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A PC optimization utility will optimize your computer so it performs at its peak performance. We have reviewed many utilities but only a few of them made it to the recommended list. Many of the computer optimization programs available just do not do what they say they can do. The utilities below have been reviewed and are recommended to increase your computer speed and fix computer and registry errors. See some reasons Why You May Need a Computer Optimization Program.

An optimization utility can perform a variety of tasks to keep your computer running smoothly and at its top performance on all levels of possible enhancements that can be made to speed up your PC. Here is a list of some of the possible fixes and enhancements that can be made to your computer to increase the performance.

    • Optimize Computer Registry
    • Increase Internet Speed
    • Hard Drive Defrag
    • Increase Computer Speed
  • Increase Boot Time
  • Optimize System Settings
  • Fix Computer Errors
  • Update System Drivers

If you are not comfortable with the idea of trying to fix your computer problems on your own, an online computer support service may be the solution for you.

If you are getting computer errors or if your PC just seems to be getting slow, you will benefit from the utilities below. Computer optimization programs also help keep the megabytes and gigabytes traveling swiftly. If your PC is not optimized, it takes longer to access the data on the hard drive thus slowing your computer down to a crawl. You may need to do something as simple as defragging your hard drive or something more drastic like cleaning and defragging your registry. We have tested, and highly recommend, the computer optimization utilities you can browse below.

Order System Mechanic $49.95

The tools included in the System Mechanic 16 computer optimization program will allow you to enjoy that “New Computer” feeling again. This utility automatically repairs errors and fragmentation, cleans out clutter, and tunes up your computer so that it runs smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster! The iolo Technologies System Mechanic repairs Windows registry errors and hard drive problems with ActiveCare Technology. See our Review of System Mechanic See the video reviews of System Mechanic. Save 50% on the new System Mechanic 16, only $24.95 with Coupon Code: TEN8

Order System Mechanic Pro $69.95

System Mechanic Professional combines several potent products to speed up and secure your computer, offering total computer care in a single package that includes every utility your PC will need to keep it secure and running at an optimized level. Included is a full version of System Mechanic, the world’s best selling computer optimization software. Data security features include full antivirus and firewall protection, true data recovery to restore lost or deleted files, and military-standard drive scrubbing. See our Review of System Mechanic Professional. Save $30 on System Mechanic 16 Professional, Now Only $39.95 with Coupon Code: SPRING14

Order PoweSuite Now $59.95

UniBlue Powersuite 2016 – A computer needs to be cleaned up in more ways than the average person has time for. The file system needs to optimized at regular intervals. The hard drive needs defragmenting. The registry needs to be defragged and optimized. Outdated system device drivers can slow your PC to a crawl. The UniBlue PowerSuite combines SpeedUpMyPC, DriverScanner, and MaxiDisk all for one low price in one easy to use package to keep your computer running at its peak performance. If your computer does not seem to be running at its peak performance, check out the Review of the UniBlue PowerSuite to see what it can do for your PC.

Free Scan – $29.95

PC Mechanic 2016 is the newest Uniblue tool to optimize your PC to bring that new PC feeling back and keep it there. Fix. Clean. Boost. That is its claim. PC Mechanic scans the computer settings, files and processes to identify problems that may be slowing it down. It then uses its powerful range of tools to fix a wide range of problems. It finds and fixes Registry errors that cause slowdowns and crashes, frees up system resources to increase speed and reliability and removes the cluttered junk files that build up on a computer. Fix. Clean. Boost. Try a Free Scan!

Free Scan – $29.95

The new version of SpeedUpMyPC 2016 now has all of the registry cleaner functions that used to be available in the RegistryBooster application with many new features available to keep your PC running like new. The integration of these two tools makes SpeedUpMyPC a very powerful and effective computer optimization utility. This byte management utility does just what it says it can do. It speeds up your PC. Disk clutter, RAM, CPU and your system settings are all automatically scanned, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. Try a Free Scan to see how much you can optimize your PC. See the review of SpeedUpMyPC.

Buy DriverScanner $29.95

The Uniblue DriverScanner 2016 is a utility that scans your computer to see if you have all of the latest driver upgrades. Upgrading drivers can be a tedious task. DriverScanner 2016 makes it easy. Your system may not be running at its peak performance level if you have old or outdated drivers and updating them on your own could be a computer crashing experience if you are not careful. DriverScanner scans, downloads and installs all of the newest drivers that your PC may need to keep operating at its optimal performance. Try a Free Driver scan to see if you need any driver updates. See our Review of DriverScanner.

Free Scan – $29.95

RegistryCleanerKit performs registry edits that keep computers running stable and responsive. The Windows registry is a terrible thing to clutter but it does get cluttered. The registry “remembers” things but has no way of “forgetting” without the help of third-party software like Uniblue RegistryCleanerKit. The unnecessary entries are computer crashes just waiting to happen if not cleaned out periodically. Registry Errors? Computer running slow? Try a free scan with RegistryCleanerKit to see what it can do for your system performance.