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Amazon’s Echo Devices are a popular addition to many homes across the country. However, many users have found their Echo Device, conveniently and commonly known as Alexa, lighting up on its own.

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8 Causes to Alexa Lighting Up When No One Is Talking

Below is a rundown of why Alexa lights up on its own and how to resolve the issue.

1. Alexa Detected An Activity Or Sound That Sounds Wake Word

The most common reason why an Alexa lights up on its own is that it hears a sound or nearby activity that sounds like its wake word. A wake word is a way for users to tell their Echo Device to wake up and start functioning. Alexa will display a spinning blue light when this happens.

If someone says something that sounds very similar to your Alexa’s wake word, your Alexa might start lighting up because it thinks it is being asked to start up. It is common for this to happen accidentally.

As long as the sound or activity occurs within earshot of the Alexa, it can prompt the Alexa to light up even if no one actually meant to turn the device on.

The device is just trying to perform its normal functions and in this particular case is not a cause for concern.

2. Alexa Is Trying To Notify You Of An Unread Message

Alexa will display a blinking yellow light if you have an unread text message. This feature is fairly new and was implemented to allow users to conveniently see that they have unread messages or other notifications without having to check their phone.

However, if users are not aware of this newly added feature, it can be confusing. It is just Alexa connecting to your phone and processing notifications for your convenience.

If your Alexa starts showing a blinking yellow light on its own, this is a normal function and does not mean anything is wrong with your device.

3. The Microphone On/Off Button Was Pressed

Your Alexa will light up red if the device’s microphone has been muted. This can happen either intentionally or accidentally. Either way, the device will light up on its own as a way of telling you that the microphone on/off button was pressed.

When the microphone is muted, Alexa will not be able to hear voice commands and will not respond to voice commands. If you are on a phone call, it is also meant to be an indicator that the person on the other end cannot hear you.

4. Alexa Is Not Connected To The Internet Properly

If your Alexa is showing a spinning orange color despite receiving no voice commands, it means that your Alexa is trying to tell you that it is having issues connecting to the internet.

Network connectivity issues can inhibit your device from functioning as well as it normally does.

The purpose of this light is to let you know directly that the issue is a network connection so you do not have to waste time trying to troubleshoot issues.

This light will appear when your Alexa is experiencing internet issues or if your internet connection has dropped completely.

5. Alexa Might Be Starting Up After An Automatic Update

Your Alexa will light up with a spinning teal color on its own when it starts up after an automatic update. It will also light up on its own after the device has been restarted.

This is completely normal and the device should stop lighting up on its own when its start up process or updates are finished.

6. Alexa Detects An Incoming Call

Alexa will show a blinking green light when it detects an incoming call. This feature, similar to the unread text message notification feature, is fairly new and may be surprising to some users.

If you are unaware of this feature, it is easy to be confused as to why your Alexa is lighting up green without any voice commands.

This feature is meant to help show you call notifications even when you do not have your phone on you. If you answer the call, the light will change from a blinking green light to a spinning green light to signify that a call is being processed.

7. The Volume Of the Device Is Being Changed

Your Alexa will show a solid white light when the volume level is being increased or decreased.

This light will come on regardless of if you are speaking to your device, so even if you use the volume buttons to change the volume instead of voice commands, the white light will still turn on.

It is normal for your Alexa to light up on its own when it detects the volume level is being adjusted.

The machine makes the white light brighter or dimmer based on the device’s volume level and is just the device’s way of letting you know what your volume setting is currently at.

8. Alexa’s Do Not Disturb Mode Is Turned On

Alexa has a Do Not Disturb mode that displays a purple color when activated. This mode prevents calls and notifications from coming through. However, if this mode is turned on, it will cause the Alexa to light up regardless of if anyone is speaking to it.

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Potential Fixes

Most of the time, an Alexa lighting up on its own when no one is talking is actually quite normal. This is the device’s way of communicating something with its users.

The best fix is to become familiar with the different color displays Alexa has and the meaning behind each one.

Certain light colors, like red for muted, yellow for unread texts, green for calls, purple for Do Not Disturb, and orange for internet issues, will always display on your Alexa regardless of whether you speak to it.

These are built-in features of the machine and are not a cause for concern. Simply go to the Amazon Echo Device help webpage to see what the different colors mean.

If you are still unsure what is causing your Alexa to light up on its own, check the history of the device.

The settings of your Alexa will have a list of recent interactions. Simply open the app, go to Settings, and go to History. From here, you can determine what triggered your device.

Specific light colors, like orange for internet issues, can be fixed by checking your Wi-Fi connection. Other colors, like green for an incoming call, can be turned off by simply telling Alexa to answer or reject the call.

If your Alexa is still lighting up and a specific feature does not cause it, you can always restart your device to fix the issue. When all else fails, contact Amazon’s support team directly.

They will be able to extensively troubleshoot your device and develop solutions for you.


Essentially, if an Amazon Echo Device lights up on its own, it is likely trying to tell you something, like an incoming call, a low battery, or an unstable internet connection.

Learning what the different colors that Alexa uses when it lights up can help you better understand what is causing your Alexa to light up and how to fix the issue if need be.