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Onn tablets are great for those looking at affordable devices and want something that isn’t going to break the bank. Onn tablets are not known for being technological powerhouses but they also aren’t known for being troublesome and disconnecting from WiFi.

If your Onn tablet is disconnecting from WiFi, it could mean you’re dealing with some sort of interference, there’s too much distance between the router and tablet, you need to reset your tablet, or the WiFi is turned off. 

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The good news is that even if your Onn tablet refuses to cooperate, there’s generally a fix.

Worst case scenario, Onn tablets come with a one-year warranty against defects and workmanship, so be sure to register the device as soon as you unbox it for the first time.

6 Fixes To Onn Tablet That Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

1. WiFi Interference

WiFi is known for having difficulty traveling long distances, interference due to microwaves and radios, or passing through solid materials. This is especially true if you are using one of the higher bandwidths like 5.0 GHz or 6.0GHz.

Generally speaking, 2.4GHz has the longest range but offers the slowest speeds.

If you have your router set up on one end of the house and your Onn tablet disconnects on the other end, the odds are good you’re dealing with a signal problem.

If you have a microwave in between you and the tablet, or WiFi devices on different bandwidths or channels, it’s a good time to rethink your WiFi setup. Try bringing the Onn tablet near the router to see if it continues disconnecting.

If it holds up steady and remains connected, resituate your router or make the best adjustments you can to get potential sources of interference out of the router’s pathway. With many modern routers, you can also switch channels or bandwidths as well.

If you’ve been using the Onn tablet connected to 5.0GHz or higher, try switching to 2.4GHz. It’s highly unlikely there’s anything on an Onn tablet that 2.4GHz can’t handle.

You can also rearrange things throughout the house to make the router more centralized or accessible.

2. Restart the Onn Tablet

Oftentimes, a fresh restart on the tablet is all you need. It’s one of those ‘jack-of-all-trade’ solutions that work as often as they don’t.

To do a fresh restart or reboot on your Onn tablet, simply hold down the power button and the volume down button.

Depending on the Onn tablet, you might be able to just hold down the power button and nothing else.

Once the tablet powers down, all you need to do is give it a few seconds and press the power button again.

Once it’s back on, check your WiFi again and see if it will both connect and remain connected for an extended period. It’s a simple and straightforward solution, sure, but never underestimate the power of a fresh restart.

3. Remove Your Tablet Case

This may sound like the most inelegant solution there is but you’d be surprised how often a case, usually the big, bulky ones that sell for rock-bottom prices, will have an effect on WiFi signal.

Simply remove the case and see if the WiFi connection continues to be problematic. If nothing else, it will help in terms of the process of elimination.

If you happen to have one of those  RFID cases that shield credit cards that slide into pockets along the case, it’s even more likely the case is the culprit.

No case is going to completely block the WiFi signal, especially if you are standing really close to the router and you have a line-of-sight signal.

However, the case could be enough to weaken the signal and significantly shorten your range from the router.

4. Update the Software

You would be surprised at how often a simple system update (or lack thereof) is the one thing that’s causing all your WiFi connection headaches. Software updates are routine and, yes, they’re annoying.

However, think of them as a necessary evil that you just have to go through every once and awhile.

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ Menu
  2. Scroll down and select ‘About Tablet’
  3. On the next screen, an available update will pop up
  4. Select it and select ‘Download’
  5. Select ‘Update’ when the download is complete

Obviously, if you’re having WiFi problems, you may have trouble updating the software since there has to be an internet connection to do so.

Stand as close to the router as you can or try using someone else’s WiFi or your own smartphone as a hotspot (MiFi, if it’s available and part of your cellular plan).

5. Reboot Your Router

Sometimes, the problem may be entirely on the router’s end and has nothing to do with your Onn tablet.

If you reboot your router, you may as well go all the way and reboot the modem as well, unless you are using a gateway (modem/router combo) from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

  1. Disconnect the coax, fiber, DSL, etc., cable from the router
  2. Turn off the router by unplugging it
  3. Wait at least two minutes or longer
  4. Plug the coax, fiber, DSL, etc., back into the router
  5. Plug the power cable back in
  6. Allow your router time to cycle back up

Once the router cycles back up and is online, try connecting with your Onn tablet. If you are using a router and a modem, disconnect the ethernet cable between the router and modem first and power down the router, followed by the modem.

Then, plug the modem in first, allow it to cycle back up, and replace the ethernet cable between router and modem. Do everything in that order, powering up the router dead last and only after the modem is completely cycled up and the ethernet cable is plugged in between the two.

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6. Device Limitations on Your Router/Gateway

Depending on your router/gateway, there is a finite number of connections that it can handle. If you’re rocking a smart home setup, it doesn’t take long to hit your limitation.

Even if you’re not, you might be surprised when you sit down and think about the number of devices connecting to your WiFi.

If you’re on the high end of connections, with family or friends consistently coming in (their smartphones are likely to automatically connect to the WiFi when in range) that’s a good indicator of what’s causing your Onn tablet connection problem.

You might be playing a game of who connects to the WiFi first and your Onn is consistently losing. Check the user manual for your particular router or, often quicker, simply look up the brand and model online and see how many devices can connect to it at once.

Then, look on the bottom or back of the router to get the URL for accessing it online. It should also list your username and password for router access.

Once online, you can check what devices are on your router and kick off the ones that no longer need to be there.

Final Thoughts

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, it’s not the Onn tablet that’s the problem. However, there’s a small chance that it is. Work your way through the above troubleshooting tips, one by one, and if the problem persists, contact Onn customer service.

If the problem boils down to the tablet, you should jump on the opportunity to file a warranty claim, assuming you’re within the one-year coverage. If not, Onn may be willing to work with you in any number of ways. Hopefully, it will never get that far and the above tips will have you and your Onn back online in short order.