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Some might wonder if they can turn their PlayStation 4 on its side and stand it vertically without the stand.

You can stand your PS4 vertically without a stand. However, you need to be aware of some downsides which may impact performance and heat dissipation. PS4 models are rectangular and have flat sides, so it’s quite easy to stand it on any side.

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Is It Safe to Stand PS4 Vertically?

The PS4’s design is optimized for laying down horizontally rather than standing it vertically. With the PS4 vertically, there’s a risk of heating up more than when placed horizontally.

However, if you leave adequate space on all sides and keep dust away there shouldn’t be much of a difference in safety and performance. In particular, there’s no risk of the disk getting scratched during play.

The system has been made in such a way that the disc is clamped in place. However, the clamping isn’t tight and a vertical position makes the drive work harder.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of standing your PS4 vertically. Here’s a list of Pros and Cons of standing it vertically.


Takes Up Less Room

The most common and obvious reason why you would want to stand your PS4 vertically is to save on space. A PS4 lying horizontally will take up more floor or desk space compared to one set up vertically.


The slim look of a vertical PS4 looks so much better and fancier than a console laid horizontally.



A vertically placed PS4 is often wobblier than the stability of a horizontal placement. It’s quite easy to accidentally knock it over, especially if placed in a high traffic area.


When the PlayStation is in a vertical position, the disk drive can become a little noisier. The extra noise is a result of the disk not being as secure as when in a horizontal position.

Because of the hum of the machine, the disk will keep being knocked off its place and the machine has to work harder for a smooth gaming experience.

Blocked Air Flows

One of the main reasons not to stand your console vertically is you run the risk of blocking the air passages meant to cool down the PlayStation.

Even using a stand to place the PS4 vertically still blocks the air vents which will be facing the floor or table.

Extra Cost

With all the expenses associated with buying a PS4, you probably don’t want to pay much extra buying a stand. Depending on the stand manufacturer and your PS4 model, the stand can cost you anywhere from $10 to $120.

Can PS4 Stand Vertically Without Stand?

Ever since PS2, all PlayStation consoles can safely stand on their own vertically as well as horizontally. The design of the PS4 includes a trapezoid footprint, which increases the stability of the console when placed vertically.

Though this design makes it less wobbly than previous PlayStations, it’s still less stable compared to a horizontally placed console.

One way to stand your PS4 vertically without a stand is to consider a wall mount. Done properly, a wall mount will keep your console out of the way.

It will also be more difficult to knock it down accidentally. Mounting leaves all the air vents open for incoming cool air.

Mounting the console makes it easy to clean the surface and to run an air blower through the vents for cleaning and cooling. Additionally, it will be easier to tuck away all the cables behind furniture for a cleaner sleeker look.

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How Can I Stand My PS4 Up Without a Stand?

You can stand your PS4 without a stand. A vertical placement saves on space and can make your space look more stylish. However, you risk blocking air circulation and makes the console easier to accidentally tip over.

Before you stand your PS4 vertically, take note of how the air circulation works. The air intake comes through the bottom and top of the unit.

The air then passes through the heat sink to cool the console’s power solution. Hot air then leaves the console through the exhaust port.

When placing your PS4 vertically, take care not to block either of the intake vents or the exhaust port. If you want to stand your PS4 without a stand, take the following steps:

Pick an area away from foot traffic or pet traffic. Make sure the area isn’t within your leg space, if on the floor or elbow space when on a desk.

Clear out the area. You don’t want to block the vents by placing the console right against the wall. Ideally, you’ll need at least three inches of space between the flat surfaces and the wall.

Place the PS4 in your desired space, making sure you can easily reach the console when adding peripherals such as chargers and headphones.

You want to make sure you don’t tip over the console each time you want to add an accessory. You also want to make the console accessible to all users, even those with disabilities.

Place something stable three inches away on each side. This provides a soft landing just in case your machine flips over. The machine won’t fall all the way.

With only three inches of leeway, there is no risk of the hard drive being affected if a fall occurs.

Once you stand your PS4 vertically, you will henceforth be inserting your disks vertically too. The printed part of the disk will as usual face what would have been the top of the console if it was in a horizontal position.

How Do I Place My PS4 With a Stand?

If you’re intent on standing your PS4 in a vertical position, then a stand could make it safer and easier to use. You will experience less wobbling and the stand provides clearance at the bottom for air to flow through.

While the official stand can be expensive, an off-brand version can be pretty affordable.

Aside from stability, the stand helps you save space, create clear air pathways, and add some style to your setup.

The PS4 stand comes with edges shaped like the console, making it easy to identify the correct way to set it up.

It’s an easy plug and hook accessory which doesn’t close off any of the ports for adding peripherals. Most stands come with additional fans to improve the circulation of cool air.

Some come with extra functionalities such as charging ports and space for storing your physical games. Ensure all the ports are not obstructed and are easy to reach.

The stands come with easy-to-use internal locking systems. This makes it more difficult for the console to tip over and for gaming kids to remove the stand from the console.

Nevertheless, even when using a stand, you should leave enough space on all sides for air circulation. Otherwise, the system could get toasty and quickly overheat.

When you use a stand, make sure you click in all the safety hatches and locking mechanisms. Ensure all the rubber stabilizers and anti-slide footpads are in place.

Check carefully to ensure the console is not leaning to any one side. When not fully straight, the disk will be a little off and will read noisily during play. The fans may not work at optimum performance.

The stand is especially useful if you want to stand your console vertically on top of the carpet. The stand makes it more difficult for dust and carpet fluff to get sucked into the vents. The stand also improves stability on the soft surface of the carpet.

However, vacuum the room and area around your gaming setup regularly to avoid the cumulation of dust and debris. These could be sucked into the air vents and make your console run hotter than usual.