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Obviously, in some cases, you would like to remove your current Windows product key on an old computer and use it for activating Windows on another computer. And transfer the product key, it will help you to save money from purchasing another Windows activation license.

Sometimes, you just need to remove Windows operating system (OS) on your old Windows PC and then install a new copy of it on another computer and use the same activation license code to active your Windows.

However, you will not able to activating Windows until you deactivating or uninstalling current Windows product key on existing computer. So if that is your case, follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to deactivate Windows product key and activate it again on another computer.

There are many ways to uninstall Windows license. But use command prompt is a simple way to do, with a few commands and three simple steps.

Deactivate Windows Product Key

Step #1

Click on the Start icon, type “cmd” in the search box, right-click on “cmd.exe” program and then select “Run as administrator” option to open Command Prompt program with administrator privileges.

cmd.exe  1

Step #2

In Command Prompt program, type: slmgr /dlv

And then press Enter. It will show you the software licensing service window. From that window, you will need to copy or write down the “Activation ID” to use in the next step.

windows activation id

Step #3

Use the “Activation ID” that you have copied in the step #2 to uninstall Windows product key with the following command:

slmgr /upk “activation id”

For example, your Activation ID is ABCDEGF then you have to enter:

slmgr /upk ABCDEGF

And then press Enter. A pop-up will appear with a message: “Uninstalled product key successfully”.

change product key

So, that’s three simple steps to uninstall or deactivate Windows product key from a Windows computer. Your Windows activation license is now free and can be used on any Windows computer to activate Windows license – of course, for an appropriate version of Windows.

Activate Windows Product Key

How to activate Windows product key? That’s a simple question and has many ways to do. You can activate Windows license while installing a new copy of Windows. That means it will ask you to provide Windows license code to activate (or do it later) Windows OS in the final step of the installation process.

windows activation

If you already have installed Windows OS and now you need to activate it, then you can go to Desktop, right-click on My Computer, and select Properties. In the Windows activation section (in the window of Properties of My Computer), it will let you click to activate Windows OS. Just enter your Windows product key. That’s it!

Windows 7 Activation Step

Activate Windows Product Key Using Command Prompt

This is also an easy way to activate Windows license, by using Command Prompt program. Firstly, you need to launch Command Prompt program as an Administrator (read above).

Next, please enter:

slmgr /ipk “Windows product key”

For example, if your Windows license code is AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD then you will need to type:


in the Command Prompt program and press Enter.

After pressing the Enter key, a pop-up will appear with a message: “Installed product key AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD successfully”.

I hope this small step-by-step guide will help you to know how to deactivate Windows product key on your old Windows computer and use it to activate again on a new computer.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by leaving your comment below.

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10 Replies to “Deactivate Windows Product Key And Use On Another Computer”

  1. dileep says:
    If we deactivated the windows 7 from first pc and try using it on another pc, how Microsoft will know that we deactivated the key from first pc? I mean to activate windows we need internet connection. And we deactivated without internet connection?
  2. rock says:
    i remove my old system and put my new system the error occurs like this ” a problem occurred when windows tried to activate. Error Code 0xC0004E003.
    1. Tony Tran says:
      Which version of Windows you are using?
  3. Aaron says:
    I have a question regarding this. I want to upgrade a Windows 8.1 Home Computer to Windows 8.1 Professional. I don’t want to do a fresh install but it seems with the OEM key I purchased that’s the only option. Would this method work for adding the new professional feature?
    1. Tony Tran says:
      Unfortunately, it won’t work because each type of product key only can be activated for appropriate version of Windows. You can’t use a license of Home edition to activate for Pro edition.

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