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While the PS3 had plenty of fans in the past, it’s fairly outdated by today’s standards, especially with the release of the PS4 and, later the PS5. Selling the old console gives you the cash you can put towards a new gaming PC or one of the hottest consoles. Make sure you know what to do with your PS3 before you look at selling it.

What Should I Do Before Selling My PS3?

Why deal with an old console that takes up a lot of space around your home? Even if you store it under your bed or in a closet, it creates more clutter. Selling your PS3 gives you extra cash that can help you pay for a newer console or some new games. Take a look at some of the things you need to do before selling the console.

1. Deactivate Your Account

If you don’t deactivate your account first, the buyer will get full access to your account when they purchase your PS3. You might like the idea of leaving your account info stored on it because you think it will help you get a better price.

The new buyer can often find confidential info that they use to buy new games and charge them to your card. When you deactivate your account, you essentially remove your account from the console.

From the PS3 Menu, go to “Account Management” and “System Activation.” Choose “Deactivate Account” and follow the prompts on your screen. You can then go to “Settings” and “System Settings.” Select “Format Hard Disk.” The PS3 will remove all of your info and wipe your old account.

Once it shuts down and turns on again, make sure the menu looks the same as you bought it. Remember that you can only deactivate the account on the console, even if you have linked accounts in the PS system.

2. Clean the Console

Cleaning your console is helpful, no matter where you plan to sell it. Turn off your PS3 and unplug all of the cables. Use a cleaning wipe to wipe down the outside of the case. Rub a cotton swab around the inside of each port, ensuring that you don’t leave any pieces of cotton behind. You can use a cleaning wipe on your controllers, too.

The PS3 also has a self-cleaning feature that comes in handy when you want to sell it. Unplug the console and use canned air to clean the inside of the vents. You usually need just two bursts of air per vent. Press and hold the eject button at the same time that you plug in the power cord.

When you release the button, you should hear the fans start running. This lets you know that the PS3 entered the self-cleaning mode and will finish cleaning itself within a few minutes.

3. Figure Out Your Price

Deciding on a price for your PS3 is tricky because it depends on whether you want to sell just the console or if you have accessories and games. You might find it helpful to sell some games separate from the console because a few titles are worth quite a bit.

On the other hand, creating a bundle with a few games will make your listing more appealing to buyers. The price also depends on the type of console you have. Both the 160 GB and 80 GB consoles are worth the most. The Super Slim models and consoles with less storage are worth the least.

A helpful tip is on eBay, under “Show only,” select “Sold Items.” This filter will only show you listings that have sold and give you a better idea of what your console goes for.

Where Can I Take My PS3 to Sell?

You have quite a few places to sell your PS3, but make sure you compare the prices each place will help you get.

1. Game Stores

A game store is one of the more popular places to sell a PS3. If you plan on buying a PS4 or some gaming accessories, it makes sense to sell your old one to the same store where you’ll spend your cash.

The biggest issue is that your price will be well below what you would get if you sold it yourself. These stores need to make a profit and will only offer you what they think is a good price given that they need to clean it, find space to store it, and get a buyer. Some stores no longer offer more than $10 for PS3s.

2. Sell vs. Trade

If you want a quick and easy way to get rid of your PS3 and don’t want to deal with finding a buyer, consider using a store that accepts trades. Instead of just giving you cash, the store gives you the trade-in value you can use in the shop.

Your trade-in value is often slightly higher than if you just sold the console. As a bonus, you can also trade any of the games or accessories you have. Even online stores give you a quote for your console and send you prepaid packaging to ship it to them.

3. eBay

You have a chance to make a lot of money selling a PS3 bundle on eBay. One of the nice things about eBay is that you choose different types of listings. With a fixed listing, you list the PS3 at the price you want to get and wait for a buyer.

You can even accept offers on your listing. With an auction listing, you pick the starting price for the auction and let buyers bid. As eBay offers seller protection, you don’t need to worry about losing money.

3. Facebook Marketplace

As long as you have a Facebook account, consider selling your PS3 through the Marketplace. Make sure you take good photos and write a detailed description of the console and anything you will include with it. Facebook Marketplace lets you sell to local buyers, making it easy to get cash in hand.

You can also advertise the listing to buyers across the country and let Facebook buy a shipping label for you. If you meet with a local buyer, always meet in a safe location such as the police station and only accept cash. You might have luck selling your PS3 through Craigslist, too.

What Can I Do With My Old PS3?

While selling your console helps you make extra money, consider donating it to someone in need. Many organizations accept old consoles they fix up and pass on to gamers. Hospitals often need consoles to keep kids entertained when they have families undergoing surgery or when they need to stay there. Check out shelters as both homeless and domestic violence shelters often benefit from old consoles.

There’s a lot of talk among people today about cutting the cord and getting rid of cable. Many people no longer buy physical media either because they think HBO Max, Netflix, and other streaming apps have all the content they want.

A good reason to hang onto your PS3 is that you can use it as a media player for any physical discs you have. The PS3 works great as a DVD player. You’ll find tons of dvds available at yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and pawn shops for $2 or less.

As the PS3 has a USB port, you can even download movies and TV shows to a flash drive and plug the drive into the back of the console to watch your favorites.

Can You Use PS3 Parts in Your PC?

While you can use PS3 parts in your PC, the only part that really adds any value or usage is the HDD. Most of the parts are not compatible with PCs. You can spend a lot of time taking apart the console and trying to use it with your PC only to find that the parts won’t fit. Selling the old PS3 is usually your best bet.

Getting Rid of Your PS3

Getting rid of your PS3 often involves selling it because you get extra money for a device you no longer use. If you decide to sell the console on eBay or to a game store, clean it and wipe it first. Don’t forget to consider the other things you can do with a PS3 such as using it as a media player or donating it.