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Have a problem with your RCA TV? It may not be a complicated fix. Resetting your RCA TV will usually fix the issue.

Hold the television’s menu button for not less than ten seconds. A menu will be displayed on your screen and you will have to set the location, date, and time. Proceed to follow the instructions on the screen and when done the TV will be reset.

How Do I Reboot My RCA TV?

To reboot your RCA TV, you have to first remove the power cable from the back of the television. Then press and hold the restore button for 10 seconds. After that, your RCA TV will begin to readjust and should reboot normally without any issues.

This process will always vary depending on the model you have. That is if it is an HD or a DVC model. Though the process involves a little more work than simply switching off the device.

If you are not sure whether your television is an HD or DVC model, you can contact a professional to help you out with the reset.

How Do I Fix My RCA TV When it Won’t Turn On?

There are several ways you can fix your RCA TV when it doesn’t turn on. You can try out these tips to allow it to work as usual;

Ensure You Properly Connect Your TV to the Power Cables

This will ensure the RCA TV switches on and functions well. Confirm that the power cable is in good condition and also tightly secured in the electric outlet. In case it is so old, there may be internal damages or even burning.

This can obstruct electric signal transmission and it can also be the reason for the device not turning on. The cable should also be properly connected behind the television. Furthermore, you need to check if there are any external damages like scratches.

And in case of this, you can replace that cable and your tv will just work as required.

Use the TV’s Power Button

Many people do use the remote control to switch on their tv. Though when a remote is not functioning well, you will not be able to switch your device on. With that, you may have to try turning the RCA television on by using its power button.

In case it turns on using the button then it is clear the remote control is the problem. Therefore, it’ll be advisable that you change the remote. Moreover, before you swap it, you can try replacing the batteries first.

And If you did it recently, then there is a possibility your remote is not functioning and there’s a need to swap it.

Check If the Electric Socket Is Working

If replacing the cables did not work for you and still you can not turn the tv on, then you can check if the socket is working. In case it is the problem, then it will not transmit electrical signals. This in turn interferes with your tv’s functionality.

And it is recommended you try a different electric socket.

Ensure the Capacitor Isn’t Overcharged

Capacitors are always liable for supplying power to your television. At times the capacitors can lead to issues regarding responsiveness. Furthermore, when your machine is on for a longer duration, the capacitor can overcharge.

And it will not discharge power and the signal to the device. Hence, you’ll have to conduct a power cycle in case you believe the overcharged capacitor is preventing your tv from turning on. For this reason, you’ll have to keep the electric plug out and hold on to the power button for not less than thirty seconds.

This will ensure the accumulated charge gets released. You can then plug the power cables in and your RCA television will turn on.

Avoid Excessive Heating of the RCA TV

When the tv heats up excessively, it can cause functionality problems. And to top it up, your RCA tv won’t even turn on. You can allow it to cool down by switching it off and letting it be in that state for some time.

You can confirm it is cool by placing your hand at the back and if it’s ok then try turning it on. Also, remember to place the tv in a properly ventilated spot since it will enable it to cool up faster.

Make Sure the Front Panel Lock Is Not Enabled

In RCA TV front panel lock is also recognized as parental control. When it is enabled you won’t turn on your TV in case you don’t have a remote. And to switch on your device, you will have to first remove the power cable.

Then insert it after some time and your tv will be able to turn on. If the RCA TV doesn’t switch on after you try all the troubleshooting techniques then you’ll have to seek professional assistance. You can call RCA customer care to help you out.

How to Reset RCA TV Remote?

There are steps you can follow to reset your RCA TV remote. This will be of help as you won’t have to replace your remote any time soon while thinking it is damaged. You can do the reset by checking out these 3 easy-to-understand steps;

Remove the batteries from the Remote

Start by pulling off the battery cover at the back of the remote. Then remove the batteries and turn the remote over to access the keypad numbers.

Press and Hold Number One Button

Hold this button down for one minute and then release it. Give it ten seconds and repeat the process to wipe its memory.

Return the Batteries

You can then put back the batteries and cover the remote. Hence your RCA remote control is ready for programming.

Why Is My RCA Remote Not Working?

Your RCA remote might not be working because of the following reasons;

You Haven’t Reset Your Remote

You can check the manual to see if the remote has got the reset options. The current remotes do have very easy resetting options that can help you restore the remote’s functionality. In case you reset the remote control, you may have to set it to the machines it was initially set to.

Like the receiver, DVD, and TV. And if you don’t have the manual, you can visit the RCA website to check the electronic version which matches your RCA remote. You can also opt to contact its customer support directly.

When you do that you will get a reset code for your remote.

You Have Not Replaced the Batteries

If you haven’t swapped the batteries then it may be the reason why your remote is not functioning. Mostly if you have taken too long to change them. For this reason, you’ll have to get new ones and then test your remote to confirm if it still won’t work with those batteries.

There Is No Remote Signal

Your remote can at times have no signal. However, there is a digital camera technique that is always used to examine if the RCA remote control is the issue. Go ahead and set the camera to picture mode.

Point your tv remote control at the camera. Then press the remote’s buttons. You can use your phone’s camera. In case your camera displays repeated flashes from the remote it means there is a signal emitted from the tv remote.

And if you can not detect a flash then you can try using a different button. If you attempt using several buttons and you can’t notice a flash from the camera, then there is no signal transmitted out from the remote.


It’s now clear that you can easily reset your RCA TV. And with a proper adjustment of your TV settings, you can get rid of various issues associated with its setup. Also, correct configuration and tweaking of the options from the settings menu will give you a better performance as a whole.

Thus, you will be able to have clear sound and pictures.