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Anybody that watches the news can see how cruel the weather can be to your Megabytes and Gigabytes. Just think of what a Hurricane, Flood, Earthquake or even something as simple as a thunderstorm could do to the data that is stored on your computer. If you are using a computer, chances are pretty good that you have some valuable data stored on the hard drive that would be very difficult to replace. Do you protect your data? See our full Review of the Carbonite Online Backup Solution.

There are many ways to back up your data but one of the easiest ways to accomplish a truly safe and secure backup is with an online backup solution like Carbonite. Sure, you could manually backup your data to an external hard drive or a DVD, but to be honest that method can be a nuisance and most of the time you may forget to do the task. Then what happens to your data if there is some sort of natural catastrophe and the external hard drive is still connected to your computer? You lose all of those backed up Gigabytes anyway.

The solution to your backup dilemma is Carbonite. Carbonite online backup is an automatic, safe and secure online backup solution that will assure you that your data will always be safe. Carbonite is very simple to use too. Here is how it works and why you should use Carbonite.

Too many people lose precious data. Pictures, documents music and financial records could be lost with the strike of a lightning bolt. There is no reason for the loss. Carbonite protects your data by storing it online in a safe and secure data center and your data is encrypted for your privacy.

Carbonite offers you complete and continuous backup of your files over the Internet. There is no limit to the amount of data you can store. When you need to retrieve your files, you can achieve that task with just a few clicks. You can even retrieve your files from a different computer.

Carbonite is the easiest online backup software to use. All you have to do is install a small application on your computer and the program looks for new and changed files to backup and does so quietly in the background so it doesn’t interrupt what you are doing. It is completely unobtrusive. You will never even know it is running in the background quietly saving all of your data.

Survive a data disaster with Carbonite

The Carbonite online backup solution is unique in that it is completely automatic. The program does not get in your way by prompting you to save your files, it simply saves any changed files automatically in the background when you are not using your computer.

Of course, Carbonite takes your privacy and security very seriously. The Carbonite program encrypts your data twice before it even leaves your computer and they remain encrypted at the Carbonite data centers so no one else, not even the employees at Carbonite, can ever access your data.

Carbonite Online Backup now offers remote file access. With this exciting new feature, Carbonite customers enjoy the convenience of accessing their backed up files by logging into their account on the Carbonite.com website. Whether they’re traveling on business, away on vacation, at school, or in the office, Carbonite customers can now securely retrieve single files over the Internet—anytime, anywhere.

If something happens to your data, whether you accidentally delete a file, your PC crashes or there is a disaster of some sort that totally demolishes your computer, you can get your files back in a matter of minutes with Carbonite. All you have to do is visit the Carbonite website using your credentials and you can retrieve your data. It is as simple as that.

Carbonite has a variety of online backup plans for all of your cloud storage needs whether you need to backup one computer or all of your business workstations, Carbonite has you covered. The Personal plans are good for one computer and the Pro plans can be used for unlimited computers, NAS devices and external hard drives per subscription. The backed up files are encrypted for your privacy and accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Carbonite also offers plans for businesses. Carbonite Business is an ideal cloud backup solution for a small business. It offers a variety of features to ensure that all of those important files are being backed up automatically including a convenient dashboard that allows you to check to see if all the scheduled backups are being performed as they should. The ability to backup external hard drives and NAS devices is a plus as well. The files are stored off-site and accessible from virtually anywhere, ideal for the frequent traveler. The solution backs up wherever the employees are connected to the Internet. Whether they’re in the office, at home or on the road, Carbonite keeps working to keep all data safe, secure and accessible.