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One of the reasons why you might be wearing your Powerbeats Pro is because you want to avoid the annoying noises around you. But, at one point, the actual earbuds might start making a frustrating sound.

Thankfully, it might take you only a minute to fix the issue.

Why Are Your Powerbeats Pro Making a Buzzing Noise?

1. Electrical interference

If you have noticed that your Powerbeats start making a buzzing sound only when you’re in the car, for example, electrical interference is most likely to blame.

Some users have reported that their earbuds start making strange sounds when other Bluetooth devices surround them, such as wireless keyboards, stereos, printers, and so on.

2. Physical damage

Your earbuds might start buzzing after you have accidentally dropped them or drowned in any type of fluid. Dirt buildup might also make your Powerbeats Pro malfunction, and sometimes simply removing the ear tips and cleaning the device would help.

3. Old firmware

If you haven’t updated the firmware, the earbuds might start to sound funny.

4. Manufacturer defect

Though Powerbeats Pro are known for their high quality and durability, manufacturer defects can still occur. If your earbuds started making noises as soon as you got them, then the chances are high that a factory defect is to blame.

5. Wrongly sized ear tips

There are several sets of ear tips that you can choose from. Make sure to carefully pick the right size for your ears as if the ear tips are too small or too big, they might start pushing against the speaker. This, in its turn, can cause the earphones to buzz.

Try inserting the medium-sized ear tips in your ears. If you feel like they’re not giving you a good seal, then go a size larger. If the earbuds feel uncomfortable, choose a smaller size.

Before attempting to fix your Powerbeats Pro , try to remember when exactly the issue first occurred. Did it happen after you dropped the earbuds? Are both of the earbuds malfunctioning or just one? Do the Powerbeats buzz only in certain places or all the time?

Some users started experiencing noise issues after they have left their charging case in the car’s glovebox. So, ideally, you should try to not keep the device in areas that get too hot or humid.

With that being said, even if the causes of the buzzing sound are not 100% clear, there are still a few things that you can try to do to fix the issue.

6 Ways to Fix Powerbeats Pro Making a Buzzing Noise

1. Let the earbuds charge for a while

The easiest thing that you can do to fix the buzzing noise is to return your Powerbeats Pro to the case and allow them to charge for a few hours. In some cases, this might be enough to resolve the issue.

Tip: use the wall charger. Using your PC to charge the device might not help.

2. Re-pair your earbuds with your iPhone or iPad

To reconnect your two Apple devices, you must first ‘forget’ your Powerbeats Pro. To do this, go to ‘settings’ on your iPhone or iPad, select ‘Bluetooth,’ choose the ‘I’ icon, and select ‘forget device’.

Now, place the earbuds into their case and reconnect the device while it’s charging.

3. Turn the Bluetooth off and on

If there is something wrong with the connection between your phone or laptop and your earbuds, then turning the Bluetooth off and then back on again might quickly resolve the issue.

Turn the Bluetooth off on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, wait for around 20 seconds, and turn it on.

4. Reset the earbuds

A simple reset will help you with the buzzing sound in the majority of cases. To reboot your Powerbeats Pro, you would have to:

  1. Return the earbuds to the case (but keep the lid open).
  2. Hold the system button located on the case for about 15 seconds (the LED light should start to flash red and white).
  3. Release the button. Your earbuds have been reset.

Tip: if your earbuds continue buzzing after you have reset them or even after you have repaired your devices, then ‘forget’ the Powerbeats, reset the earbuds while they’re plugged into the wall outlet, reset the iPhone/iPad, and only then repair the devices.

5. Turn off other Bluetooth devices

This won’t exactly fix the problem. But you’ll at least know for sure whether other Bluetooth devices are to blame or there is another issue with the earbuds.

You can simply go outside, to see if your Powerbeats stop buzzing or turn off your wireless keyboard, mouse, and so on. If the buzzing sound stops, then the only thing that you can do is stop using the earbuds inside where there are plenty of other Bluetooth devices.

By the way, you should try not to use the earbuds next to microwave ovens as those operate in the same frequency band as Bluetooth.

6. Update your Powerbeats Pro

New firmware usually brings bug fixes and improvements. In rare cases, these updates can obstruct sound quality. A few years ago, all you would have to do to check for firmware updates was to install a special Beats Update App and simply monitor the news.

However, this application is no longer available, and all you can really do to get a firmware update is put the Powerbeats in the case, connect them to a power source, and pair them to your iPhone or iPad to force the update. Make sure that you have the latest version of iOS or iPadOS.

If none of the solutions mentioned above has helped, then contact Apple.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few reasons why your Powerbeats Pro might start making an annoying buzzing noise.

The good news is that, in the majority of cases, you’ll be able to fix the issue, if you reset the devices and repair them, while the earbuds are in the case that it is being charged via a wall outlet.