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The L2 button is found on the back of your Xbox controller on the left side. This button serves as a bumper-like trigger, and it has the code LT on it. Since the position of this button is farther away from you, it looks like a trigger of a gun, and that is why it has this exact name.

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What Are The Buttons On Xbox 360 Controller?

Most of the Xbox controllers look similar, so there is no difficult science behind them. However, every generation of Xbox comes with improvements and upgrades, therefore, you should expect some changes in the controllers of each Xbox version.

When you closely look at the Xbox 360 controller, you might see a lot of buttons, and you might not be sure what you have to do with all of them. Of course, it takes time to adjust to the buttons and their function, but it is also convenient to go through a guide that will explain all of them.

So, I have made a list of the control buttons you will find on Xbox 360 controller, and I have explained how each of them might serve you. Namely, there are 14 buttons in total, and each of them has its own function. Normally, these functions change depending on the game you are playing.

The buttons that are included on Xbox 360 controller:

  • Right and left stick.
  • Directional pad (D-pad) with a cross in the middle.
  • Back button.
  • Start button.
  • Guide button (with the Xbox logo in the middle).
  • Left and right bumper.
  • Left and right trigger.
  • A (green) button.
  • B (red) button.
  • X (blue) button.
  • Y (yellow) button.

The most functional button on your Xbox 360 controller is the Guide button since it serves to turn on and off your console and controller. Also, it serves to open the Xbox Guide menu where you can find multiple options. You will see a light surrounding this button once it is turned on and connected.

All of the other buttons serve to start a game, get back to the main menu, and operate the game as it requires. Each game comes with a tutorial of the controls, so you can always see what each button does in a particular game.

What Is L2 On Xbox?

The L2 button is located on the left side of your Xbox 360 controller and it usually serves as a bumper-like trigger. Usually, on Xbox 360 this button is marked with the letters LT, which stand for “left trigger”. In many games played on Xbox 360, this button serves as a gun shooting control.

Each Xbox 360 controller has a left and a right trigger . These buttons are called triggers because they are positioned further from you, just like a trigger of a gun. This means that they are usually used for shooting in games or some other way in which a player takes action.

However, the L2 or LT button can be also used as analog input. This is usually adjusted when the user wants to distinguish the levels of input. For instance, you can have medium trigger input or full trigger input.

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What Do The Buttons On The Xbox Controller Mean?

As I previously mentioned, the buttons on the Xbox controller can have different functions in different games, but they can also be adjusted according to the player’s personal needs. However, if you look at them closely and try to analyze them, you will see that they usually serve the same purpose.

Therefore, some of the buttons are mostly used for navigation through the menus on your Xbox, while others are mostly used in games. Nonetheless, each button found on the Xbox controller has its own role and is equally important as all of the others.

Below, I have included the general functions of the buttons found on the Xbox controller, and what they actually mean.

Buttons That Are Marked With Letters Only

These buttons are found on the right side of the Xbox controller and they come in different colors. They are the first thing you notice on the controller, and they are the most used buttons for controlling your gaming console. Since they are in different colors they are easily used.

For instance, increase throttle you will need to press the Y button, while if you want to decrease it, you will need to use the B button. If you need to apply something in a game, you will need the A button, while if you need to drop or leave something, you should opt for the X button.

Left/ Right Trigger

As I mentioned before, these buttons come with the markings LT and LR, and they are commonly used as triggers or left and right rudders. They are usually used when you want to take action in a game, such as shooting or jumping.

Left/ Right Stick

These are the big, movable buttons – the right one is at the bottom of the controller, while the left one is at the top of the controller. These are the most practical buttons on the controller since they are used for many things, such as climbing, descending, looking around, pointing, and so on.

Directional Pad (D-pad)

The main purpose of the directional pad or the D-pad is, as the name suggests, to orientate in space and choose directions. You can also use it to position your point of view according to your needs. This is also a convenient button for extending or retracting flaps.

Start/ Back Button

As the name suggests, this button is usually used to start the game from the beginning. However, it can be also used when you want to pause your game. The back button is used to go back to a certain menu or certain settings, but you can also use it when you want to end the flight.

These are the general functions of the buttons of the Xbox controller. This means that once you purchase and begin using your gaming console, you should expect the functions of your buttons to be set on these commands.

However, some people tend to change the settings in order to make their navigation and playing games on Xbox easier. When you go to the main menu of your Xbox panel, you will see the menu named “Settings” where you can easily adjust the buttons as you would like to use them.

If you would like to do the same thing with your control buttons, you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Options menu, select Settings, and then pick Controls.
  2. You will find the Buttons/ Key tab that contains all of the information about your control buttons.
  3. Then, you should choose the Assignment list where you will find all of your commands.
  4. After that, you should choose the Change Assignment option, where you can set your own commands and buttons according to your needs.
  5. Lastly, you click OK, and your controller will be customized and adjusted for a more convenient personal use.

You can also change the Sensitivity Settings of your Xbox controller in the same menu. Some people like their controller to be faster, so they tend to adjust its settings on a high level of sensitivity. Others do not like to fly through the menus, so they set the sensitivity levels low.

The most important thing is to understand how the buttons on your controller work. The adjustments and changes are easily done once you know what you need exactly. The knowledge of your Xbox controller will offer a better user experience.