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It seems like if you plug in your headphones while using an iPhone or iPad, then iTunes automatically pops up.

Most of the time, iTunes launches automatically because of the settings on your device. Changing the settings can stop iTunes to launch. Yet, if it doesn’t work, you need to check other factors, such as installation problems or a corrupt file.

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What is causing iTunes to open by itself?

One of the reasons why iTunes open by itself is it’s automatically synced to your devices. So, when iTunes detects the paired device, it opens automatically. But there are several reasons why iTunes open by itself and it is complicated if you’re not a techy person. But I’ll share it anyway. Yet, before I reveal those reasons, let me share with you a quick fix because most of the time, it solves the problem.

Stop automatic syncing on Apple Devices

If you’re using an Apple device, open iTunes then click Preferences. You’ll see the Devices tab, click it. Then you’ll see a checkbox ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically,’ check. Then click OK and close iTunes.

Stop automatic syncing on Windows 10

For Windows 10, you must disable the iTunes Helper to solve the problem. To begin, click the Task Manager on the taskbar. Click More Details then click the Startup tab. Then click iTunes Helper then click Disable. Close the Task Manager and restart your PC.

Take note that the entry you need to disable is iTunes Helper and not iTunes Mobile Device Helper. Disabling the latter prevents the Apple device to sync with iTunes.

If the suggestions I mentioned don’t work, you just need to check the iTunes installation if it’s complete. Incomplete installation may lead you to the problem. Other factors to check are damaged iTunes components, Bluetooth speakers, next-track control features of headphones, and external speakers. Other factors to check include alarm clock apps and widgets and screensavers. You must also check the Logitech Media Server to solve the problem.

How do I stop iTunes from opening when I plug in headphones?

You can stop iTunes from opening when you plug your headphones in four different ways. One of the ways is by force quitting the Music application on your phone. Forcing to quit the app guarantees that the application won’t play the next time you open the app. Here are the other ways to stop iTunes from opening when you plug your headphones.

Disabling handoff feature

If force quitting the app doesn’t work, you can disable the handoff feature of the phone. To do it, go to Settings. Then click General and choose Airplay and Handoff. Then switch off Handoff. Switching off this feature helps the removal in the phone’s memory that you played music on your phone.

Disabling Siri Suggestion

Another way to stop iTunes to automatically play is by disabling the Siri Suggestion feature. All you need to do is to click the Settings then choose Siri & Search. You’ll find three options under the Siri & Search. You need to switch off all those options, which include Suggestions in Search, Suggestions in Look Up, and Suggestions on Lock Screen.

If the suggestions don’t work, the next thing you need to do is to Delete Music then reinstall the app.

Check the headphones

Before you think of complicated ways to stop iTunes from playing, check your headphones first. Check if you pressed a button that commands your device to play the music. Another reason can also be that the headphones controller is not working that may cause the problem.

You may also need to consider replacing your headphones. Sometimes, the problem is not in the system but in the faulty device. It may send signals that confuse the system that may give you the impression that the problem is iTunes and not the headphones.

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How do I stop Apple Music from opening automatically?

You can stop Apple Music from opening automatically via Login Items, Daemons, Agents, Caches, Preferences, third-party app, turning off notifications, and changing settings. Here are the steps for each way.


One of the easiest ways to stop Apple Music from opening automatically is by checking Login Items on Mac. The Login Items is a feature on Mac that automatically runs during the startup. Any application included in the Login Items starts or opens once you start your computer. If Apple Music is included in the Login Items, expect that Apple Music plays automatically.

To solve the problem, click the Apple icon then select System Preferences. Then click Users & Group. Then select Apple Music. Then deselect Open at Login.

Daemon, Agents, Caches, and Preferences

If removing Apple Music on the Login items doesn’t work, check if the Apple Music plist file is corrupted. If this is the case, the opening of the app automatically means that it’s an error due to the corrupted file. So, what you want to do is to remove the corrupted file. However, you must use Daemons, Agents, Caches, and Preferences to remove so the plist file works again.

Delete LaunchDaemons: Open Finder then click Library folder. Click LaunchDaemons then delete the music plist file.

Delete LaunchAgents: Open Finder then click Library folder. Click LaunchAgents then delete the music plist file.

Delete Caches: Open Finder then click Library folder. Click Caches then delete all files with music file extension name.

Delete Preferences: Open Finder then click Library folder. Click Preferences then delete all files with music file extension name.

Third-party app

You can use the third-party app noTunes. This app targets to solve the problem because it prevents Apple Music to open automatically. It can also work if you have the same problem with iTunes and Mac Bluetooth. It’s a hassle-free solution because you don’t need to manually remove Apple Music on the Login Items.

Another third-party app you can consider is the Tenorshare ReiBoot. This third-party app helps you to repair your device’s operating system. Repairing the operating system can guarantee to stop the music to play automatically.

Because you’re making changes on your device using this app, I suggest checking on reviews and think about it if you’ll use it. It can make a drastic change in your device.

Turning off notifications

If your device is playing the next song from the playlist automatically, you must turn this off if you won’t don’t want the songs to play automatically. What you need to do is to find Preferences then select the General Tab, You’ll see When the Song Changes option, you uncheck it.

Changing settings

Changing the settings of some features on your device can solve the problem. One of the settings that you must change is the Shake to Shuffle. This feature may cause the device to play the music automatically. To disable it, go to Settings then click General. Then click accessibility. Find Shake to Undo then swipe it down to disable the option.

You can also reset all the settings on your device that may lead your phone to be back on its factory default. But it’ll be the last option if all the suggestions don’t work. To reset, go to Settings, click General then Reset. Enter your passcode then click Reset All Settings.


Playing music must be a pleasurable experience. However, technical glitches happen that music playing in the background can start to be annoying. But don’t get frustrated because there’s a lot of ways to solve it. Just a reminder, resetting all the settings on your device must be the last sort if all the suggested ways don’t work.

It’s not a good idea to reset everything because it may affect other files on your device. Always think of the easiest ways before doing the complicated ones. Sometimes, restarting your phone solves the problem. So, let this be part of your options.