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How great is Netflix? Let’s all take a moment to thank the provider, and whoever’s account you are secretly using.

Research (read as: memes) show that most people are using someone else’s Netflix account.

Honestly, There’s a larger fear of an error when a product is not yours, because, well, what’s the protocol?

The good news is that if you’re coming up with the message: Error NW-2-5, we got you covered. No need to alert the authorities.

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Who does it affect?

Streaming services are great because you can use them on the go, on your phone or tablet. When it comes to this error code Xbox, PS4, and Smart TV users are more at risk.

Why, you ask?

Well, that is an answer that has to do with internet connectivity that doesn’t so much affect phones, laptops, and tablets as portable devices.

Before we really get into it though, you’re going to want a rundown of the jargon involved. Get ready to become an expert!

Your Personal Glossary:

Before we start let’s work through some basic words associated with your device that aren’t always so basic.


Your device’s IP address is its personal code, its tracking number, its address, its cattle call. Knowing your IP address gets you an accurate read on the whereabouts of your device in the grand scheme of devices and programs.

It’s the network on which your devices communicate, like a device and software-specific AOL (remember AOL?)

Every device has its own private IP Address, and your network will have its own public one.

You’ll want your public address if, for example, you’re setting up a proxy server (Confused? Don’t worry, all will be covered). You can find it by simply googling ‘My IP Address’.

Your private address is useful for troubleshooting manually (what we’re doing now). You may have encountered it if you’ve ever called for support or taken your device in for servicing.

This is, of course, device-specific so it varies from Macbook to Android phone and everything in-between.

Today we will focus on finding the private IP address on the Playstation and Xbox consoles. Stay tuned.


The motherload of public IP addresses. A DNS server takes all the public IP addresses and matches them with their hostnames, or as you may know it, website address.

It’s constantly working to make sure that the IP address and hostnames are connected so that the numbers of the IP address have a smooth transition to what you see on your screen.

Basically, we don’t want to type in when we could be typing in gloriasmuffins.com, so we let the DNS server do it for us.


Netflix Code NW-2-5
Ethernet was sort of the original internet before WIFI or even DSL. It’s the port next to the USB that you might not ever use. Why do we still use it?

Well, although you’re probably reading this on a laptop or tablet, there are several demographics that really benefit from the strong, solid connection of the Ethernet Internet System.

Offices, for example, cannot run on WiFi alone. The traffic created can’t be supported a lot of the time.

Or, serious gamers. You cannot have your internet dropping out mid-battle/world/mission.

It can also be a safer connection because it is a more closed circuit for those of us transferring sensitive files.

Router & Modem

Are these not the same thing? Well, for your basic home system yeah, they are. That’s because commercial companies combine them into the same device. But for the sake of accurate education, we’ve split them up.

The router connects all your home devices, and your modem then reaches out to the internet. In other words, the router is the gatherer and the modem is the hunter bringing home that sweet, sweet internet.

Now that we have some terminology down, let’s move forward and learn how to get rid of the issue.

How’s your internet connectivity?

  1. Find your network administrator (the little icon in ‘settings’) and make sure that Netflix is not blocked.
  2. If you’re tethering off your phone, using cellular data internet or you use satellite, these guys have been known to get kinda weak. Try connection to cable or DSL if you can.
  3. You can test your connection speed with an online test.
  4. Have you tried turning it on and off again? Sometimes all it needs is a good reboot, like the rest of us.
  5. Speaking of reboots, try the same with your router/modem. Give the guy a little 30-second break before booting it back up.

Still experiencing issues?

Level-up and Bypass Your Router:

Netflix Code NW-2-5
For our next trick, you will need an ethernet cable. Don’t have one? Just skip it and try the next method, you can always come back to it later if need be.

Turn off the device > Connect your device right to the modem using your ethernet cable > give the modem a 30-second rest > turn on and try again.

PlayStation Specific Fix:

As always, the first-step is to unplug and give it a little break.

Still not ok? Check the DNS settings as follows:

Main Menu > Settings> Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings > Ok > Custom

Then you have a choice of wired or wireless.

You Picked Wired:

Select ‘automatic’ > ‘Do Not Set’ for DHCP host name > MTU to Automatic > ‘Do Not Use, for Proxy Server > UPnP ‘enable’ > select Test the Connection

You Picked WiFi:

WLAN > enter manually > right click x3 > view IP address setting

Et voila, your original settings should pop up automatically.

Xbox and Xbox One Specific Fix:

For your private IP on your Xbox follow these steps:

Guide button > Settings > System Settings > Network Settings >

Choose your network;

> Configure Network > DNS Settings

Select ‘Automatic’ and then reboot that Xbox.

For Xbox One:

Menu > Settings > All Settings > Network > Network settings > Advanced Settings > Pick DNS settings > Automatic.

Wrapping It Up:

At the end of the day, it’s all about connection. Whether you have a strong, direct connection, or a general, wide reach, all connection needs strengthening sometimes. And now you can do it yourself!