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Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Many people are unsure of the etiquette for wearing headphones during a Skype interview.

Wearing a headset or headphones can sometimes be annoying and distracting. However, understand that it can help you achieve improved communication with your interviewer, which is very important. So, wearing headphones during a Skype interview is a good idea, professional and acceptable.

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Is it appropriate to wear headphones during a video interview?

When it comes to video interviews, here’s one of the frequently asked questions by the interviewees; is it okay and appropriate to use headphones during the interview? The answer to the question is pretty simple; yes, it’s generally acceptable and professional to use headphones during video interviews.

Before going further to talk more about this question; here’s a quick one; what makes video interviews so important?

Here’s a brief of what you need to know about video interviews

In today’s world, a “video interview” is a tool that has now become increasingly popular for organizations to acquire talents. The tool offers tons of amazing benefits to both the interviewee and the interviewer.

For the interviewer, video interviews help to eliminate scheduling issues and delays. The indirect benefit of that is it helps organizations to reduce the risk of losing a potential talent to another company. For the interviewee, video interviews help to reduce the cost of transportation, allowing the candidate to attend the interview from the comfort of their homes. However, video interviews aren’t without their issues.

One of the common challenges attached to video interviews is the delay in transmission. This issue could cause the interviewer to miss out on the candidate’s response to crucial questions. Apart from that, bad lighting could also be a challenge for both parties.

Another often faced challenge of video interviews is the connectivity issue. If this happens, it could make it difficult for both the interviewee and the interviewer to communicate easily. The candidate will most likely find it hard to hear what the interviewer is saying clearly and vice versa. Here’s where the need to use headphones during the interview comes in handy.

Using headphones is okay for video interviews

As you now know, communication issues are a big challenge when setting up a video interview. One of the main reasons the company is setting up a video interview with you is to get an overall sense of whether or not you are a good fit for them. So, whether you use headphones or not isn’t the priority.

The key success of every video interview is to communicate clearly with your interviewers. And since that’s the case, using the right headphones (one that will give you great sound quality) is the best way to achieve that much-needed success.

Apart from that, you need to also understand that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing headphones for video interviews. It’s called video interviews for a reason, and headphones should be one of the most important pieces of equipment in every video kit.

The bottom line is;using headphones for video interviews is professional and generally accepted by many organizations across the world.

Should I use headphones for skype interviews?

Skype interview is also a video-based interview. It’s an interview that requires the entire discussion to be conducted through video chat on your PC or phone. That said, let’s go to the burning question of whether using headphones for skype is a good idea?

The answer to the question is yes; using headphones for your skype interviews will make sure you hear clearly what the interviewer is trying to communicate with you.

As earlier mentioned, one of the many challenges that people encounter during video interviews is the ability to hear what the interviewer is saying. This is especially true for people who live in a noisy environment and have no choice but to go for the interview.

If you live in an environment with ambient noise, it’s the work of the headphones to help you effectively tune out any distractions. That’s not all; the device will also help you reduce the amount of delay between the interviewer’s questions and your answers.

Furthermore, headphones will significantly help you reduce echoes from your system microphone. Using the device for your Skype interview will enable you to hear the interviewer clearly and also make your conversation private, especially if you’re having the interview in a public place.

Bottom line: what really matters in a video interview is the ability to communicate clearly with the interviewer. Using headphones for Skype interviews is generally acceptable and professional. It’s one of the many ways to ensure you experience a smooth interview. So long as you’re using the right headphones, you shouldn’t have any issues wearing the device for your Skype interview or any other type of video interview.

List of top 3 best headsets for phone interviews

You already know that the use of headphones for Skype interviews and phone video interviews is appropriate, professional, and acceptable. However, you need to understand that your success in having clear and smooth video chats with the hiring panels also depends on the type of headphones you’re planning to use.

That said, find below the list of the top 5 best headphones that you can wear for your upcoming phone interviews.

EBODA USB headset computer headset with microphone

Occupying the first spot on the list of the best headphones for phone interviews is EBODA USB Headset Computer Headset with Microphone. I’m recommending this product because of the many excellent features that it packs. For instance, the headset comes with a noise cancellation microphone, providing you with a pretty clear video chat with your interviewer and ultra comfort.

Furthermore, apart from the noise-canceling feature of EBODA USB Headset Computer Headset with Microphone, the device is also adjustable by 270 degrees. With that, it means you can always achieve optimum position and great vocal output during your video interviews. You can check here for more information regarding the headset.

BlueFire Wired Gaming Earphone

Sitting on the second spot on this list is BlueFire Wired Gaming Earphone. No doubt, the earphone is primarily designed for gaming purposes . However, I’m recommending it because it comes with several excellent features; an example is the integrated Omni-directional microphone. That’s not all; the microphone also has a noise cancellation feature, ensuring you enjoy high quality and clear communication with the people interviewing you.

Furthermore, the BlueFire Wired Gaming Earphone comes with memory foam earbuds. The benefit of this offering is to enable you to enjoy a smooth interview without having to worry about the distractions that come with wearing heavy headphones. You can check here for more information regarding the earphone.

OneOdio A71 PC Headsets with Boom Mic

Another great headphone that you can use for your phone interviews is the OneOdio A71 PC Headsets with Boom Mic. Of course, the device is on this list because it offers tons of great features.

First, the product comes with a dual-duty cable. Interestingly, each end of the cables has gold-plated plugs. The headsets come with an Omni-directional boom microphone, which is pretty much adjustable 360 degrees, allowing you to get the best of your Skype or video interviews. That’s not all; the mic also has the noise cancellation feature, enabling you to enjoy clear video or audio chats with your interviewers.

Furthermore, the OneOdio A71 PC Headsets with Boom Mic come with a soft and padded earmuffs cover on each side. The purpose of this offering is to provide you with endless comfort while on video chats. That said, you can check here for more information about the product.