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One thing many users of modern technology have come to appreciate over the years is some level of flexibility. This might include something like laptops that can fold to seem more like tablets with their own touchscreens, smartphones that can do everything from making calls to running the latest mobile games, or consoles that can handle more than one form factor.

Nintendo took this last idea and decided to make it a reality. The result turned into the Nintendo Switch and its companion, the Nintendo Switch Lite. The full Switch is a portable gaming console, and it is great for taking with you to play games when you are out and about.

However, you also have the option to hook it up to a larger monitor and give it a display that makes it more like a home console system. The Switch Lite is only a handheld device, but it still offers much of the same power and convenience of the regular Switch.

With these features at their fingertips, some players might wonder if the Switch or its Lite companion are in any way waterproof. We’ll tackle this subject in our article below, and we’ll dig into the Nintendo warranty on this product in doing so.

Additionally, we will talk about what might happen to the Switch or Switch Lite if either one gets wet, and what you might be able to do about it. These topics can include how the consoles might recover from water damage, and we’ll go over steps you might take to help with this process.

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Are Nintendo Switches or Switch Lites Waterproof?

Unfortunately, neither the Nintendo Switch nor the handheld Switch Lite are rated as being waterproof. In fact, there is little indication that the shells on these consoles are even resistant to water at all.

Many modern pieces of technology, such as the latest smartphones, are designed to be able to handle some measure of excess moisture without damage. This is a useful characteristic for when you might need to make a call or check a text message during light rain, for example.

However, the designs for the Nintendo Switch and the Lite version don’t seem to include any specifications for water resistance of any kind. This does not necessarily mean that any droplets of liquid spilled on the surface of the Switch will damage it.

Mostly, it just means that no water should get into the system itself, and the casing around the Switch’s components is not sealed enough to resist water for long.

It is possible that you can simply wipe away surface moisture, but it is a good idea to exercise every precaution when dealing with the Switch around water. We will cover some specific precautions that you should be aware of in a later section.

Does the Nintendo Switch Warranty Cover Water Damage?

No, the official warranty that covers many of the Nintendo family products does not cover damage from water. Under specific warranty information, there are clauses that speak about what the company defines as negligence or accident due to misuse of the system itself. Mishaps like these would include spills or water damage, particularly since the Switch and Switch Lite consoles are not rated as being resistant to water.

Although there are things you might be able to do if your Switch or Lite version are affected by excess moisture, you would be liable for the cost of any repairs should Nintendo’s experts attempt to get the device in good working order again.

Sometimes, this may not be possible, and you might have to pay to replace the Switch yourself as well. The Nintendo warranty that comes as part of this family of products is a limited one, and it mostly covers problems due to defects in the manufacture or workmanship of the console that would not be the fault of the end user.

Additionally, if your Switch inexplicably stops working somehow in the middle of the warranty period, Nintendo may deem it necessary to repair or replace it at no cost to you.

You may have another option if something damage-related happens to your Switch outside of the terms of coverage that the warranty offers. If you’ve purchased your Switch or Switch Lite via a third-party retailer, that company may offer its own extended protections that you can purchase.

This is like an addition to the manufacturer’s limited warranty. Depending on what it covers, you may get additional damage protection that Nintendo deems outside of its own terms. In this way, you might get protections that do cover liquid damage to the consoles.

You may need the retailer’s own teams of experts to perform the repairs on the Switch in this case, but the plan you pay for should allow for this at no cost to you. Furthermore, they may replace your Switch if they cannot repair it.

What Happens if the Nintendo Switch Gets Wet?

Even if you are the most cautious gamer ever, it is possible that some water might get onto or inside the system. If this happens, there could be some things you can do yourself in an effort to make sure the system can still work.

Before we get into the details of these things, we should offer some disclaimers and precautions. Firstly, it is important to note that even Nintendo’s official site has some recommendations as to what you might be able to do if water was spilled on the system.

However, these are just guidelines to follow, and they mostly apply to any kind of system that Nintendo makes. While it is a good idea to follow advice from the manufacturer, it is not a guarantee of success. You may still find that the Switch simply won’t work.

Regardless of what fixes you try, there are some precautions you should take, and we will list some of them here.

1. Do not shake the console in an attempt to remove excess water. If any water has gotten inside the Switch already, shaking it could move that liquid around to other areas, and the resulting spread could damage the system further.

2. Some users may recommend letting the Switch dry for at least 12 hours. It doesn’t hurt to let it dry for at least a full day before trying to test it.

3. During this period, do not turn on the Switch if you are not sure if it is fully dried out. Water inside the electronics can damage things if there is power running through the circuits.

4. Similarly, always turn off the Nintendo Switch as soon as you notice any liquid spills in order to mitigate as much damage as possible.

5. Applying heat is not a good idea. While it may seem like doing so can speed up the drying process, in reality, it could cause further problems for the Switch.

Can a Nintendo Switch Recover From Water Damage?

Yes, it is possible for a Nintendo Switch to recover from water damage. As with many things we discuss in the realm of technology, whether the Switch or Switch Lite can work again depends on a couple of factors.

Namely, we’re talking about the level of water to which the consoles were exposed and whether water got on the surface of the system or inside it. Although the Switch is not rated for any kind of water resistance, it could be somewhat resistant to splashes.

This means that getting water on a flat, closed part of the Switch that is not near any seals on its housing might not be a big deal.

In these cases, you may be able to just wipe the water away. However, this assumes that no droplets entered the workings of the console. If any water did get inside, and particularly if the device was submerged completely at any point, the odds of repairing that water damage can drop dramatically.

What Can I Do To Fix My Switch?

For our purposes, we will assume that the water damage to the device is not too severe. There are a few things you might be able to do in order to repair the console on your own.

1. Unplug and power down the system immediately to ensure that there is no current running through it.

2. If you just splashed water on the system, set it aside and allow it to dry in the open air. We recommend doing this for at least one day, but you may wish to leave the console alone for several days.

3. Set the device on a dry towell to let water drain from the back of it.

4. After drying it in the air, you may want to place it in a container with some absorbent packets to take care of excess moisture.

5. Water inside the system is much more serious, and it may be best to send it in for professional repairs. This is particularly true if you have an additional plan that covers this. Opening the Switch to deal with this yourself could also void the manufacturer’s warranty.


Both the Switch and Switch Lite devices are great options for gamers who want portability. The original Switch also offers the home console experience. All of this is backed by a reputable company that makes exciting games. However, the warranty for the Switch doesn’t cover everything, and that includes liquid damage to the system. There are some things you can try to get your console back in working order if you suspect water damage. However, some serious cases like this might be best left to the professionals.