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The PS3 is one of those consoles of historical significance, with one of the best game libraries in the entire Sony series of PlayStations. For that reason, it’s still a popular console. Like all gaming consoles, however, it comes with occasional problems, like the infamous 80710a06 error code.

The 80710a06 error code is a network error code and is an indication that you have been signed out of the network. The potential causes for this include internet connection issues, IP and DNS settings, a lack of memory, or issues with your router.

It’s one of those fairly irritating error codes because it usually comes out of nowhere. And, like all Sony PlayStation error codes, there is no immediate causation. In other words, you have to go elsewhere to find out what the code is and look to those like us to figure out the fix!

PS3 “The Page Cannot Be Displayed 80710a06”: 6 Causes & Fixes

1. Internet Connection

There’s no getting around this one. If there is no internet connection, the odds are pretty good you’ll get this error code, or something very similar. Just about anywhere you live in the United States (and regardless of the ISP you’re using) has problems with intermittent internet loss.

Even when you aren’t going through an internet outage, there can potentially be a problem with your ISP.

If you check your router and everything seems good to go on that end, try resetting your PS3 by turning it off and pulling the power cable.

Wait about a minute or two and plug it back in. Let it cycle back up and see if the error code reappears. While the PS3 is not as data-intensive as a PlayStation 5, you still need a solid, reliable internet connection for everything to run like a well-oiled machine.

If your PlayStation 3 is not plugged into the modem/router via an ethernet cable, check your internet speed to make sure its both zipping along and stable. You can do this with a number of apps and websites.

2. IP and DNS

Sometimes you just have to get into the nitty-gritty of the background mechanisms on which your PlayStation 3 depends. You can manually configure your DNS within the PlayStation 3’s dashboard.

  1. Turn on the PS3
  2. On the Dashboard, side scroll over to Settings
  3. Drop down and select Network Settings
  4. Select ‘Internet Connection Settings’
  5. Select ‘Custom’
  6. Select your Connection Method
  7. Select ‘Automatic’ IP for now
  8. Select ‘Do Not Set’ for the DHCP Host Name
  9. Under DNS Setting, select Manual
  10. Enter the primary DNS address and select ‘Done’
  11. Select ‘Automatic’ under MTU
  12. Under Proxy Server, select ‘Do Not Use’
  13. Under UPnP, select ‘Enable’

You can change the IP address using the same, exact method. On the bullet points above, we chose to set ‘Automatic’ under the IP but you can change the IP by selecting ‘Manual’ if you want to change it.

3. Automatic Channel Switching

A lot of the newer home internet setups include routers that have multiple bands and many more channels within each band. For instance, a premier gaming router will offer 2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz, and 6.0 GHz bands, and there are multiple channels within each.

These routers maintain your devices on the most stable channel at all times, even if one channel becomes more stable than the other.

This means you may have a single device jumping to different channels on the 6.0 GHz bandwidth. It could even drop down to 5.0 GHz if necessary.

This is a function of the router, not the devices you connect to your router. A PlayStation 3 is like the old guy who still has a flip phone and has never heard of Tik Tok. It doesn’t always function very well when it’s jumping back and forth on different channels throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix the problem is to change the settings in your router. The best way to do that is to download the companion app for your router or jump on the router’s site and make the changes there.

As far as jumping on the router’s interface, all of that information, including the username and password, should be located on a sticker either on the bottom or the back side of the router .

However, if you have a high-end router or a gaming router, the odds are good that it has an associated app.

All routers are different with their own little system and layout but the settings you want to change are the automated multi-channels. You want your PlayStation 3 to stick to a single channel and that channel only.

4. PlayStation 3 Internet is Disabled

This is one of the more simple fixes and, if this is what’s causing you to get the 80710a06 error code, be very thankful that its that simple to fix.

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu on the dashboard
  2. Select ‘Network Settings’
  3. Select ‘Internet Connection Settings’
  4. Turn the internet back on

That’s all there is to it. Don’t you wish life was always so simple?

AdobeStock_398426658 WiFi router, back of the router, hand holding the router with wires

5. Reset Router and PS3

Sometimes, your router just needs a good old-fashioned reset and you might as well reset your PlayStation 3 while you’re at it. Of course, when you go about resetting your router and the associated devices with it, you should do it in order.

Go ahead and pull the plug (pull the ethernet cable from the PS3 and router if you’re using one before you pull the power) on your PlayStation 3. Now, remove the internet connection from your router (coax, fiber, DSL, etc). Once you disconnect the internet cable, go ahead and power down the router by simply unplugging it.

Go eat lunch, chill out with the dog, run some errands, or watch a movie on your smartphone. You only have to wait a couple of minutes but you can still fill the space with something fun.

Plug the internet connection back into the router before you plug it back in. Plug the power in and let the router cycle all the way back up. If you’re running a wired connection with the PS3, plug in your ethernet cable. Plug the PS3 back into the power outlet.

6. Memory

Sometimes, you get the 80710a06 error code while using the PS3 browser (yes the PlayStation 3 has a web browser, and yes, it’s horrible). This is usually an indication that your PS3’s memory is all used up.

Besides, you’ll start noticing a significant slowdown effect on your PlayStation 3 when you fill-up the system with games.

If you decide to clear up the memory and give your aging PlayStation a little bit of breathing room, you need to reset the console after deleting whatever it is you want to delete.

You’ll probably notice an immediate spark of life in terms of speed, once your dump about 50 GB of games you no longer play.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, six different ways to dump that ridiculously annoying error code. Most of the time, a simple reset of the system or even the router will clear the issue up. Other times, the fix for the issue is a lot more subtle and you’ll have to work your way through some of the above troubleshooting tips to figure it out.

Either way, the above six fixes should get you up and running on your PS3 once again.

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