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So you’re in the market for a computer for your home. You decided that buying a brand new product is outside your price range, however you noticed that the prices for renewed and refurbished versions look pretty good.

So what’s the difference between renewed and refurbished computers?

A renewed computer is a computer that’s available for sale in a “like-new” condition. A refurbished computer is a type that’s redesigned to a “like-new” working condition. The biggest difference between the two computers is that the refurbished type might come with some blemishes or physical wear.

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What Is a Refurbished Computer?

Unlike new and unused computers, refurbished means the system has gone through a few comprehensive processes. For a computer to be tagged refurbished, it has to pass through these 3 steps; repairs, replacements, and quality testing. After that, the system is brought to a set standard of quality and performance.

One thing you need to understand about refurbished computers is that they already had a previous owner. However, unlike second-hand systems used and sold by individuals, manufacturers or retailers sell these computers.

Another thing you need to know about refurbished computers is that customers have returned them, because of personal reasons.

Some people often claim that a typical open-box computer is refurbished. But we don’t agree with that. In case you don’t know, an open-box computer is any computer that was purchased and opened, but returned without ever being used.

The reason we won’t agree with the saying that open-box computers are truly refurbished is that they didn’t pass through the 3 steps mentioned earlier; repairs, replacements, and quality testing.

Who Performs the Refurb?

Refurbishing can be done in several ways. Usually, it’s the manufacturer of the computer that’s responsible for the refurb; but this doesn’t happen at all times. Also, a third party could refurbish a computer and resell it to a new buyer.

It’s always advisable to stick to the original manufacturer of a computer for any refurbished product.

We’re saying this because original manufacturers have the right resources and everything it takes to repair and repackage a computer, making it look pretty close to a new product.

What Condition Should a Refurbished Computer Be In?

You need to understand that all refurbished computers aren’t recreated the same way. Since that’s the case, it means there’s no rule with grading a refurbished computer.

Instead, the most important thing you’ll hear from the seller is that the computer isn’t brand new. “It has been redesigned and repaired,” “it’s like new – these are some of what you’ll hear from the mouths of refurbished computer sellers.

Grades vary from manufacturer to manufacturer for selling refurbished computers. Some sellers stick to creating A-Grade products; these are computers in “Like New” condition with little or no scuffs to the body.

Some manufacturers sell B-Grade refurbished computers; these are products that come with dents, chips, or scuffs on the body.

If you buy a refurbished computer, make sure it’s bought on a reputable platform such as Newegg, Amazon, and eBay by a seller with lots of reviews. That way, the chance of you receiving a bad refurb is lower.

What Is a Renewed Computer?

Amazon is one of the few companies that sell all kinds of products, including refurbished, brand new, renewed, and slightly used. Speaking of renewed computers; they are systems that are redesigned and sold in a ” like-new” condition.

If you’ve been following me from the beginning of this post, you’ll certainly agree with me that renewed and refurbished almost have the same meaning. However, there’s more to renewed computers than just that.

What makes a computer renewed is the fact that the manufacturing company has taken its time to monitor and test the quality of the system.

In addition to that, the company could confirm that the PC works and looks exactly like new.

One condition for renewed computers is that they have been inspected and tested and they have replaced all affected and dented parts. With that, it means no part of a renewed PC is faulty, scratched, or dented.

Furthermore, renewed computers are usually designed to meet both the performance and quality criteria. This explains why these products are known to be pretty safe to buy. They often come with excellent features.

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What Is the Difference Between Renewed and Refurbished Computers?

Now, let’s talk about the differences that exist between both refurbished and renewed computers.

Many people use these two terms; renewed and refurbished, interchangeably. Well, if you’re one of those that mix up the terms, you aren’t completely wrong in all honesty.

However, there are a few things that you might want to know about these two types of computers.

For instance, refurbished computers mean the systems have faulty parts, which could be replaced or repaired to deliver the same performance as a new one.

As for renewed computers; they are old, used systems that have been checked for various problems. After inspection, they replace the faulty parts with brand new ones.

As you have seen above, they usually fix faulty parts on renewed computers before being sold to interested buyers. That is not the same for refurbished products; the faulty parts could be replaced or repaired but no assurance here. The bottom line is that the difference between these products is insignificant.

The bottom line is that both renewed and refurbished computers mean almost the same thing.

What makes the difference between them is the fact that faults on renewed computers are often addressed before resale while refurbished products often come with little dents.

Which Is Better Between Refurbished and Renewed Computers?

There’s no denying that brand new products often come with the best tech support, performance, and warranty. However, these products also have their setbacks; one of them is that they are always very expensive to buy.

For people with a low budget for computers, refurbished and renewed products are certainly a good way to start. But which of these two methods is effective?

First, we’ll start by saying that it’s all left to you to decide which is better for you. However, in our opinion, we’ll say that open-box computers ( renewed products) are the best purchase. That’s so because the products haven’t yet been used.

Renewed or open-box computers often sell at a price that’s cheaper than new products. However, they tend to perform the almost same way as new products.

Are opened-box also out of your budget? If yes, the best you can do is to go for refurbished computers. These products are cheaper but you can always rest assured that they also deliver good performance.

The bottom line is that renewed computers are better than refurbished computers because of a couple of reasons. One of them is because faults on any of this product have been addressed before repackaging.