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As portable workstations go, it is hard to beat a tablet. The Apple iPad, for example, can do many things a basic laptop can. In addition to its flexibility and power, the device is lighter and easier to transport than a laptop. These factors prove helpful in areas or situations where a computer might be too cumbersome. 

Apple made the iPad even more powerful by creating a stylus — the Apple Pencil. It is specifically tailored to the iPad and has two generations released as of 2022. 

Each version of the Pencil works with particular iPad models. Thus, users must purchase the one that matches their tablet. The stylus can enhance how artists and graphic designers draw on the iPad, but it can be helpful for anyone who wants more precise control over their writing.

Like other Apple products, the Apple Pencil has an internal battery. In this article, we will talk about how users can charge the battery as efficiently as possible. We will also address how long it charges up to its total capacity. Then, we’ll find out if the stylus drains the battery on the iPad. 

How Do You Charge an Apple Pencil?

As mentioned, there are two versions of the Apple Pencil. And each of them works specifically for different generations of iPad tablets. Further, they have different charging methods as well. And we will discuss them below:

First Version

If you are using the first generation of the Apple Pencil, plug the stylus into the adapter on your tablet directly. You can also use the standard adapter with every Apple Pencil. In either case, your accessory should charge up to its total capacity relatively quickly.

Second Version

Any iPad compatible with the second generation of the Apple Pencil has a magnetic strip running along one side of its frame. This strip is a connector for accessories that work with the iPad. Place your Apple Pencil on this connector to start the charging process.

The magnetic properties of the strip should hold the Pencil in place securely. Any charging indicator might not be noticeable at first. If you don’t see a charging signal after a few secondscheck to ensure that the tablet’s Bluetooth connectivity is active.

How Long Should It Usually Take for an Apple Pencil To Charge Fully?

Assuming that the stylus and charger are both working normally, a full charge for the Apple Pencil might take around 15 minutes. In rare cases, it may take up to a full half hour for a Pencil with no charge to reach a full one. 

However, you might also find instances where your stylus returns to its total battery capacity in as little as 10 minutes. So if you need to use your stylus urgently, even a charging time of one or two minutes should still give the accessory several minutes of use.

Does the Apple Pencil Drain an iPad’s battery?

Typically, the Apple Pencil drains the iPad’s battery. However, if both devices are in use, the overall impact on the tablet’s battery should be negligible. 

Apple designed this stylus so that the iPad could keep it in at least a partially charged state at all times. The company implemented this feature to protect the Battery inside the stylus and the Pencil itself. 

Due to the relatively small capacity of the Apple Pencil’s Battery, the best practices for stylus owners include ensuring that the unit doesn’t ever discharge completely. It is in stark contrast to most other electronics with which Apple users might be familiar.

In general, it is a good idea to allow the batteries in electronics like tablets or smartphones to deplete entirely from time to time. By doing so, users can keep the batteries functioning as they should. 

Conversely, never allowing a battery to discharge fully could reduce its overall life or effectiveness over the years. In such situations, you may find that you need to replace the batteries for some of your devices more frequently than you should.

The Apple Pencil goes the opposite way, and it is better to ensure it always has some charge. While the stylus should be able to handle temporary periods with no power at all, we do not advise that owners leave their accessories in this state for very long. 

If this happens, the Pencil may be unable to charge the battery back up, rendering the device useless. Should this happen, your only option may be to replace the Apple Pencil entirely.

Why Does the Apple Pencil Charge So Slowly?

As mentioned above, the Pencil should charge to full capacity in just a few minutes. However, if your accessory seems to be setting itself at a much slower rate, there are a few things you can check. 

The first thing to note would be how you are charging the unit. For best results, Apple recommends connecting the stylus to the port on your iPad directly. It is the way the company intended for the stylus to get its charge at the fastest rate

Most devices charge at their best rates when you plug them into their adapters; the same is not true for the Apple Pencil. It comes with an adapter, but this accessory charges the stylus much slower than the iPad does.

If your Apple Pencil connects successfully to the iPad and still seems to charge too slowly, you may be dealing with a faulty device. You can start here by checking the stylus for any apparent signs of physical damage. 

The battery has some protection but is still a tiny and relatively fragile component. Therefore, any damage to the outer part of the stylus might harm the battery inside it. 

If you cannot see such signs, you may wish to take your device to a qualified Apple Store employee. They should be able to check for battery issues in ways the average user cannot.

Sometimes, your Pencil may not be experiencing a charging issue at all. However, thanks to a particular widget on the iPad, you can check the charge of your Apple Pencil’s Battery. Occasionally, this widget might not refresh or update itself as it should. 

If this happens, it can look like there is an issue with your stylus charging slowly or not at all. To check this, you can try restarting the iPad. Doing so should allow the widget to reset and start functioning normally. 

Check any software or firmware updates to the device. If one is available, downloading it may correct any issues with improper Apple Pencil readouts.

Can I Charge an iPad and the Apple Pencil Simultaneously?

Yes, you should be able to charge both devices simultaneously. When you plug in the iPad, it should show that it’s charging. Likewise, once you place the Apple Pencil in its appropriate spot on the tablet, the widget on the iPad should indicate that. 

If you don’t see anything like this, wait a bit to see if the data refreshes. Because the Apple Pencil should have some charge at all times, it is customary to allow your tablet to charge while the stylus takes some energy from the iPad’s source.

You should also check if the Apple Pencil is seemingly not charging while the tablet does. In this case, the stylus may have slowed its rate of charge. It is common in many electronics that use batteries. 

As the device nears its total battery capacity, it may slow down the rate at which it charges up to the top. So before you look for a problem with your Apple Pencil, wait and see if it will still charge up its total percentage after a couple of minutes.

Can I Use My Apple Pencil While It Is Charging?

No, you can’t use the stylus and charge it simultaneously. For the best performance and charging capabilities of the stylus, Apple designed it this way, so the Pencil’s functionality turns off while it is charging. 

Fortunately, the stylus only needs a few minutes to go from a low charge to a full one. Therefore, users should not wait long to start drawing or writing with their implements again.


If you prefer more precise lines or if you enjoy using drawing apps right on the iPad, the Apple Pencil could be a good investment for you. It responds well to the tablet and can take charge quickly enough that you’re rarely without a dedicated stylus. If your Pencil isn’t charging up very fast, you can look at some of our suggestions here.