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One of the most frustrating things about listening to music on your Android phone is that it auto lowers the volume when you put on your headphones

It may be because the headphones are not compatible with the kind of phone you are using. Also, the android phone may lower the volume automatically if you are using low-quality headphones. Moreover, most android versions have Android protection against too loud volume.

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Why Does my Phone Volume Automatically Go Up?

Volume is an essential thing in most parts, and it better be functioning well. Otherwise, you may end up having to replace the whole phone. Even though it is essential, it is common to hear people complaining about how it keeps on going up by itself all the time. Usually, such is likely to happen when someone is on a call or is listening to pretty annoying music.

This issue of the phone volume going up is more prevalent in android phones. There are many reasons the sound will keep going up any time you use the phone. Knowing these reasons will give you a better idea of how to fix the issue.

One reason the volume automatically goes up is due to pressure from the case. It is often hard to work with a phone with no cover, especially if you want to protect the phone if it falls. However, the case may input unnecessary pressure on the volume keys, making the phone think you are holding the volume button; therefore, it increases the volume.

Also, the case of phone volume automatically going up may be because of the issues with your phone settings. Some android phones allow one to change the phone buttons; therefore, you can adjust the volume by using the sound. Such makes the phone volume adjust itself automatically, but you can always change this by turning off the changes with the buttons.

Another reason the phone volume will keep on going up by itself is because of some apps you are using on the phone. Some applications, such as Spotify, normally regulate their sounds by themselves. For this reason, the volume here may keep on going up and down.

Moreover, if there are issues with the phone operating system, then it makes the volume go up from time to time. The phone’s operating system regulates the phone’s functioning, and if it is not working well, such issues will most likely arise. The best thing to fix this issue is by rebooting your phone to fix the operating system issues that your phone may be having.

Some headphones usually have remote control buttons that generally send signals to the phone to adjust its volume. The signs may make the phone change its volume either up or down. Also, the phone may have compatibility issues with the headphone you are using, which makes the sound automatically adjust itself.

Why My Phone Volume is Automatically Going Down?

It is usually common to see the phone volume automatically going down in most android phones. Such is the case, especially when one is using headphones, and you will notice this may be when listening to music from your phone. Well, there are several causes for this.

One of the most prevalent reasons the volume in the android phone keeps on going down is the protection feature in most android phones. Usually, this feature in androids helps protect your hearing or protects your ears from damage because of high volume. When you try to increase the phone’s sound or when it is already high, the phone will automatically adjust the sound down as a way of protection.

Usually, you will see a pop up on your android phone warning you against high phone volume if you try to turn it up. The pop-up also shows that the high volume may cause damage to your ears, which will lead to hearing loss. So the android devices will offer you automatic protection against loud volume and will therefore limit the phone’s sound to a more acceptable level.

If you see such a pop-up and still need to add more volume on your phone, you can go ahead and increase it in your phone. However, some android phones will enable the volume protection feature after every 24 hours. While this is pretty annoying, you are guaranteed protection.

Another reason your phone volume may keep going down is compatibility issues between your headphones and your phone. An android device will require a specific electric signal for its volume buttons. Therefore, the kind of headphones and phone you are using may cause electrical differences, and this may make the phone think that the signal it is getting from the headphones is the volume down one, so it will lower the volume.

Also, this problem will arise when the headphones that one is using have some issues or some slight damage. In such cases, the phone will also start receiving the volume down signal from the headphones, which will automatically lead to the lowering of the phone volume. The best way to fix such cases is by dealing with those that show android compatibility or maybe use a different pair of headphones that is a high-quality one to see if it will work well.

Additionally, the volume going down may also be present when you accidentally press the sound buttons. Even if you do not press the buttons by yourself, various objects, such as the complex cases and phone holders or any other thing in your bag, may press the volume button in your phone. The phone cases may cause the phone adjusting to the do not disturb mode; therefore, the volume will keep on going down.

It is also common for some android users to have this issue when they download and install some features on their phones. Such includes downloading certain apps or themes on their android devices. Also, if many apps are running on your phone, they tend to take up so much memory, which increases the possibility of the volume going down by itself.

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How To Stop Android from Automatically Turning the Volume Down?

Once you determine why the volume from your android device automatically goes down, it will be easy for you to fix it. Here are some things you need to do to stop this issue!

Remove Any Objects Around the Phone

Make sure that you remove any obstructions around the phone that may press the volume up and down buttons. Such includes the phone holders or the phone cases. If the phone was already on the “do not disturb mode”, go to settings and adjust it.

Turn the Phone into Safe Mode

Turning the phone into safe mode will most likely solve the automatic volume up and down issues your phone is having. To turn it into safe mode , start by holding down the power button to switch it off, then turn it on. Then hold the volume down button until you get the safe mode option in the phone, and exit it.

Turn On the Mono Audio

If your Android has the mono audio option, go to phone settings, tap the accessibility and hearing option, and turn on the mono audio.

Restart the Device

If the phone volume keeps fluctuating, you can fix the issue by restarting the device. Press the power button for a few seconds, then select the restart option. If you can do a force restart option on your phone, then do it.

Wipeout Cache in Your Phoneo

To do this, run the android device into recovery mode, then select the wipe cache partition option. It will prompt the phone to erase any temporary data in your device, which helps fix the volume keeping on going down.


It is usual for the volume of android phones to keep on going up and down. Mostly, the cause is because of compatibility issues between the phone and the headphones or may be due to pressing by physical devices or just general phone or headphone damage. Simple troubleshooting of the android device will help you fix this issue.