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A useful and step by step guide to help you fix System Thread Exception Not Handled error on Windows OS.

When you use Windows OS, there would be many annoying issues and errors you may face, and Blue Screen Of Death (or also known as BSOD) is one of them. It’s a common error in Windows and often suddenly occurs on your computer when something goes wrong. When a BSOD shows up, it means your computer is already shut down and frozen at the BSOD screen (a blue screen with error message and stop code), and a restart is required. Your Windows PC may automatically reboot itself, depending on the configuration of your computer.

Sometimes, it will automatically repair itself, reboot the whole Windows operating system and start Windows normally, but most cases, it doesn’t. The blue screen error will be appeared there permanently, or you encounter a restart loop. The loop will start from a blue screen with error message and stop code. Then your computer will reboot itself, try to start Windows OS, and then the blue screen appears again. Repeat!

Ways To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error

system thread exception not handled

BSOD Error Code: system_thread_exception_not_handled

In most cases, this error occurs because the graphics card driver is outdated. You need to upgrade the driver of your graphics card to the latest version. However, there are other problems could cause this error, such as damaged hard drives, corrupted drivers, BIOS corruptions, corrupted Windows system files or missing Windows registry entries.

Luckily, I have found a few good ways to fix this error, and according to users from Microsoft community, as well as the readers of this blog, these ways are helpful.

Fix Corrupted Drivers To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled BSOD Error

If there is any problem with drivers on your computer, it could cause the System Thread Exception Not Handled error. If you still able to access into your Windows computer (it’s boot into Windows OS normally, after the BSOD occurred), you can go to “Device Manager” to check and find corrupted drivers.

When the error driver is detected, let’s uninstall it and replace it with the new one, or upgrade to the latest version.


Learn how to fix system thread exception not handled error on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

In the next step, you can find error drivers or hardware with corrupted drivers. You should update these drivers to the latest version, or uninstall and replace them with the new one.

Uninstall Windows Driver

What To Do If You Are Unable To Access To Windows OS?

After the BSOD error is displayed, your computer will be automatically restarted. However, you fail to access to the Windows OS, and your computer keeps getting restarted over and over again (a restart loop as I mentioned above).

In this case, you must access to your computer in Safe Mode, and then uninstall the graphics card driver. Once the uninstall process is done, you have to download the latest version of the graphics card driver from official website, and then install it onto your computer.

Enter Safe Mode On Windows 8 / 8.1 And Uninstall Graphics Card Driver

According to reports from users, the system_thread_exception_not_handled error occurs on Windows 8 / 8.1 frequently. So, I will tell you the way to enter Safe Mode on Windows 8, 8.1 and uninstall graphics card driver to solve the system thread exception not handled error.

Tip: You can also use BSOD analyzing tool, such as BlueScreenView or WhoCrashed to scan for minidump files on your Windows PC and find out what reason caused this annoying problem.

Step #1:

Restart your computer, press and hold the Shift key, and press F8 key a few times, until you see the Recovery screen. Click on the “See advanced repair options“.

Recovery Screen

You could also access to the Troubleshoot screen (below, in step #2) by using a System Repair pen drive (or a DVD), and press the F8 key.

Step #2:

Click on the Troubleshoot button -> Advanced options -> Windows Startup Settings -> click on the “Restart” button.

Troubleshoot Screen

Step #3:

After your computer is restarted, it will be held at “Advanced Boot Options” screen, allows you to select “Safe Mode”, “Safe Mode with Networking“, or “Safe Mode with Command Prompt“.

Just select “Safe Mode” to access to your Windows computer.

Advanced Boot Options

After accessing your computer, go to Device Manager (mentioned above) to uninstall graphics card driver. And then restart your computer to allow the changes to take effect. Once you are able to access to your computer normally, download the latest version of the graphics card driver from official website, and install it onto your computer.

Search And Repair Corrupted System Files In Windows OS

Any corrupted system files on your Windows OS could lead to this error, as well as many other issues. In order to resolve them, you can use CHKDSK command to check and verify your Windows system files to make sure there is no corrupted file. This command is also helped to repair any corrupted file if found.

Firstly, launch the Command Prompt as Administrator by pressing Windows key + X and then press A key.

Next step, type:


and then press Enter.


In the next step, type Y and press the Enter key.

After that, reboot your Windows PC.

Your Windows computer will boot up, and start to check and verify the whole system to find any corrupted file.

It might take a while to complete, so please don’t turn off the PC while it’s checking and verifying.

Scan And Fix Windows System Files To Resolve System Thread Exception Not Handled Error

Sometimes, scanning and fixing Windows system files will help to fix many errors on your computer. To do so, open the Command Prompt program as Administrator by following the way I mentioned above.

Next step, type:

SFC /scannow

and then press the Enter key. It will automatically scan and fix any error on your Windows PC. Wait for the process is completed and then reboot your PC.

SFC /scannow

Another Useful Tips That Might Also Help

If the BSOD error comes with the system file (for example, System Thread Exception Not Handled (dxgkrnl.sys)), you can copy this file name and search it on the carrona.org website. It will show you the name of apps or built-in functions that have this .sys file. By that, you can easy to determine the cause of the problem and find ways to fix System Thread Exception Not Handled error quicker.


After finding it, you can uninstall that driver to resolve the issue. Then reboot your computer and reinstall it again. Sometimes, your driver is corrupted and cause this irritating error.

If you aren’t able to boot into your Windows PC, access Safe Mode to do so. You can also boot your computer from a Recovery drive, access Command Prompt and execute the following commands:


cd Windows\system32\drivers

ren dxgkrnl.sys dxgkrnl.old

If your screen shows a different .sys file, replace it with the right one.

After performing the commands above, restart your Windows PC. It should boot up successfully now. Then, download and install the driver that you have renamed (removed) with the above commands.

You can also try to use Windows System Restore or Backup and Restore features to roll back or restore your Windows computer (in the case of these features are enabled).

Also, as I mentioned above, damaged hard drives, BIOS corruptions, or missing Windows Registry entries could lead to this error. So, you need to verify if your hard disk drive is still working or not, as well as reset or reinstall BIOS settings to solve this issue. For issues with Windows Registry, you should use some analyzer applications to scan and verify your Registry like TuneUp.

If you have any question about the system_thread_exception_not_handled (aka System Thread Exception Not Handled) error, feel free to ask by leaving your comment below.

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64 Replies to “How To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Error”

  1. Mr Oni bisayo says:

    My system keeps crashing when ever I play a game and it shows the blur screen stuff and I have tried so many ways to solve it.

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Can you tell me the exact error message?

  2. Marco Cordoba says:

    I can’t even open the Device Manager. It says “this app has been blocked for your protection”.

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Which version of Windows you are using, and which mode you are in?

  3. Seyi says:

    i just uninstalled my driver what next

    1. Tony Tran says:

      After uninstalling the drive (that caused the error), the problem should be gone. If it remains, then the cause wasn’t it.

      In that case, try another solution.

  4. Atulsingh Rajput says:

    Thanks a ton , this was really helpful, i really appreciate your help !!

  5. Shiv mani Tiwari says:

    is there any one who can tell me how to fix problem my laptop is not starting

    1. Tony Tran says:

      What kind of error you are receiving?

  6. Claus says:

    I read all your helpful stuff,thanks, have Windows 8 Surface and have the blue screen and since hours it will collect the mistakes and than will restart, but nothing happens. I try turn off the computer nothing, should i just wait until the battery is finish than it will shut down or any suggestions

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Hi Claus,

      Have you resolved the problem yet?

      1. Faith says:

        I read everything you said and I did it but my case is like Claus case, but mine everything is black with the pointer. Can you please give me the solution to this problem. I have windows 10. Thank You! I hope you give me an immediate reply.

        1. Tony Tran says:

          Can you explain your case again?

  7. Sanchit says:

    I followed all the instructions but i am not able to resolve the issue please help

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Hi Sanchit,

      Have you resolved the problem yet?

  8. Aman says:

    When I try to install Windows 10 this error occurs.

    1. Tony Tran says:

      You are installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 or upgrade from Windows 7, 8.1 to Windows 10?

      Is there any other error message?

  9. kehinde says:

    All i did was to power off the system, Remove the RAM, Replace it and restart the System and Voila!!!!
    Everything was ok


    I tried to restart with the shift button presed and the F8 also pressing and releasing it, but notging new happened. The pc kepto crashing with thw blue screen

    1. Tony Tran says:

      To force your Windows 10 access to Safe Mode, you need to have a installation DVD or USB. Boot from this DVD or USB and find Command Prompt tool. After that, use one of these commands:

        Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal
        Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode with Networking: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot network

      After performing any of those commands, restart your computer. Then use mentioned methods in this guide to fix the problem.

  11. mclaren12 says:

    My computer has been searching and repairing the drive for 2hrs and it’s stuck at 10% complete. What should I do?

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Are you in Safe Mode? I would recommend you use chkdsk command in Safe Mode for a better result.

  12. Miguel Rodriguez Jr says:

    Hello. I performed the sfc /scannnow and the results identified corrupt files but could not repair them. Then it mentioned a log. CBS Log. I found this log fairly easy but am not computer literate so its all a bunch of numbers and letters to me (sad i know). Well i saved the log file to notepad and now i just need someone to look at it and perhaps give me some insight as to what it might mean. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Also i cant seem to attach the file so those instructions would be helpful as well. Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Tony Tran says:


      Can you upload that log file to somewhere else, such as Dropbox or Mediafire and send me the link?

  13. Emran says:

    Dear Tony Tran

    If kindly is possible, please tell me what is my problem.
    I am very upset from a BSOD that occurred 4 days ago.

    I have attached the minidump file in the following link:

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Which version of Windows you are using?

      I’ve read your dump file and it seems that this BSOD was caused old graphics card drivers or incompatible drivers on your computer. Access your computer in Safe Mode and update the graphics drive to the latest version.

      For further help, just leave your comment below.

  14. Eric says:

    I have had system thread bsod.
    Machine check exception.
    Whea logger error.
    I have in seated all my ram and tryed one stick at a time.
    I put a new mobo in
    Changed psu
    Windows will not boot from CD

  15. benjamin says:

    I have followed all step on safe mode but It’s that realy okey if i uninstal that video graphic card???

    1. Tony Tran says:

      You can uninstall the driver of graphic card to test whether it’s the cause. After that, you can download the latest version from manufacturer’s website and install it.

  16. Rain says:

    what if i can’t even get past the bsod? seconds after the bsod screen came out it restarted, even with the boot cd too, it wont even pass thru the windows logo before it restarts

    1. Tony Tran says:

      I would recommend you access Safe Mode to diagnose the error. If you don’t know how to do that, respond to me and I will show you.

  17. Tom says:

    ASUS Maximus Hero Alpha
    Intel i7 6700
    Corsair Dominator Ram 3200mhz DDR4 16 g
    Liquid cooling loop for CPU
    Zotac 1080 AMP Extreme Video Card (Air Cooled)
    Thermaltake 1250w RGU PSU
    Samsung SSD V-NAND 950 Pro
    WD 2TB Disk Drive (Black)
    ACER Predator 32” Curved Gaming Monitor

    Where to begin:
    I installed Windows 10 Enterprise edition (got it from work) onto my system and all was well for 2 weeks. Note that I originally had a Formula VIII before I switched to the Hero Alpha. I awoke to the Thread Exception Not Handled error and since then have found no way to re-install Windows onto my computer. Since I have everything backed up, I decided to do a clean install. ASUS told me it could be the MOBO so I RMA’d it, (Getting the Hero Alpha as a replacement). To my dismay, I got the same error message. I took out the video card, tried another video card, tried every known trick with the CMOS (battery, discharging, ETC) updated the BIOS to 2202, used different versions of Windows (8,7 both Enterprise), borrowed another version of windows from a friend, changed SSD, changed hard drives, bought a repair CD, adjusted the BIOS to boot into an unsecured state, removed the security keys, used different power source, still nada. I CANNOT get a new install onto this MOBO. I Have built many computers and have never come across this. The only thing I have not done is buy an official copy of Windows, but I have been using Enterprise for 15 years without an issue. The farthest I have gotten is the Windows splash screen then the computer reboots with the error, over and over and over. It’s like Groundhog Day! I can get to a command prompt using a repair CD I purchased, but that has not helped me. Before I go out and spend another $100 on Windows I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this?

    1. Tony Tran says:

      You got this error even when trying installing a fresh copy of installation? I mean installation process?

      If you got this error after installing successfully, can you upload the DUMP file for me so I can analytic it?

      Have you tried to borrow another motherboard from friend and try to test?

      From my point of view, I don’t think it’s come from Windows installation so you don’t need to spend another $100 to purchase Windows license. If you want to try out, visit here and download other versions of Windows 10 and test.

      Get back to me with the answers for questions above so I can help further.

  18. ally says:

    hi how do i know which driver is the one which is having problem in my computer? and where do i download it

    1. Tony Tran says:

      You can only know exact driver when the BSOD shows you system file. Otherwise, you will have to guess. However, in most cases, the driver of graphics card is the cause.

  19. thomas says:

    read your article and used device manager to find issues. found couple and fixed them. so hopefully no more bsod!!!!

  20. Ben says:

    I’ve got the BSOD saying “system thread exception not handled” at startup and I can’t seem to open up in safe mode to check my drivers, where do I go from here?

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Unfortunately, if you aren’t able to access Safe Mode, there’s no way to diagnose the issue.

      May I ask do you make any changes related to hardware or software before getting this issue?

  21. pablo says:

    Hello Tony

    I bought a lenovo ideapad 110 with win10 I’ve got the BSOD saying “system thread exception not handled” and then the following error comes in netwtw04.sys

    havent try this steps yet is this what i need to do or it is something different?

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Your Lenovo Ideapad 110 comes with the Wireless-AC 7265 Wi-Fi adaptor, right? The issue is caused by the driver of this adapter. I would recommend upgrading/reinstalling the driver of this wireless adapter.

  22. valencia chowne says:

    The very first thing to complete, if you suspect it is a driver problem, is usually to roll back the driver
    and see if the error happens again. Some times the applications which are installed might be outdated you aren’t suited towards the system.
    When being confronted using the error, some people choose system reinstallation to get rid of the problem.

  23. sandra says:

    I followed the steps using the safe mode. My system is still booting and it’s on 12% for a long time

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Can you tell me which method you are using? I don’t get it!

      – Use CHKDSK?
      – SFC /scannow?

      Do you able to access Safe Mode successfully?

      Is there any .sys file name in the error message?

  24. sandra says:

    I have been able to get to safe mode successfully. I used CHKDSK but didn’t work for me

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Didn’t work? You mean the chkdsk command didn’t work or BSOD remains?

      Which methods have you used? Is there any .sys file after the main error message?

      Can you upload the minidump file to somewhere and share it with me?

  25. Shivan says:

    I am unable to enter safe mode on my Windows 10 PC, just stuck on a restart loop. Please help!

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Hi Shivan,

      Here are a few methods you can use to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode. Check it out!


  26. Joseph Few says:

    I’ve resolved this System Thread Exception Not Handled blue screen error by reinstalling my graphics card drive. It was an actually problem that caused this annoying error on my Windows 10 PC. The WhoCrashed software helped me a lot to find out the cause.

  27. Patrick Cek says:

    It’s something related to my hardware driver. I’ve successfully resolved it.

  28. Med says:

    I had to restore my windows back to the previous backup point as I can’t resolve this System Thread Exception Not Handled bsod issue.

  29. Lorkina says:

    After checking my disk with chkdsk and use sfc /scannow command, the System Thread Exception Not Handled error is gone 🙂

  30. Anthony says:

    There is a program called WhoCrashed, which will help us to diagnose all blue screen errors faster.

  31. Ada says:

    I have fixed this error by reinstall some Windows drivers. Thanks

  32. Bradley says:

    My Windows 10 PC got this error last week and I have resolved it with one of your methods. Thanks!

  33. Aba says:

    What should I do when I get this error?

    1. Tony Tran says:

      You can take a look at my recommeneded solutions and start there 🙂

  34. R.L.J says:

    WhoCrased is a perfect application that I would recommend using to diagnose the System Thread Exception Not Handled BSOD error. It shows me exact cause why this error occurs on my Windows 10 PC and helps me get rid of it.


  35. Hassan says:

    Hi Tony,
    Blue Screen Occurred on my windows 10 with following message
    Error Info, and then we’ll restart
    – 75% Complete
    – Stop Code: System Thread Exception Not Handled
    – What failed: mfeavfk11.sys

    after that computer restarted and working properly. but i could not able to find this file on my system
    i checked my C Drive and found mfeavfk.sys in folder ( windows/ system32/drivers/mfeavfk.sys) instead of mfeavfk11.sys.
    Is this malware/ virus or what?
    is there any thing serious which can harm my system or data.
    thank you

    1. Tony Tran says:

      The mfeavfk.sys file belongs to McAfee Anti-Virus File System Filter Driver. It appears something goes wrong with your antivirus. I would recommend reinstalling it or find another antivirus software to use, such as Kaspersky.

  36. Brandon Vial S says:

    It appears something goes wrong with one of my drivers. After uninstalling, I download the latest version and then install again. The error was gone.

  37. olenkabogler says:

    Now all you have to do is wait and see if you still get the ”system thread exception not handled” error message during your operating time in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

  38. Leo says:

    I do not think this fixes anything. I have this error on my pc that was formate and a clean install was done. Latest drivers installed and bang blue screen. To remove drivers from device manager is the most retarded thing to think of.

  39. Lukasz says:

    Hello. I got that error once,my pc restarted and everything is normal. Should I still be worried or I can leave it alone? My drivers for graphics card are up to date that is why I was confused. I currently got no drivers to update. So what should I do?

  40. unlisted says:

    Not recognized as a command?

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