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The Disk Doctors Drive Manager has many nice features packed into an easy to use hard drive management utility. This utility allows you to see what is taking up hard drive space, monitors the hard disk health and allows you to clone the drive to a new one if the current one is failing. That is a lot of drive management tools packed into one neat little package. Here is a review of the many helpful features of the Disk Doctors Drive manager.
The Drive Manager is a powerful and flexible utility package that lets you safely and securely manage, scan and protect your hard drive from disk failure, data loss or damage. There are three important tools included in the utility to keep your data and hardware safe from damage.

The Drive Image utility helps to duplicate, upgrade or create a back up image of your hard drive. If you are finding it hard to keep track of what file goes where and how much disk space you are losing as a result of the accumulating files, the Disk Doctor Drive Manager simplifies this task. You can manage your hard drive space and create more space with just a few clicks. Drive SOS is designed to monitor your hard drive functions and predict potential failures. A sudden increase in hard drive temperature may cause failure of the hard disk. Use Disk Doctors Drive SOS to alert you of sudden possible drive problems.

Here is a screenshot of the Disk doctors Drive Image utility. From this panel you can easily clone or image the hard drive, restore the image or do a surface scan of the disk.

The Disk Doctors Drive Image Main Screen

This is the Folder Manager that shows you how many gigabytes of data you have accumulated on the drive and where it is being stored.

Disk Doctors Folder Manager

The Disk Manager gives you a graphical view of the megabytes and gigabytes stored on the drive.

The Folder Manager Graphical View

Another neat utility included in the Disk Doctor Drive manager is the ability to monitor the size of any folder, or folders, you choose. The Size Monitoring Scheduler monitors the folders you have selected and will send you email alerts if the folder surpasses the maximum size that you have dedicated to the folder.

The Size Monitoring Scheduler

The Disk Doctors Drive SOS monitors the health of the hard drive and alerts you if there is a potential problem with the disk. As you can see by this screenshot, the hard drive health status is excellent and the temperature of the drive is a cool 97 degrees .

The Disk Doctor Drive SOS

Drive SOS also displays the system information and monitors the CPU temperature.


System Information

The settings screen of Drive SOS allows you to set the thresholds for alerts and allows you to email alerts if there are potential problems found.

Settings to set thresholds and Alerts

The Disk Doctors Drive Manager seems to be a very well rounded hard drive management utility to have in your toolbox. The utility gets an honorable Brontobyte on a scale of bytes to Brontobytes. Get more information about the drive management tool here. 

Manage, Diagnose and Backup your Hard Drive with Disk Doctors

The Disk Doctors Hard Drive Manager allows you to not only backup, image and restore your hard drive, it also monitors the hard drive health to let you know about problems before they occur. Drive SOS is part of the package and lets you know about potential hard drive problems thus allowing you to use the utility to clone the drive to a new one without losing your precious data. The utility also comes with a Folder Manager that allows you to monitor hard drive space and track changes.

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