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Web hosting is one of the highest paying industries that an affiliate marketer can be involved in. This is because when a person signs up for hosting, they often times stay with the host for a long period of time, pay a lot of money, and generate large amounts of profit for the host. So in order to get these highly lucrative contracts, hosts will pay affiliates handsomely to drive traffic their way.

Yes, you can make a lot of money promoting web hosting, but if you are looking to truly step up your affiliate marketing game and start making some serious cash, check out the WPEngine affiliate program.

WPEngine affiliate program

The WPEngine affiliate program is very simple; affiliates get paid for every customer they refer. WPEngine leverages the popular affiliate network, Shareasale, to track, maintain, and pay affiliates and ensure they always receive the correct commission. In addition, they provide affiliates with a speed tester tool, links, banners, and copy to help sell the product. Once a customer signs up and pays for two months worth of hosting, the affiliate is paid a very large amount for the referral.

How much does WPEngine pay?

Affiliates will get paid based on what they promote and how many people they refer. Since this is a 2-tier affiliate program, you can make a lot more than normal referral programs.

WPEngine pays affiliates if they:

Refer a customer to hosting

If an affiliate refers a customer to WPEngine, the affiliate will get paid a portion of what the plans costs. Of all the web hosting affiliate programs I am involved in, WPEngine is the most lucrative. Affiliates all around the world are benefiting from the highly lucrative payouts of at LEAST $200 per signup, which is definitely the highest in the industry. Of course, if a customer refers somebody who signs up for a plan like the Business Plan, they will receive even more than that!

Refer more than 5 customers

WPEngine is also know to offer bonuses to their affiliates on top of the normal commissions. For example, if you refer more than 5 customers in any given month, you will receive a $100 bonus. Refer more than that and watch the money rain!

Another thing worth noting is that WPEngine’s affiliate program is a 2-tier program. This means that you will get paid not only for referring customers, but also for referring affiliates! That’s right, you get a $50 payout for each and every WPEngine affiliate that you refer. Basically, you would be a fool for not signing up. This company is practically looking for ways to cram money down your throat!

Why does WPEngine pay so much?

WPEngine pays their affiliates so much because their plans cost a lot of money. Affiliates help them get these contracts, so they are willing to share the wealth.

Why promote WPEngine?

These hosting plans sell themselves. Anybody looking for fully managed WordPress hosting has heard of WPEngine, and if they haven’t, they will eventually.


  • Monthly payouts
  • WPEngine hosting plans sell themselves
  • The company is one of the most trusted and most highly regarded managed hosts in the industry
  • Permanent tracking cookies ensure affiliates get paid
  • WPEngine’s speed tester helps highlight the need for managed WordPress hosting


  • This host only has managed WordPress hosting They offer no VPS, shared hosting, etc..
  • Users have to pay for two months of hosting before affiliates get paid for referring that customer

Join the WPEngine affiliate program

As you might be able to tell, singing up for this affiliate program can bring in a TON of money. You can earn by referring customers and affiliates alike, helping you to make even more!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to get started!