN or change the power source to eliminate these lights. Moreover, checking the router update and resetting the router can also help you in this regard.


Besides orange light, it is common to notice the flickering of other lights on the Ethernet port. They all convey a different message on different models because of the lack of standardization of the construction process.

This article aims to help you understand the message of blinking lights on the router’s Ethernet ports, besides addressing the solutions for them.

What Do the Lights on the Ethernet Ports Mean?

I always find those flickering Ethernet lights annoying, as they continuously act as a distraction during work. The biggest issue with these lights is that it is difficult to understand the reason behind their blinking.

As there are no set rules to assign a definite meaning to a particular light, manufacturers across the globe use these lights for conveying different messages.

Unfortunately, every individual device and model can convey a different message with the same light. I wish the industry had some manufacturing standardization to enhance users’ experience in this regard.

However, you can check the included manual of a particular device if you cannot find a precise answer to your question.

What Are the Different Lights that blink on Ethernet Ports?

There are many lights that you can notice on your Ethernet ports of the router. Below are the most common among all:

  • Green
  • Orange

Many devices use these 2 color lights to communicate multiple signals or messages to the users.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that there will be a combination of blinking and steady lights on your Ethernet Port. It is blinking that matters the most, not the color of light.

Both green and orange color lights can be steady and blinking lights. Moreover, you can also find some devices on the market that come with a pair of only green color lights.

To that end, one green light will be flickering, and the other one will be a steady one.

In either case, you should check whether the light is blinking or not to understand the reason behind it.

An indication of a steady light on the port means a valid, established connection between the devices on the network.

On the other hand, a blinking light generally communicates some activity on connected devices.

The Meaning of a Steady Light on the Ethernet Ports

The steady orange or green light on your Ethernet port signals a valid connection between devices on the network.

It indicates a device has been successfully connected to the other end of the Ethernet cable.

Indication of the Link Speed

Some older generations of routers use a steady orange light to show the link speed of the connection. For these devices, there are two possible scenarios that you can consider:

  • If the orange light on the Ethernet port is off, it signals that the link speed is 10 Mbps.
  • If a steady orange light is turned on, it indicates a link speed of 100 Mbps.

However, if you already own a new generation router, there could be an indication of a 1000 Mbps speed, too, on the port.

Indication of Link Speed on IBM devices

As I have mentioned earlier, every manufacturer has its own rules for assigning meaning to the lights on the Ethernet ports.

IBM devices are one of the most popular ones on the market. That is why I want to describe in this post the meaning of steady lights on IBM devices.

  • If you do not find any steady light on IBM devices, it shows a link speed of 10 Mbps.
  • The company uses a steady orange light to show a link speed of 1000 Mbps.
  • However, you will notice a steady green light on IBM devices if the link speed is 100 Mbps.

The Meaning of a Blinking Light on the Ethernet Ports

Similar to steady lights on multiple devices, a blinking light on your Ethernet ports also communicates different meanings on numerous models and brands.

In general, a blinking light, regardless of color, indicates some activity on connected devices.

In other words, you will notice a blinking light when the device on the other end of the Ethernet port sends or receives data from the other devices on the network.

Examples of IBM and Netgear

Devices from both IBM and Netgear use a blinking green light to indicate activity on the network. Put simply, the blinking of green light on the Ethernet ports of these companies means the devices on both ends are exchanging some data.

The green light will start blinking if the connected device wants to send or receive data from other devices on the network.

It is pertinent to mention that the color of the blinking light does not matter. It is blinking that matters the most. The blinking of any light indicates data transfer between devices connected on both ends of Ethernet ports.


Why is Your Ethernet Light Blinking Orange?

There is no universal rule that assigns particular meaning to the blinking of orange lights on your Ethernet ports.

The purpose of the blinking orange light varies from one device to another based on the device’s manufacturer and model.

In addition to data transfer indications, blinking orange light can also signal many other things you do not know.

Indication of Speed Issues

Many manufacturers on the market use continuous flickering of orange light to indicate speed issues in the network.

It may also indicate the incompatibility of your device with the link speed.

For instance, you may notice this blinking light on many devices if the link speed is too low.

As a result, the connection is lost.

This thing indicates the device is not compatible with an existing low-speed internet connection.

Indication of Half-Duplex Connection

One of the most common reasons behind the blinking of orange light on the Ethernet port is a half-duplex connection.

A half-duplex link is a type of connection where data transmission is possible in one direction at a time.

In this connection, the data moves in more than one direction, but multi-dimensional communication is not possible simultaneously.

If the connection between the devices on a network is half-duplex, the orange light on the Ethernet port may continuously blink on some devices to indicate this thing.

What Does the Orange Light on the Front of My Ethernet Router Indicate?

An indication of orange light on the front of an Ethernet router indicates one of the following reasons:

Firmware Update

It is common for many high-end routers to receive updates for enhanced operational efficiency and connectivity regularly. There are two possible update sources for a router you currently own.

In most cases, the manufacturing company of routers automatically updates its routers during use.

This system upgrade is necessary to prevent any shortcomings, including security and efficiency issues.

As a result of the automatic update from the manufacturer, the connection speed goes down, which results in the indication of a blinking orange light on the front.

Service providers can also automatically update many high-end routers. This process also results in the blinking of orange light on the front of routers in many devices.

Accessibility Issues

Another primary reason behind the indication of a blinking orange light on the front of many routers involves accessibility issues.

A blinking orange light on the front also results if the internet service provider has blocked accessibility to particular router types.

In this way, you will have issues accessing the internet over that router.

USB Devices

Another major reason that causes the continuous blinking of orange lights on the front of routers is the connection of USB devices.

The orange light on the router starts blinking to indicate that the device is preparing a connected USB for LAN use.

How Do You Fix Orange Light on Ethernet Spectrum?

There are multiple hacks that you can use to fix the orange light on Ethernet Spectrum. Below are the best among them:

Reestablishing the Connection Between Router and Modem

The first and the easiest one that I consider most suitable is to remove the wire that connects the router and modem. After a few seconds, you can reverse the action you previously performed.

The problem of blinking orange light gets resolved in many cases using this method.

Restarting the Device

Many inexpensive devices stop functioning correctly if you continuously use them without any interruptions.

As a result, the orange light may start blinking to indicate overheating issues.

To that end, you can power off the device for a few minutes and restart it after to resolve this issue.

Firmware Update

In some cases, the problem of continuous orange light can also be solved if you update your router with the company’s latest version of firmware update.

These updates enhance the working capacity of the routers by many folds.

Installing the latest update is not a big deal. All you have to do is visit the supplier’s website to check for the latest downloadable updates.

After downloading the updates, you can quickly install them on the router to see if it helps to eliminate the orange light issues.

Router’s Factory Reset

Another way to deal with this continuous flickering of orange light is to reset your router’s settings.

Resetting a router device is relatively easy and straightforward. The reset button comes built-in on many router devices.

You have to press and hold that reset button for a few seconds. This thing will start resetting your device, which may take up to 10 minutes.


There is no universal standardization that assigns meaning to the blinking of orange LED lights on an Ethernet port.

Each manufacturer and model of the device may have different meanings for the attached light. However, you can turn these lights off by trying some methods discussed above.