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Bose headphones have been a long time favorite of audiophiles. They deliver excellent sound quality and comfort. Their design is sleek, lightweight, and durable. But how long do they last?

Bose headphones can last for a short or long time depending on the care you give them and the type of model. If you don’t store them well and handle them recklessly, they’ll not last for long. Moreover, the wireless ones do last a short time since their batteries are irreplaceable and may fail.

Are Bose Headphones Durable?

Bose headphones are durable. And when it comes to battery life, they can last more than 12 hours if they are wireless. And if wired they can take over 30 hours.

You can easily change their ear cushions and it is also made of durable materials. However, for the firmware and software, they get updated via the Bose-connected application. Moreover, provided you have the app on your Android phone, your headphone will be updated with the current technology.

How Long Do Bose Headphones Usually Last?

Bose headphones can last for a long or short time based on how you maintain them. And, the type of headphones you have. If the maintenance is well done then they can last for several years and if not then the time may be shorter.

Besides, the wireless headphones will last for a short period compared to the wired ones. However, Bose always designs their devices to last for many years and you can get them last for some years. And it’s only if you are careful with yours.

The lifespan of Bose headphones depends on the following factors;

How You Store Them

When the weather is warm, it can make the liquid in the batteries evaporate. This becomes a problem as the charge cannot last for long. Furthermore, during freezing temperatures, it can be hard for the batteries to keep a charge.

And this is why you need to store headphones at room temperature.

How You Use the Headphones

As it is well known, using a device a lot does shorten the duration it lasts. However, the good news is, some retailers can service the headphones if they don’t work. So, in case you are a great music enthusiast, you do not have to discard yours when they cease to function.

The best thing you can do is to send them to that service provider next to you.

Day-to-day Tear and Wear

At times you can hit your Bose headphones on the couch or the bed when in your room. And you may think it isn’t a problem and yet it is. As time goes by, its internal parts can loosen up and even get out of position.

This can lead to you spending much on the repairs. Therefore, you need to keep them in their carrying case. Take note that no matter the type of headphones you own, you need to be cautious as you handle them.

And this is if you want them to last for years.

How Long Do Bose Wireless Headphones Last?

Bose wireless headphones do not have a longer lifespan. You cannot replace their batteries. Therefore, the only thing you can do is to recharge and discharge until they stop operating.

This is unlike the wired headphones which lack rechargeable batteries. And hence, they can not cease to function in that manner. However, even if you take care of them well, they can still stop due to battery failure.

The wired ones can work for a long time and can only stop due to loose wires. Normally if you purchase new headphones, you get them with a warranty ranging between 1to 2 years. And in case they stop functioning or something is wrong inside you can take them to the manufacturer for repair.

And if you destroy the headphones in any way , then it is likely that you will have to pay for the repair. Besides, this will depend on the type of damage. Even if you have the headphone manipulated, it won’t help much.

With the way wireless technology advances, you can turn out with completely working headphones. However, it will be with an insufficient band to help stream the audio. The majority of the wireless headphones are still using Advanced Audio Coding.

These are only great for occasional listening. Apart from the electric and acoustic properties of the wireless headphones, the difference in the quality of audio starts rising with the aptX codec. And this is somehow promising.

Are Bose Headphones Worth the Money?

Bose Headphones are worth the money if the following qualities are what you’re looking for;

Tons of Comfort

The level of comfort is one of the major differences between high and low-quality earphones. In case you only use them for very few minutes, it may not make a big difference. Though if you wear them for more than one hour on a plane to help you loosen up or work you wouldn’t want your ears to feel irritated.

Some models are made of stainless steel and glass-filled nylon to make them lighter than others. And you wouldn’t want to wear a wireless device which has lots of weight. Moreover, they’re covered with Alcantara fabric, and this is also used in high-end automobiles and yachts.

Noise Cancelation

Bose headphones normally have noise-canceling features. This is among the major reasons why you should choose to buy Bose headphones. The feature is very helpful and you can enjoy listening to music as you travel.

And that’s without having to deal with noisy passengers and engines. Thus it allows the headphones to give a unique listening experience. This characteristic does establish sound waves, those of the opposing phase to help ambient noise.

For this reason, the incoming noise gets fairly low. This implies the audio within earcups improves. Hence the feature develops based on whatever noise seclusion does because it is very helpful. A drawback of noise-canceling is, it intensifies battery consumption.

Though it always gives a long life span for the headphones’ battery, and thus, it is not a problem. Besides, the headphones also give unique levels of noise canceling. With that said, you can opt for the setting corresponding to your environment.

Battery Lifespan of Over 12 Hours and a Fast Charging Rate

You can easily turn on or off Bose headphones with a button. Moreover, when noise canceling is on, it is possible to get over twelve hours of battery life for a wireless model.

And more than thirty hours for the wired one. Also, the Bluetooth headphone has a fast charging technology. With that, you can earn extra hours of battery life when you charge the battery.

With more than twelve hours, you can have enough of the lifespan to make it survive in between the charges. The other brands do have an extended life span, though, it may be due to noise-canceling quality not being that satisfactory. Meaning you give up the premium audio aspect for an extended lifespan you do not require.

Audio quality

Noise-canceling headphones enable you to be so happy about whatever you’re listening to. They know how to add perfect audio quality. Bose always opts for much bass and then balances across a broad frequency reaction.

A majority of them aren’t leading when it comes to audio quality for a particular price. Other alternatives do top the list with amazing sound quality. For instance, Audiophiles. Still, Bose headphones often win since they offer better features.

For instance, portability and good fit. Therefore, you will have to try out Bose headphones to confirm whether the sound profile suits your needs.


Bose headphones can last for some years or even less than a year, though it depends on how you maintain them. And whether you have a wireless or wired model, you need to consider storing and handling them with extra care. With that said, you’ll enjoy listening to the music or making calls for some time.