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Stellar Data Recovery has a solution for just about any type of data recovery scenario out there. In this digital age, there are usually gigabytes and, in some cases terabytes of data stored on personal and business computers. Some of it may be crucial data relating to a business or finances other data may just be precious photos or music. Whatever type of information you may have stored on a computer, it can be lost in the blink of an eye or a flash of lightning. With all of the backup software available, there should not be a need for a data recovery solution however if that data was not backed up and something were to happen to destroy it all, do not worry because chances are Stellar Data Recovery can help.

Stellar has a wide variety of recovery tools to recover most types of files from any of the most popular storage media. If photos were accidentally deleted, they have software that specifically recovers photos on Windows or Macs. If you have lost generic files like word documents, spreadsheets or PDFs, their Data recovery software should be able to recover it.

There are also utilities to repair files that may have become corrupt for whatever reason. Have a corrupt .pst file? The Stellar Outlook PST Repair utility is there for you. Have a corrupt Excel file? The Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair utility is available. Get the picture?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home Version

This software allows you to recover lost and deleted files, photos, music and videos in the event of data loss like accidental deletion, disk corruption, or storage media formatting etc. from Windows PCs. This utility recovers from Windows hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, and mobile phones. The software Normal and Advanced scanning options. The normal scan will get you almost everything lost from your Windows system within few moments, while you may switch to an advanced scan when dealing with harder-to-recover items.

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

This Mac software allows you to recover lost, missing or deleted files and folders from Mac Hard drives and other removable media. You can recover all file types including documents, emails, photo, music and videos after almost all instances of data loss. This all-inclusive utility restores lost data from volumes that are corrupt, damaged, deleted and even reformatted. This Mac data rescuer works when your system has suffered from a software glitch, accidental drive formatting or a similar disaster to undelete all recently deleted files with their original names.

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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

This software allows you to recover lost or deleted photos, videos, and other multimedia files you’re your computer and other detachable storage devices, such as memory cards, digital cameras, external hard disks, USB drives and Smart Phones. As long as the devices can be recognized by your computer you can recover the files. Simply tell the utility what to scan and it shows you what files can be recovered. It has the ability to recover most video and photo formats like GOM, iTunes, MP4, MPEG, MOI, MOV, VLC, 3GP, JPG, JPEG, CRW, NRW, TIFF and more. Mac and Windows versions are available.

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Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Recovery

This utility allows you to scan and recover corrupt or inaccessible Outlook PST files that may have become damaged due to virus infections, software or hardware errors, abrupt system shutdowns, power failures, storage devise corruptions and other system vulnerabilities. It is easy to use with a user friendly interface to assist with mail recovery. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Recovery is able to recover email data from a PST file even if it is password protected and saves the data in a new PST file with its original format intact. It performs a deep scan on corrupt or inaccessible PST files and recovers all data including Emails, Attached content, Contacts, Scheduled Tasks, Personalized Calendars and other data, even if deleted.

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There are many other tools available from Stellar Data Recovery to assist with Disk Recovery, Email recovery and repair, Password Recovery, Database Repair and more. Tools are also available for professional and technician use as well. Stop on over to their website to see all of the recovery and repair tools available.