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Now, for those of us who haven’t quite yet understood the language of computers, talk of Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, etc may just seem like different terms for the size of a meal! However, in this day and age, the meaning is quite different from that mouthful of tasty bliss that we call a morsel or a bite.

Now, as much as bites may sound far more interesting in terms of food, it is actually important for us to also understand bytes. Most of us are on some kind of social media and these apps take up storage in our devices. In order for you to make sure that you’re connected when you want or need to be, you need to make sure that your device can cope with the apps you will want to use.

You don’t want to find that you buy the latest phone only to discover that the memory is too small for the way you need to use it. These days, many of us are now even using our phones to work remotely so understanding bytes has become even more vital. 

For example, in theory, these days we can join remote meetings from anywhere. With greater work/life balance, you could have just been to lunch with a friend, and rather than rushing back to the office, you could have a meeting from your car in the carpark before you drive home. The worst thing to find in this situation would be that the app you need to download, can’t because your device doesn’t have enough memory. 

But it’s not just for work or social media that we need to understand our app storage needs. More than ever before, we have information at our fingertips through the internet and we have apps to help us apply that information to the way we live our lives. We can now monitor our fitness levels, plan exercise routines and track how well we are following our personalized diet plans.

So, going back to our lunch with our friend. There will be an app that can add up the calories we have had from that meal and what we have left of our daily calorie intake. That sneaky glass of wine that we enjoyed will have added on a few more than we’d have liked so it’s important to enter that data so that our best-laid plans for the ultimate summer body don’t become a bikini nightmare.

Or, you could consider having your friend over for lunch instead of the expense of going out! This way, you can plan the right meal for your diet, be it meat, protein, vegetarian or vegan. You can show off your culinary skills when you follow the Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan. The recipes listed here are absolutely delicious bites and you will not only enjoy eating but also enjoy working towards your weight goals.

So, yes, there is a big difference between a byte and a bite but we need both in this day and age.