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You may be wondering if you can get a virus on a PlayStation 5. It’s a pretty fair question.

PlayStation 5 cannot get a virus easily. In fact, this kind of virus is so rare that gamers never even encounter them. There is always a chance that your console will get a virus, but it requires special programming that is not worth it for developers and hackers. 


Is It Possible to Get a Virus on PlayStation 5?

Everyone is aware of the various risks that lurk on the internet. Sketchy links and questionable websites are a common thing. Malware and other infections are a well-known danger when using the internet. We often think of laptops and smartphones as vulnerable devices, but they are not the only items that connect to the internet.

Whatever we do online is prone to viruses, and it also includes the game console PS5. However, it is not the same virus you get on your computer, because PS5 has nothing to do with your operating system. Viruses that attack your computer are not the same as those that attack PS.

Various consoles use different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and each of them has unique characteristics. They have a different binary package that runs on them. It does not mean a package running on one will run on another. An attack against one OS will not work on the other.

PS5 is pretty safe, and chances are slim there will ever be a virus for it. It would take a developer who will devote his time to developing a virus that attacks the PS5 operating system.

For now, users should not worry because hackers do not see any use of it. However, it does not mean the operating system is safe. It is not always the case because it takes some resources for skilled hackers or programmers to do what they want. They can put a virus into their games, but it requires a specific code for the console.

Luckily, these viruses are rare. A virus can find many entry points and, when it comes to personal computers, it is USB, flash drives, or USB cables.

On the other hand, PlayStation has a robust barrier that prevents the virus from entering the system. It has few entries, and for example, USB cannot transfer any infected data to the console. If that was possible, your PS5 would become exposed to the virus. This is why developers of the PlayStation operating system consider these things when developing the system.

Viruses frequently travel through illegal downloads and pirated discs. PlayStation is safe from this because you can only download games from verified and reliable sources.

Why Are Console Viruses Rare?

I already mentioned PS5 viruses are rare, and hackers do not think it is worth it, but there is a reason behind it. Game consoles make less sense as a platform to target if we neglect the number of gamers per device.

In most cases, you are not entering nearly as much sensitive information as you would on other devices. Digital game purchases are nothing compared to the amount of internet shopping and banking that people do daily from a laptop.

Also, consoles like the PS5 do not actually require any personal information other than payment information. It makes sense for a hacker to target other sites if they want to steal your identity or get their hands on your social security card.

This is not to say that console viruses do not exist. Malicious software aimed at game consoles is possible, but you are unlikely to come across it.

How Can You Tell If Your Console Has a Virus?

As already mentioned, the PS5’s operating system is different from one of a computer. There are considerably more Windows devices that hackers can infect with a virus. It may confuse you, but the PS4 is unlike a regular PC far more difficult to infect with a virus.

The first indicator that your PS has a virus is crash. There was the case with PS4 when a message appeared on PSN and caused the system to crash. Although people did not consider it a virus, it would factory reset your PS and you would lose all your data.

Another sign of a potential virus on your console is when your controller stops responding. Another problem that leads to the eventual crash is a problem with sound. The sound switches off and your console starts endless rebooting until the complete crash.

This situation with the PS4, where players got suspicious messages while playing the game, causing them to lose and their console to crash, eventually concerned many players. Many of them had to do a factory reset and lost all data. Sony has made an effort to fix the problem, and let’s hope the same situation does not happen with the PS5.

ps4 controller2

How to Keep Your Console Healthy

If you want to keep your PS5 console healthy, it is important to use the Internet safely. Accepting strange friend requests is never a good idea. Bots are common in online gaming communities. You have at least once accepted a friend request from a fake account. Do not add any people that have obviously fake accounts on any social media platform.

If you receive any suspicious message, do not open it because it can contain viruses. Also, do not give your personal information. You should not also share your log-in details. Keep your log-in information private at all times, even from friends.

Scammers do not just get your personal information through viruses. On gaming sites, especially forums, catfishing methods are a common thing. Scammers use deceptive links and phishing techniques to scam people.

If you have a PSN, they may obtain your credit card information, however disabling your credit card is rather simple, and there are faster ways to get money. It is significantly easier for a hacker to cheat to win by enhancing their abilities with tools like the traditional “aimbot” than targeting another console.

Always keep your system up to date. A console’s custom operating system is prone to viruses. Although the potential harm is low, gaming systems still have security safeguards. Console viruses are not frequent, but it is always a good idea to keep your account up to date.

Pay attention to buyers. Never trust people online who want your log-in information in order to give you some online rewards. They want players to give them their accounts that they will later on sell for actual money.

PlayStation is usually very secure. Still, you may wonder if there is a third-party program, similar to the one you have on your computer to protect it. If you use the PS web browser, some antivirus packages protect your device from fraudulent websites, malicious sites, and provide child protection settings.

Change your password to something more difficult to guess. Read up on Sony’s suggested privacy settings and security procedures to reduce the chances of hacking your console.

Make sure your home network is safe. Your computer, phone, tablet, and even some appliances like televisions have a mutual connection. Although there is no malware specifically targeting consoles at this time, there is malware that can access other devices on your network and acquire sensitive user data. Begin by protecting your Internet router. Check and update the default password.

If you feel there is a problem with your account, go to the gaming company’s website on a web browser instead of clicking on any links in the messages.


Now you do not have to worry when you know the chances are slim that your PlayStation 5 will get a virus. This kind of virus is rare but if you still feel unsure and nervous, minimize personal information stored on PS5 and choose a strong password. I recommend that you always practice internet safety, have some good antivirus, and do not open suspicious links and files.