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What is the Windows Shell Experience Host, and why is it running?

Have you ever experienced the issue of “Windows shell experience host” on your Task Manager? This can make using your computer challenging, especially when it impacts Windows and computer memory.

In this post, we are going to explore its meaning and how you can solve the issue.

What is the Windows Shell Experience Host, and why is it running?

Windows shell experience host is part of Windows that plays the role of presenting universal apps supportable in Windows. It deals with various graphical constituents of the interface, such as the taskbar transparency and the start menu.

Besides that, it manages specific elements of the background behavior of your desktop. Such practices include adjusting the background if you had set on the slide show.

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Is it Possible to Disable the Problem of Windows Shell Experience Host?

Unfortunately, you cannot disable the Windows shell experience host. If you do, it will prevent you from accessing the basic visuals in Windows 10.

Your operating system will still restart it automatically, even if you end the process. The best solution is troubleshooting the issue if your windows shell experience host tends to consume your CPU and RAM frequently.

How Can I Fix the Issue of High Resource Usage of Windows Shell In-Memory Host?

As mentioned earlier, the best way of fixing the problem of Windows shell experience host is utilizing the troubleshooting feature on your computer. The following tips will help you reduce the usage of your RAM/CPU.

1. Disable your PC’s Background Slideshow

windows shell experience host

People enjoy the background themes that rotate on the screen. Well, in as much as there is that satisfying feeling from the wallpapers you see, it tends to consume a lot of memory and CPU from the computer.

Alternatively, you can use static pictures to replace the background. Here is how you can change them, by following the steps below:

-Go to Settings
-Click on Personalization Background
-Select the picture you desire
-Save the changes

2. You Need the Updated Version of Windows

windows shell experience host

As you use your PC, you might realize that your Windows need some updates. You don’t want to delay in responding to the need to update your computer.

Updates are crucial as there is a significant difference between the old and the newest version. The newer versions maximize your computer’s operations.

Here is how you can process updates:

-Go to Settings
-Click on updates and security
-If updates are available, follow the steps given to install them

3. Perform a System File Checker

In the event that there are no updates, you should perform the system check. This is because the damaged files could be a factor in the usage of Windows experience host memory.

To perform the system check, follow the steps below:

-Initiate search options by using the Windows Logo plus S. (This is a keyboard shortcut).
-In the search option, type “cmd.”
-Identify “command prompt” from the results.
-Right-click it then select “Run administrator” to open a raised command prompt.
-You can now enter “SFC/scannow.”
-Always allow the commanded process to complete
-Upon completion, exit Windows and restart the PC.

4. Perform a System File Checker

If you tried the above three solutions and they didn’t work, maybe an anti-malware scan could help. A corrupt PC can cause issues on your computer.

Your PC could be in danger of malware that attaches to the Windows shell experience host, messing your system up. You should, therefore, try to perform a total anti-malware scan.

The process is simple because of the in-built windows defender security.

-Click the Settings
-Choose “Update & Security.”
-Go to “Windows Defender” and select “Open Windows Defender.”
-Find the shield icon on the left pane.
-Click “Advanced scan” then choose “Full scan.”
-Allow the process to finish. As problems are identified they will be shown on the PC, ensuring you deal with them appropriately.

5. Fix any Issues with the Windows Registry

You will realize that despite attempts to solve your PC memory usage, the problem becomes recurrent and a nuisance. You can consider checking on the windows registry.

When fixing the system registry, it is necessary to take ultimate care because making any slight mistake is risky. Any errors can cause Windows to fail in booting up.

You should, therefore, avoid editing the registry manually. Preferably you can use software for this. There are some free software online for fixing this issue.

6. Stop the automatic color changing

Automatic colors rotating on the screen appear to be fun, but it could also be problematic in terms of using up your CPU memory. You will be doing your system a favor if you consider disabling the tool.

-Go to Settings then Windows logo + I
-Chose color on the left
-Scroll the colors and select a color section.
-Uncheck “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” and you are done.

7. Check the CPU usage

Your memory usage can cause you to experience an issue with the Windows shell experience host.

However, you can choose to limit the amount in terms of CPU memory use. Follow these steps to for this purpose :

-Go to the search option and type Task Manager
-In Task Manager, go to details and click on Windows shell experience host
-Click on “Affinity” and select the “Limit of your choice.”

This will sort out the issue.

Windows shell experience host can be an issue. As mentioned earlier, you cannot disable it. But you can fix the problem.

It also depends on the cause. The above steps are crucial in helping you sort it out.

Try one option after another until it works out. If this has been your problem, over time, you will be pleased to have access to this article.

The purpose therein is to help you run smoothly on your home desktop. You are, therefore, not limited to the suggested options in case you need more help.