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The Acronis Backup and imaging solutions are the replacements, or the next generation, of the Acronis Backup and Recovery product family. The Acronis Backup family of Acronis products for Business were designed to provide centralized management of all workstation and server backup and disaster recovery activities in Windows and Linux environments. We have reviews of all of the Acronis Backup & Recovery backup and imaging solutions to review all of the new features of this succession of Acronis products. We also have the Latest Acronis Backup & Recovery Coupon Codes so you can save some money on your purchase of the Acronis products.

Here are some of the new and enhanced features of the latest build of Acronis Backup Corporate products.

  • Integrated data deduplication to reduce costs – On-the-fly elimination of redundant data with file and block level deduplication during backups to optimize storage capacity and network bandwidth
  • Policy-based centralized management of distributed servers and workstations, saving backup and recovery time and expense
  • Enhanced virtualization support including agent-less, VCB and agent based backup of VMs
  • Scalability to thousands of machines to support organizational growth
  • Advanced encryption technology ensures data security of backup images
  • Backward compatibility with prior versions of Acronis software. Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 is compatible with images and policies created by previous versions
  • Acronis Active Restore minimizes system downtime during recovery

Acronis Backup Server and Workstation corporate editions make managing networked computers a snap. It doesn’t matter if you manage 10 computers or 1,000 computers, Acronis makes any backup, restore, or recovery operation easier than any other product tested to date. When you combine the Acronis Workstation with the Server edition, there is no limit to your hard drive management possibilities. Combine that with Acronis Universal Restore and you are fully covered to recover from any disaster.

Acronis has a solution for all of your backup, imaging, disaster recovery and disk management needs for your network servers. Hard drive management is easy with the Acronis Disk Director Server. Backing up and recovering servers, including MS SQL and Exchange Servers, is simplified using the Acronis backup software line of utilities.

If you want to make your job as a network administrator or computer technician a lot easier, take a good look at these Acronis life saving utilities. Maybe not life saving but they sure do let you sleep at night knowing that if something were to happen to your servers or workstations they can be restored in literally minutes using Acronis.

Here are the Acronis Backup family of backup solutions reviews and coupon codes:

The Acronis Backup for Windows Server creates an exact image of your Windows server including the operating system, applications, and configurations. This remote backup and recovery utility can also back up mission-critical databases. Anyway, both your machine and special files or folders will be successfully restored in case of system failure. What is important to an IT administrator, backup procedures run without interrupting server operations. See our review of the Acronis Backup Server for Windows.

Acronis Backup Advanced for PC creates an exact disk image of your office desktop and allows you to backup key data files and folders. You can run backup jobs on multiple machines simultaneously on both 64-bit Windows and 32-bit Windows systems with the centralized remote management capabilities. Simplifies and automates backup and disaster recovery processes of Windows desktops and laptops across physical and virtual environments, minimizing downtime and increasing user productivity. A review of the Acronis Backup for PCs is coming soon. See our Review of the previous version.

Acronis Backup for Acronis Backup Advanced for Workstation enables policy-based management of all backup and restore operations from a single console anywhere on the network with Enhanced support for virtual environments. The Advanced Workstation simplifies and automates backup and restore processes, while giving an administrator the ability to remotely monitor and manage geographically distributed machines from a single console. The contents of an entire hard drive, including the operating system, applications and data, can be fully recovered in minutes, instead of hours or days. Or recover instantly with the new Acronis Instant Recovery feature.

Acronis Backup for Linux is the newest version of its renowned versiona of Linux servers. Acronis Backup for Linux simplifies and automates backup and disaster recovery processes of Linux servers. Based on the exclusive Acronis Drive Snapshot technology, this powerful tool allows you to create a Linux server backup image including all data, operating systems, applications and settings. You can use the image when migrating your server to a new machine or restoring the entire system from scratch after a hard disk failure. Learn more about the Acronis Backup & Recovery Server for Linux.

Acronis Backup for VMware is designed to work with VMware vSphere®, which is the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures,  and provides all the features you need in an exceptionally easy-to-use solution that can be deployed in minutes so you can quickly begin backing up your vSphere environment. Backup for VMware allows you to recover virtual machines just as quickly by simply starting the virtual machine that was created by the replication process. vmProtect delivers complete protection by utilizing VM backup and replication and Acronis’ unique ESXi host BMR in one solution.


Some of the Acronis corporate editions have a free trial available for download so you can try the different imaging, backup and deployment software before you buy it to make sure that it will work in your environment. They understand that every network environment is made up differently so Acronis gives you the option to download free copies of their award winning software.

Restore a crashed server in a matter of minutes with the Acronis Backup Server for Windows. The Acronis Backup Server for Windows creates a precise image of a Windows server including the operating system, applications, and configurations.

Check our review and tutorial of the Acronis Server Imaging process.

Check out our walkthrough of the Acronis Server Image Restore process.

Backup, recover a crashed workstation in literally minutes with the Acronis Workstation backup and recovery solution. See some screenshots of the Workstation.

Acronis Backup Server Server for Linux – If you are running Linux servers on your network, Acronis also ensures that you can get any mission critical Linux server up and running after a crash in minutes with its Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 Server for Linux. Acronis Backup 12 Server for Linux enables you to restore systems in minutes, not hours or days. An entire system can be restored from an image that includes everything the system needs to run: the operating system, applications, databases, and configurations. No reinstallation or reconfiguration is required. Moreover, complete system restoration can be performed to an existing system or to a new system with different hardware or to virtual machines. File-based backups provide you with the flexibility to only backup selected critical files.

Acronis Corporate Editions of the backup and recovery software supports a wide array of storage media and Operating Systems. Whatever your backup and recovery needs, Acronis has you covered.

Acronis Backup 12 corporate backup and imaging solutions provide comprehensive, reliable, and cost-effective system protection and recovery for your entire IT infrastructure. With Acronis True Image you have peace of mind knowing that not only your data but an entire system, including the operating system, databases, applications, and system configurations are protected and can be recovered in any situation.

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