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The Nintendo Switch went viral back in 2017 when Nintendo launched it. It came with many games and features. However, many gamers wonder whether they can connect their Nintendo Switch to other devices, such as laptops, and enjoy gaming on a larger screen. It is possible with the right equipment and a little patience.

Connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop via an HDMI capture card. Dock your Nintendo Switch and connect the HDMI cable and Adapter Switch to Nintendo, and the other part to the capture card. Connect the capture card to your laptop and enjoy. Do not forget to install OBS studio to play your games.

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Since the Nintendo Switch cannot stream directly, the capture card is essential and important. The capture card can stream in high resolution from devices. You can find them online, and the most famous is the Elgato capture card.

This is just one method. Keep reading to learn about other ways to connect a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite to your laptop.

How to Connect Switch to Laptop

You have probably played your favorite Nintendo switch on your phone or TV. However, sometimes you want to play it on your laptop.

When you play Nintendo Switch on your laptop, you are using its monitor as a TV screen. Unfortunately, you cannot do it only with a laptop. In fact, you will need one more thing to make it work.

You will need an HDMI capture device because laptop models rarely support HDMI input. You can also use an HDMI connection to display your computer screen to monitor or TV screen.

This an HDMI input, and you cannot use it for importing other media files to the laptop screen. If you do not have a capture device, you can use Xbox if you have it at home.

Here are the steps on how to connect the switch to the laptop:

1. Disconnect Nintendo switch HDMI from your television.

2. Connect both an HDMI cable and AC adapter to your Nintendo switch.

3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your capture device.

4. Now, connect the capture device to your laptop.

5. After you do it, you will not see anything happening. It means you need to use Nintendo dock. Put your Nintendo into the dock and turn it on. There should appear light, which means you connected it properly.

6. Download OBS studio. It is free online.

7. When you open the software, find the plus sign and click Audio Input Capture and then Add the Video Capture Device. Find the USB Video option and hit Okay.

8. Also, find the Audio Input Settings and Advanced Audio Properties. Choose Audio Monitoring and click Monitor and Output. In that way, you configure sound, so you can hear and see whatever is playing on your Nintendo Switch system.

9. Now you can enjoy your game on your laptop!

How to Connect Switch to Laptop Without Capture Card

Many people wonder if they can connect a Nintendo Switch to a laptop without a capture card, using HDMI.

Unfortunately, this is not possible because the HDMI cable only has a port for output. You also need an input port that has a capture card.

The capture card is very important for playing Nintendo Switch and streaming. If you do not have it, purchase one or find other alternatives.

If your laptop does not have a built-in capture card, it has no chance of receiving an HDMI signal.

The only option is to use the method I have already mentioned, and that is to use a mobile phone with a quality camera that you previously connect to a laptop to transfer footage and record everything from your Nintendo Switch.

You can also use the Switch’s inbuilt capture for 30 seconds at a time or invest money in HDMI to USB. There are cheap options online, so you should not worry.

One way is to use the Xbox One console. In this way, you can stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch and YouTube without a capture card. You just need to follow these steps :

1. Dock your Nintendo Switch.

2. Use a USB cable to connect the gaming console to the Xbox. Do not forget to connect the Xbox console to the laptop.

3. Your laptop and console must use the same Wi-Fi network. Then, launch OneGuide on Xbox and turn on Nintendo Switch.

4. You can use an Ethernet cable for better quality.

5. Launch the Xbox application and select the Xbox console as the option.

6. Then download OBS, run it, and enjoy your game!

Another way is to download Streamlabs Application. It is one of the most popular streaming applications for gamers. With this application, you can go live on many platforms (YouTube, Facebook).

Besides, it is a convenient application that is even available on your Android and iOS. It is maybe the best option for connecting Nintendo Switch without the capture card. Follow these steps to do that:

1. Install the Streamlabs application on your mobile phone.

2. When you launch the application, you need to log into your YouTube or other accounts.

3. Enable your microphone and camera.

4. Choose preferred widgets. You can also add text to your stream.

5. Go to Home Screen and Alert Profiles. Turn Default Alert on.

6. Choose Broadcast in your Settings menu. Set your output resolution to 720p and the expected frame to 30 fps. You can go higher if you have a better internet connection.

7. Put your mobile phone on a tripod and mount your Nintendo Switch. Make sure your phone records your Nintendo Switch screen from edge to edge.

8. Start streaming.

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How to Connect Nintendo Switch Controller to Laptop

Many people used and use today a mouse and keyboard to play games. However, some prefer the controller more. The Nintendo Switch has certainly taken off and is probably one of the most expensive controllers in this generation. Of course, it justifies all that, because it includes features like motion sensors, a directional pad, and many others. You can also easily connect it to your computer via a wired or wireless connection.

Follow these steps to connect Nintendo Switch controller to laptop:

1. If you have Windows, go to your System Options and find Bluetooth and other devices. Turn on your Bluetooth.

2. At the top of your controller, you will find the sync button next to the USB-C connector. Press and hold it. Now you should see the green light, which means it is on.

3. Find Add Bluetooth or other devices on your laptop. There should be a list of devices available. Find Pro Controller to begin the pairing process. Below the device name, there will be Connecting message.

4. When the pairing is successful, you will see the message saying that you can use the controller.

Any USB-A to USB-C cable is enough for your Nintendo Switch Controller Pro to connect to your laptop. You should connect USB-A into your laptop port, and another USB-C end into your controller.

When your Windows recognize it, you will hear audio cues on your laptop. If you have a Steam gaming platform, you will see a blue light around the home button.

You can also configure Nintendo Switch Controller on Steam:

1. Enable Switch Pro Configuration Support for it to work. In Steam settings, find Controller and General Controller Settings. Check the box next to Switch Pro Configuration Support.

2. Choose the Nintendo button layout if you want the default layout. You can always leave it unchecked if you want your controller to mimic the default Xbox controller layout.

Use Steam’s Big Picture Mode, a menu system that works well with a gamepad, to ensure everything works well between the Pro Controller and your PC game.

If Steam does not prompt you to switch to Big Picture mode when you turn on the controller, you can do so manually by clicking the rectangle next to your username in the upper right corner of the screen.

Connect Switch to Laptop via USB-C

Prior to Nintendo Switch releasing, there was speculation about its capabilities. People wanted to know what consoles and peripherals were capable of. Switch’s USB ports were also the major topic, and many people still do not know how to use them.

Nintendo Switch has four USB ports. On the bottom of the console, there is a USB-C port. The other three ports are on the dock. Two of those are inside, close to AC Adapter, and you have to open it to access them.

The USB on the console is for charging and connecting to the dock. Users should not attach any third-party device to these ports, as it can damage Nintendo Switch.

Three ports on the dock have several functions. They are USB 2.0. compatible, and you can plug various devices into them.

These ports are compatible with many devices, such as Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, LAN Adapter, Bluetooth devices, and many others. The ports that are inside are AC Adapter and HDMI port. They both connect to your display via HDMI cable.

I have already explained that it is possible to connect Nintendo to a laptop via a card if it has an HDMI port and a USB-C connection. All video signals require the dock.

If you just turn on the USB, your laptop will recognize the switch as another device and will just start charging it. That is why you need a third device, and that is a dock.

You can do this:

1. Open the panel of your dock, where there are three USB ports.

2. Plug the HDMI cable in the port and the other end into your laptop. Keep the dock near to your laptop so it can reach it with no problems.

3. Plug the USB-C cable in the dock. Then, connect the adapter to the power socket in your house.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch Lite to Laptop

The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite differ in many ways. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper and portable version. However, it has drawbacks that the standard Switch already possesses.

The downside of this switch is that you cannot dock it because it is too small for a standard dock. That is why many reach for a third-party dock to feel like they are playing on a standard Nintendo Switch.

The reason Nintendo launched this switch is that people mostly played games in handheld mode. And that is why they wanted one Nintendo Switch meant only for that.

However, many people purchased the Nintendo Switch Lite because it is cheaper. Even so, they want to plug it into a TV or laptop.

Nintendo Switch Lite has the same USB-C port as the standard Switch. Switch Lite cannot output videos to devices such as TV or laptop, because the only USB Nintendo Switch Lite supports is USB 3.2.

Nintendo Switch Lite does not have the hardware. Standard Nintendo Switch has a bi-directional matrix switch, which Nintendo Switch Lite lacks.

The only video output option on the Nintendo Switch Lite is HDMI. You can use it with a monitor or an HDMI capture card. HDMI on laptops is usually for video output.

Those with USB-C only support video out via USB-C, so no need for a USB-C to HDMI adapter for this. You can get HDMI capture cards for your PC and do it in this way.

However, Nintendo does not let you do any of the steps I have mentioned for connecting standard Nintendo Switch Lite.

Therefore, some people came up with alternative ideas to display and stream your game using your phone camera. It sounds silly and maybe not convincing, but you can still try this and see for yourself if it works.

Those are steps for connecting your Switch Lite to your laptop or TV, using a lot of equipment:

1. You need the phone’s camera to capture game footage and output that footage to a monitor using the same phone’s features for output.

If you have a better phone with a high-quality camera, your results will be so much better. If you try recording the screen from your Switch lite, you will see that it looks amazing.

2. Connect your smartphone to your monitor. You can use the Screen Mirroring feature on your phone to connect it to your device. If you have Windows 10, there should be Connect app or SmartView.

3. If you want to avoid latency using screen mirroring, you can buy an adapter to connect and output to HDMI. You put the adapter in the charge port of your phone. The other end goes into the HDMI cable you need to connect to your laptop.

4. Try to download a good camera app, so that footage is of better quality.

5. For you to have audio, connect the headphone audio jack from your Switch Lite and output it to an external audio source (speakers).

6. You need to get a tripod and mount your phone to a perfect angle to capture the screen from Nintendo Switch Lite. Try to mount it so it goes from edge to edge. You should also get a mount for your Nintendo Lite for everything to be perfect.

As silly and complicated as this method sounds, many people claim that it actually worked and that they were able to connect their Nintendo Switch Lite with no problems. Of course, some people will tell you to buy a standard Nintendo Switch.

However, if you do not want to spend money on standard Nintendo Switch and give up on your Switch Lite, try this method.

Maybe you think you will waste a lot of time or money on the equipment, but unless you buy a standard Nintendo Switch with all the features, there is no other solution than to try alternative ones.

Try to follow these steps carefully if you want to make it happen. It does not guarantee the best quality, but you can always download some camera app for better footage.

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How Do I Connect My Nintendo Switch to My Laptop Using HDMI?

Many people indeed want to play their Nintendo Switch via monitors. However, this is not the easiest thing to do because laptops otherwise cannot accept video input from other devices, and you cannot just plug in an HDMI cable so easily.

When it comes to TV, it is easy to stream Nintendo Switch on it, but laptops do not support video input because there is no hardware for it.

As I explained in previous parts, you can connect a Nintendo Switch to a laptop only if you use an HDMI cable in combination with a Nintendo Switch Dock and a capture card. The steps are easy:

1. You connect your Nintendo Switch to Nintendo Switch Dock .

2. Connect the dock to capture the card using an HDMI cable.

3. Open the capture card on your laptop and turn on your Nintendo Switch.

4. Check if you connected the capture card to your laptop.

5. Now you should be able to see the Nintendo Switch screen on your laptop.

There are some laptops that have HDMI ports to input video from other devices, and that is Alienware 17 r4 laptop. If you do not plan to invest a lot of money, it probably is not for you, since it is expensive.

Many gamers opt for it due to its HDMI output and input.

The good news is that you will not need a dock for those, only your HDMI cable and USB-C. Also, you can play a game directly on your laptop. This sounds good!


The Nintendo Switch has repeatedly proven to be the most famous console on the market. Many professional gamers have just started their journey with it.

The way to succeed in the gaming community is to stream games online. Now you know the steps on how to do it best and at the same time enjoy your gaming experience.

Take care of every step to achieve a successful connection between your Nintendo Switch and laptop.