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Laptops are expensive , and as a result, they need to last. This is where accidental damage protection can come in, and it’s a really great thing to have. It can help protect your investment, and it’s one less thing to worry about. Is it worth it though?

Fujitsu Accidental Damage Protection program is worth purchasing as it offers peace of mind. It covers damages caused by unintentional mishaps and limits coverage to one occurrence per main part per year, whereas smaller components are also covered but are not limited to one occurrence per year.

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In this article, I discuss Fujitsu Accidental Damage Protection cover and the variety of options available. Read on to learn.

Does Fujitsu Extended Warranty Cover Accidental Damage?

Fujitsu is committed to offering service packages that entirely satisfy their clients. Besides normal service programs, they provide a variety of extended plans to fulfill the demands of their clients.

The Standard International Limited Warranty is the base warranty program. It offers one year or three years of protection against material and workmanship flaws from the date of purchase, depending on the configuration.

One service these program covers is the accidental damage to the device.

Fujitsu will repair or replace the equipment if it is damaged during the warranty term.

If they determine that it is essential to send it out for repair, Fujitsu will pay for the return shipment to the consumer. The client can extend coverage on select configurations for up to five years total by purchasing the extended warranty.

Below I discuss some of the Fujitsu extended service plans for accidental damage covers. Read on to learn.

Onsite Plan

This plan guarantees non-physical damage-related repairs for the following business day inside the continental United States, as well as most of Alaska, Hawaii, and most Canadian population areas.

If on-site repairs fail, Fujitsu retains the right to have the damaged equipment repaired at the Fujitsu Repair Depot. This lowers the customer’s downtime and guarantees that the equipment is serviced as soon as possible.

On some setups, you may extend the coverage for a total of five years.

Accidental Damage Protection Program

The Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) program covers accidental damage on the unit during the warranty period. It covers one qualified incident per annum, be it a major or minor incident. If the machine must be sent out for repairs, Fujitsu pays for the return shipment to the customer.

Fujitsu offers one replacement per year within the warranty period if the unit is damaged beyond repair. Once the replacement is done, the rest of the ADP warranty contract will be exhausted.

The total amount that Fujitsu will pay for repairs or replacement made with all claims for accidental damage made on any covered unit cannot exceed the purchase price of that covered unit, excluding shipping and tax.

This program includes the normal worldwide limited warranty. Customers can further extend this coverage for a total of up to five years on certain configurations. This service is only available in the United States and Canada.

Also, it is essential to note that Fujitsu reserves the right to deny requests to buy accidental damage cover from customers who have a history of significantly high claims.

Onsite Plus ADP

The Onsite Plus ADP plan covers all of the Onsite plan’s advantages as well as the Accidental Damage Protection Program. Coverage can be extended for up to five years in some cases.

Screen Damage Protection Plan

The Screen Damage Protection Plan allows the replacement of the screen only once per year during the warranty period. If the device has to be sent out for repairs, Fujitsu pays for the return shipment to the customer.

Fujitsu also offers one replacement per year if the unit cannot be repaired. And once the replacement is done, the rest of the Screen Damage Protection Plan is exhausted.

Fujitsu reserves the right not to sell the Screen Damage Protection Plan to customers with a history of significantly high claims.

Fujitsu’s total price will pay for repairs or replacement made with all claims for Screen Damage Protection Plan on any unit covered that cannot exceed the buying price for that particular covered unit excluding shipping and tax. The Standard International Limited Warranty is included in this plan and is only available in Canada and U.S.

The customer can extend coverage on Screen Damage Protection Plan up to three years total on select configurations.

Onsite With Screen Damage Protection Plan

The Onsite with Screen Damage Protection Plan offers all the Onsite plan and Screen Damage Protection Plan features. The customer is allowed to extend coverage up to three years total on select configurations.

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What Does Fujitsu Accidental Damage Protection Cover?

Fujitsu Accidental Damage Protection Program covers unintentional, accidental damage to the unit during the warranty period. Fujitsu provides warranty coverage for mobile products, desktops, and more.

The program comes with the International Limited Warranty, which includes the services I list below in the entire warranty period:

Technical Support

Fujitsu technical support staff are available Monday through Friday for phone call assistance from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (CST). The time varies by country.

Self-help On The World Wide Web

You may obtain speedy technical help through their website’s cutting-edge service. Driver downloads, servicing locations, solutions to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and other services are available.

Convenient Service

The damaged unit can be serviced at a Fujitsu Repair Depot or a Fujitsu Authorized Service Provider in your area. These establishments are staffed by trained professionals that provide quick and high-quality repairs.

International Help Desk

Your location doesn’t matter; Fujitsu International Help Desks will help you troubleshoot any problem you have and scan and identify the Authorized Service Provider or service depot nearest you.

Examples Of Damages Covered & Not Covered

Some examples of unintentional damages that are covered are:

Cause of failure Resolution description
Liquid spilled on or in the unit Unit is repaired or replaced
Drops, falls, and other surface impacts Unit is replaced or repaired
Broken or damaged LCD due to fall Repaired
Electrical surge Repaired or unit replaced
Accidental breakages (multiple pieces) Repaired or unit replaced

Damages caused by intentional acts, theft, fire, or loss are not covered. Here are some examples of damages not covered:

Cause of failure Resolution description
Damaged in a fire Not covered
Intentional damage (hammer marks) Not covered
Theft Not covered
Contaminate or toxic spills Not covered
Normal wear Not covered
Accessories Not covered
War/Terrorism Not covered
Unauthorized attempts to repair Not covered

How The Repair/Replacement Is Handled

If an issue occurs, the client contacts Fujitsu’s technical support line to report the problem. The Fujitsu specialists will next ask you a number of questions in order to establish the degree of the damage or failure.

They will then initiate appropriate diagnostics or repair services depending on the cause and extent of damage, system type, and service plan purchased.

The unit is generally taken to the repair center, where appropriate parts and materials are installed.

Should a replacement be deemed appropriate, you will be notified, and a replacement product of equivalent configuration will be provided.

When finished, the unit will be returned to the customer.

Is Fujitsu Accidental Damage Protection Worth It?

Purchasing Fujitsu Accidental Damage Protection will provide peace of mind knowing you can repair or replace your unit in case of damage.

Also, if your machine is damaged, you will quickly and efficiently get back to business. Moreover, you will reduce out-of-pocket expenses because of unforeseen repairs. Hence, the coverage is worth the investment.


Fujitsu provides its customers with a variety of service options to ensure they meet every client’s needs. Thus, you only have to choose the plan that befits what you want to be covered.

Purchasing an Accidental damage protection program will guarantee that you are always covered in case of unintentional damage to the unit.

Peripheral devices such as docking stations, external speakers, external mice/keyboards, and others are not internal components to the unit and are not covered in the program. Also, refurbishment of leased products is not included in the cover.