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A small part of your laptop can be acting up and it needs to be changed. It could be the battery or the screen. Whatever part it is, you need it in perfect condition for your laptop to be functional. One, a small part is enough to make your device dysfunctional. The question is, what parts of a laptop can be changed?

Many parts of a laptop can be changed. Almost 90% of your laptop can easily be replaced for your device to be functional. The chips and the hardware can be replaced as long as the parts are compatible. However, the soldered parts and the likes of the motherboard are hard to replace.

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Over the recent years, upgradability for laptops has significantly gone down. Sometimes, replacing laptop parts or even upgrading can cost you much more than simply buying a new one. But this is not to say that changing your laptop parts is impossible. It is just not a sensible option.

Looking at it closely, it all boils down to the kind of laptop and whether you simply want to change parts or upgrade. It also depends on what you need to do with the said laptop. Here are some of the things you need to know if your laptop is acting up and you need to give it a serious makeover. Keep reading to find out.

Can Laptop Parts Be Changed or Upgraded?

Laptop parts can be changed, and they can be upgraded as well. These two terms are more or less the same thing. Just that changing may sound more focused on the hardware whereas upgrading sounds a lot like something you could do for the software.

Whether you are upgrading or changing your laptop parts, this is what you need to know. Laptops aren’t as easy to give a makeover as desktops. Especially the latest models. That is where value for your money comes in. Invest in a laptop with hardware that does not need upgrading.

Is it Worth Changing Laptop Parts?

Based on most laptop technicians’ arguments, most laptops are not worth the change. It is very costly to do that, and it can also cause more harm to your laptop than good. Especially for laptops with soldered parts.

The latest models have all their components adhered and soldered together under high heat. They also incorporate so many screws to cover the components just to fortify and make your device compact. This makes it extremely difficult to put the machine apart and reassemble the components.

4 Key Features That Makes Your Laptop Hard to Upgrade/Change

Some laptop models are fairly easy to maneuver around and change the parts. However, some key features come with most laptops that would make it hard for you to either change or upgrade. Here are some of the features that should come to your mind before you plan to change the parts.

1. Design of the Laptop

The latest laptop models are hard to tamper with. The parts are soldered and adhered together that you would only make a mess trying to separate them. You will need to melt the adhesives with hot air for you to get to the interior parts of your laptop.

As if this is not enough, the inside of the laptop is a total confusing maze. The components are tightly roped together in a complex design. Even the battery itself is soldered to the machine. However, there are those you can unscrew the drivers to get inside. But even when you do, it would be very confusing to get past the maze of components.

2. Opening It

It might be extremely easy to unscrew the outer drivers and get inside the laptop. But this is where the major challenge begins. Myriads of components and so many screws to get past are enough to give you a headache! Especially when it is one small component you want to get to.

Take for example Microsoft Surface Pro 2, the components arrangement will throw you off the rail. You have to get past over 90 screws to get to a particular component. That is too much for anybody especially when the components are tightly packed.

3. Soldered on Components

The latest models of laptops like MacBooks have their parts soldered tightly together. For example, their CPU, GPU, and RAM tightly adhere to the motherboard. This makes it almost impossible to put these components apart and attach new ones. It is almost impossible!

This is because high heat has been used to solder metals between objects. This means that the soldered components become permanent and hard to separate. Think of trying to change human body parts which are intertwined. It takes a lot.

4. Warranty

Warranties mean that you can return an item to the shop untampered with. Because of this binding agreement, most companies and retail outlets will be looking out for evidence that you have tampered with the device before returning it  to the shop. This, in essence, will make the warranty null and void.

This means that if your laptop is still within the warranty time, you will be forced not to open the laptop. Not even if the laptop is easy to open and put the components apart. These manufacturers strategically place the warranty note. If you break this seal, this is enough evidence for them to deny you a warranty.

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What Laptop Parts Can Be Changed?

What can be changed in your laptop will depend on a lot of key issues. For example, the manufacturer and the model of the laptop will determine a lot. However, for the flexible models, there is a lot you can change or upgrade. Find the parts listed below.

1. Memory RAM

It is very easy to change the RAM for most laptops. This is upgrading the memory of your laptop and almost all laptops need it once in a lifetime. Changing the RAM of your computer is very easy and oftentimes, you might realize that you don’t even need a technician for this.

All you need to do is to open the compartment at the bottom of your machine. You can then choose to either add memory sticks or replace the existing ones. Ensure that you buy your memory sticks directly from the manufacturers or authorized dealers.

2. The Processor

Some, but not all models allow the user to upgrade their processor. Especially when there is a need for speed. This is not something you can do by yourself and you will need the help of a professional technician. This also means money!

You will find that upgrading your processor speed might not be worth it after all. This is because the process will simply do a little tweaking and before you know it, you are back to the slow speed. If you must utilize an authorized repair shop.

3. Video Card

If yours is a high-performance laptop, then you will not have issues with this. You can easily upgrade both your video cards and graphic accelerator for better functionality. However, you might first need to contact an authorized technician to verify before the upgrade. That is if you are hanging on the balance.

You also have an option of considering other ways altogether instead of the elaborate upgrade. You can consider an eGPU, which comes highly recommended and easily accessible. But that can only happen if your device supports necessary connections. Your technician would better advise on this.

4. Hard Drive

Most manufacturers have designed their laptops in a way that allows their users to replace the hard drive. You can always replace your laptop hard drive with a larger hard drive. If you are using the traditional hard drive, you can upgrade your laptop with an SSD hard drive.

The external hard drive solution is also very available. This mostly utilizes connectivity technology. For example, it can use either USB or firewire. The latter two are a bit slower and they tend to take more space. However, if you are looking for an affordable solution, this is the way to go.

5. Optical Drive

If you want to keep your device’s internal drive, you can replace it with an optical drive. This also happens with the Solid State Drive (SSD). All you need is a compatible enclosure that an SSD can fit. However, for the CPU to GPU, it might be a little bit harder and limited to some laptops.

Whenever you purchase the upgrade components, always ensure that they are supported by BIOS. This is mostly because of the heat generation that might overwhelm your cooling solutions. When buying components, compatibility is the key.

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Can Laptop Change It’s Processor?

Some laptop models allow their users to change the processor. This is simply changing the processor speed to make it faster and increase its performance. However, most laptops are not worth changing the processors. This is because the speed might not increase to your expectation and you will be disappointed after spending so much money to make that happen.

If you must upgrade the processor in your laptop, perhaps you should consider consulting with authorized technicians or the manufacturer to avoid spending too much money and be disappointed at the end of the day.

Can Laptop Change Graphic Cards?

Most laptop devices have integrated graphics. This makes it near impossible to change the graphic card. GPUs are mostly soldered to the motherboard in most computers. They are non-removable, and the only option is to go through the processor to upgrade your GPU.

However, if you must have an upgraded GPU, you might as well consider getting a new laptop. This is because, for most laptops, your GPU will stay put even when you upgrade your processor. You don’t want to poke around on things you cannot change and lose that warranty. It is valuable.

How Do You Add Graphics Cards to Your Laptop?

This might sound a little bit controversial from the above, but it is possible to add a graphics card to your laptop. However, this ad-on is not for gaming purposes. This is purely for graphics output. It will enable you to drive an external monitor. You will also be able to drive your laptop’s screen.

This also gives you a wide range of options for your screens. If your device already has a VGA or HDMI, you will be able to access the third screen. This is extremely functional and convenient especially if you need to use several screens at the same time.

Can Laptop Keys Be Replaced?

Laptop keys are usually replaceable all across the board. They are also very easy to install. If you can’t afford to visit a professional for the fixing, you can easily do it yourself at home. For as long as your keys are compatible with the laptop.

You might have had your laptop around for the longest. Somehow, your keys will get sticky or you might even wake up one day and find some of them missing. What you should never do is glue the keys on your keyboard. Replacing the laptop keys is affordable, easy, and quick.

Can Laptop Change RAM?

It is always very easy to remove and expand the memory of your laptop. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your device. For example, if your laptop has 4GB RAM, you can expand it to 8GB without any difficulty.

There are softwares you must run first on your laptop to know whether it is upgradable. You can use the Crucial System Scanner which is available for free. You can optionally use the CPU-Z. They will both show all the information about your RAM. This can also enable you to know if there are extra slots.

Can Laptop Change a Hard Drive?

A laptop can change the hard drive. However, you should first make sure that your drive can be replaced before making the decision to change. For example, if the existing one is defunct, it might be worth considering replacing it with a new one. But the price is also what you should consider. If replacing is costly, it would be a good idea to invest in a new computer.

Since the hard drive is only responsible for storing your files, removing it will not affect the performance of your machine. The only thing it does is to render your machine useless. You need to find a hard drive that is compatible with your machine. It is easy to replace especially if you are using a professional technician.

Can Laptop Change Monitor?

You can change your laptop’s monitor if it is cracked or acting up in any way. Otherwise, what is the use of having a laptop where you cannot see anything on the screen? Buying a screen is way cheaper than the installation fees. If you can fix it yourself, by all means, do that. Hiring a professional technician will cost you a lot more.

Sometimes, there is more than just the cracked screen. A cracked screen can mean cable tears and cracked components. If you know nothing about laptops, perhaps a professional technician can tell more. But that will cost you a lot. Replacing a monitor will depend on how far the crack went.

Can Laptop Change Speakers?

A laptop can change and improve its speaker. As much as we would like to have loudspeakers, laptops are naturally built with low speakers. This is as compared to other computers. While at it, you can save a lot of money by replacing your current speakers at home. Technicians are always expensive and sometimes, some replacements are not worth the cost.

Maybe you are trying to fix your broken speakers, or you simply want to upgrade, whatever the case, you can always purchase better speakers. Ensure that whatever you pay for is compatible with your machine. You can either consult with the manufacturer or authorized dealers.

Can a Laptop Change Power Supply?

This is a common problem with most laptops. Power supplies are controlled by voltage. Your laptop will only need the output current for it to function. The problem with your power supply could be simple and easy to fix. You will be surprised that it is only a blown fuse. For this, you will simply need a new fuse, and voila! If it is a loose wire, you can fix that for less than 1$.

If you decide to check the power supply, you need to be extra careful. Double-check just to be sure that your power supply is not plugged into power. This could blow your machine and cause serious bodily harm to you.

Can Laptop Change Its Motherboard?

A laptop might need its motherboard to be replaced for various reasons. However, it all depends on the model of your machine. Some laptops have their parts soldered together. Disassembling such a machine is tricky and it requires professional hands just to open and reach the motherboard.

This is the most pricey and valuable part of your machine. Depending on the laptop, it can easily be replaced by a professional technician. For other models, with soldered parts adhering to each other, you might need to give it up altogether. This is because trying to open it means tampering and putting everything else apart.

Can Laptop Change Bluetooth Chip?

A laptop can change its Bluetooth chip for as long as the provided guidelines are followed. This can be done in two possible ways. You can easily purchase the USB Bluetooth adapter. Ensure that it complies with your laptop standards for it to be successful. You will also need to disable the original before proceeding.

The second option is dealing with the Bluetooth hardware in your laptop. This can be achieved by upgrading the internal Bluetooth card. If you are a handyman familiar with machines, this shouldn’t feel like building a rocket. However, you could take it to a professional technician to ensure that you don’t mess things up.

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Can Laptop Change Wi-Fi Chip?

Most laptops are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi. This makes it easy to upgrade it. Even if your laptop is out of age and cannot use the latest technology. Be careful not to interfere with the antennae. This part is delicate and vulnerable to breakage.

You can optionally connect the Wi-Fi through the USB port. If it sounds like something you cannot wrap your head around, have a technician come over and take a quick look before fixing it. Always remember that once false tampering is enough to make your laptop a write-off.

Can a Laptop Change Camera?

Since most manufacturers if not all have unique designs for their laptops, changing your laptop camera can be next to impossible. If you must have a different camera, consider using the external webcam. All you need to do is plug-in via the USB port.

For the cases that it is possible to upgrade your actual camera, you will need to have a professional technician. The webcam itself gives the software options to choose from. You may also want to consider adjusting the settings before making any further decisions.