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Both the PS4 and PS5 consoles are popular with gamers who love the exclusive Sony titles and the Playstation Network (PSN). One of the main problems you might have with one of these consoles is that it shuts itself down or turns itself on. Now is a good time to see why this happens and what you can do when the console comes to life.

PS4/PS5 Console Turns On By Itself: 7 Causes

Just imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing the lights flash on your console as it turns on for no reason. While you might think you picked up a haunted Playstation console or worry about taking it back to the store, there are some common causes why your PS console turns itself on by itself.

1. HDMI Device Link

Sony added this feature to consoles as a way to let gamers use their TVs with their consoles. It tells your TV to come on when your console does. At the same time, your console will come on as soon as you hit the power button on your TV.

2. Software Updates

You should download and install all updates as soon as Sony releases them. Your console may turn on without warning because you missed an update that includes a fix for this issue.

3. Loose Power Cable

The power cable runs from your console to a wall outlet or surge protector. If the cable is slightly loose in the console, you may notice that your PS4/PS5 turns on when you bump the cable.

4. Damaged or Dirty Port

Even if the power cable works well, you might have a problem caused by a damaged or dirty port. You need to check the port for the power cable and HDMI cord.

5. Rest Mode

If you use your console in Rest Mode to update software or install games, it may appear to suddenly come on when it finishes the process.

6. Commands

PS4 and PS5 consoles can recognize commands from other devices. Your console can come on because it picked up a command from a linked device.

7. Sensor Device

Don’t forget that using your console with a sensor device can also lead to power issues. These devices let you use your voice to turn your console on and off but can recognize a command by mistake.

What Do You Do When PS4/PS5 Randomly Turns On?

Once you learn the causes for your PS4 or PS5 randomly turning on by itself, you can find out what to do about it. While this is more annoying than anything, it can use a lot of power and may cause you to lose some of your game data. There are solutions for both PS4 and PS5 owners.

Turning off the HDMI Device Link works for both consoles. This option allows you to control your TV and console at the same time. It also allows you to easily turn on your console without knowing it.

If you use the power button on the TV or the one on your remote, it will turn on both. You need to disable this feature, which you can do through the menu on your TV. Using Settings on your PS4 or PS5 will also work. Go to System, click on the box below Enable HDMI Device Link, and restart your console.

Solutions for PS4 Consoles

Fixing your PS4 is often as easy as turning it off and on again. Also known as a soft reboot, it can reset the console and get it working again. Find the power button on your console and press down on it until it produces two loud beeps. Remove all cables and cords that run from the PS4 to your TV and the outlet. After five minutes, restore the cords and cables before you turn on the console.

Make sure you check any connected devices as well. Many users had problems with their consoles coming on because they used a media remote. When the batteries in the remote are weak or dying, it can send a command that tells the PS4 to turn on, even if you never press a button.

If you do not use automatic updates with your console, you risk missing out on an essential software update. To update your PS4, you need to connect to the internet. Then go to “Settings” and “System Software Update.”

The console will ask if you want to update now. Confirm the updates and go through all of the steps on the console. Depending on the update you need and how many you skipped in the past, the PS4 may shut off a few times during the process.

It’s also smart to check all your ports and cables. The power cable can wiggle inside the power port and cause the console to turn on when you hit the cable or your pet bumps against it. Make sure that you look for debris inside the ports or damage to them, too.

What looks like minor damage to you might indicate a serious problem that keeps the power cord from establishing the connection it needs. You can try spraying canned air inside the ports when the console is off or choosing new cables/cords.

When all else fails, restore the default factory settings. Shut down the PS4 via the power button on the console. Keep holding this button until the console beeps, allowing you to use it in Safe Mode. Turn the PS4 back on and look at the menu options.

Find and click on Restore Default Settings. The console will ask you to confirm this decision before it restores its original settings and restarts. Back up any data that you want from your consoles such as game progress or saved files. When the PS4 defaults to its factory settings, you’ll lose anything you saved after using it the first time.

Solutions for PS5 Consoles

To keep your PS5 from turning on when you’re not around, avoid using Rest Mode. Rest Mode is helpful because it allows your PS5 to use less power while it updates itself and downloads games. This mode can also make the console “wake up” when it finishes a download and make it seem like it came on for no reason.

Go to “Settings,” “System,” and then “Power Saving Settings.” From “Set Features” in Rest Mode,” turn off the option to “Stay Connected to the Internet.” As your PS5 cannot go online, it won’t wake up after it finishes a process.

Before you try the above solution, make sure your PS5 uses Rest Mode. When you turn your console on and off, you’ll notice that the light on the front of the PS5 changes colors. When the console has an orange light, you know that it is off or in the process of starting up.

When the light becomes blue, it tells you that the console is either on or in Rest Mode. You should see the same blue light on a PS4 that is on or in this mode.

You’ll also want to turn off voice controls. When you have an Amazon Echo or a similar device, you can say a single word and turn on your PS5. While this is a handy feature, it can also cause the console to come on whenever you say a similar word.

Go to “Settings,” “System,” and “Enable Voice Operation.” You can turn off this feature when you click on the box next to Enable Hands-Free Mode. Make sure that you scroll down and shut off voice commands, too.

Some of the other fixes worth trying are similar to those for the PS4 such as checking for system updates. If you miss even a single update, you risk the console coming to life for different reasons.

You can go to your Settings and System Software Update. Click on the box to turn on automatic updates, which lets the console check for updates on its own. It will also download and install the updates as needed.

As mentioned above, turning off the HDMI Device Link is also helpful. Turn on your PS5 and go to “Settings.” Pick “System” and then “HDMI.” The next screen will show “Enable HDMI Device Link.’

Whether you use the button on the TV or its remote, you can turn on your PS5 when you turn on the TV. It’s easy to bump into the remote and cause the console to come on. Slide the toggle button to the off position to turn off this feature.


A PS console that turns itself on is a problem because it wastes energy and can cause hardware problems. This happens commonly because you use the HDMI Device Link feature, or your console picks up commands from another device. Shutting down the connections to those devices and disabling this feature can help.