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JBl produces some of the most popular audio equipment on the market due to its quality and affordability, but it is not without occasional flaws. Some JBL users report frustrating issues with their JBL wireless headphones becoming easily disconnected and/or pausing frequently outside of their control.

Here are six of the main issues behind that problem and how to address them, as well as what to do if these methods don’t work.

6 Reasons Your JBL Headphones Keep Pausing

There are many reasons why your JBL headphones may pause with your hitting the pause button. Here are the top six sources of the issue.

1. There is interference with your signal

Because your headphones are wirelessly connected to your device, they can sometimes pick up interference from the signals of other wireless devices nearby. This is because the other devices in the area are operating on the same frequency as the headphones.

Disconnection is especially a problem in crowded, close spaces like a full bus or a busy street.

2. Your battery is low

As your headset runs low on battery, it may begin to lose functionality. Keep an eye on the indicator light to know when your headphones are getting low. There may also be an audio cue to pay attention for.

3. Bluetooth version you are trying to use is not compatible

The latest versions of Bluetooth are backwards compatible to the previous version and perhaps one step further back. That being said, if you are using a device enabled with Bluetooth 2 or lower, you may not be able to get a reliable connection or any connection at all with new headphones.

4. The audio source is faulty

The problem may not be with the headphones or the connection itself, but with the source of the audio. Some of the most common issues with audio sources are

  • There are too many applications running at one time.
  • The audio source requires updates, either to the application from which the sound is playing or the audio drivers themselves.
  • Some applications and devices have audio enhancement features which may be incompatible with your JBL headphones.

5. Your headphones are out of range

JBL headphones have a range of around 32 feet on average, enough to allow you to move around a room while listening. If you happen to get to the edge of your range or go out of range completely, your connection is likely to suffer.

6. The auto pause function is triggering unnecessarily

Some JBL headphones are designed with an automatic pausing system that is intended to stop your music when you take your headphones off. It is controlled by a pressure sensor in the left ear pad.

While in many cases this functions correctly, if your headphones do not fit properly or you tend to move around a lot while wearing them, the pressure trigger for auto pause can be alerted inappropriately and trigger a pause when you don’t want it to.

It’s relatively rare, but this can also be triggered by a faulty pressure sensor. This may mean that the connection between the sensor’s contact points is weak.

How To Stop Your JBL Headphones From Pausing – 6 Methods

If you find yourself experiencing these pauses, here are the top six methods for solving audio connection issues with your JBL headphones.

1. Avoid using your JBL headphones in crowded, high-traffic places

As frustrating as it is, there is no good way to block signal from nearby devices without also blocking your own device out.

Therefore, if you issue is that your headphones pause frequently to reconnect in high traffic areas, you may want to avoid using your JBL headphones in those areas.

2. Charge your headphones

If your JBL headphones are pausing due to a low battery, then you should connect them to a charger and allow them to charge undisturbed until they reach full power, in about 1-2 hours.

3. Upgrade to a newer Bluetooth version

It is not possible to update your Bluetooth version within a device, as they use different hardware between versions. If your headphones are pausing due to a lack of compatibility with the version of Bluetooth being used, you may have to upgrade your device.

4. Clean up your audio source

If your headphones are disconnecting due to an issue with the audio source, run through methods of fixing the source.

  1. Close all unnecessary applications and ensure that there are as few background functions running as possible.
  2. Close your audio application, install updates, and restart it.
  3. Update your audio drivers and restart your device.
  4. Look for any audio enhancement features in your Bluetooth device’s audio settings. Deactivate these features one at a time to test and find out which is causing the issue.

5. Remain within range of your Bluetooth connection

When purchasing your JBL headphones, consider the range you would like to use them in. If your headphones are pausing because you are going out of range, you will need to move back toward the device to which you are connected.

6. Turn off auto-pause

If you’ve discovered that your headphones are pausing because of the auto pause function, you may choose to turn this function off completely. In the JBL mobile app, navigate to settings, and look for the Auto Play/Pause function. Switch it to inactive.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue and you continue to hear the play/pause audio cue, then there is likely an issue with the pressure sensor.

It is important to note that, while it’s sometimes possible to fix this connection issue at home – one user discovered that simply adding a small piece of foil to the contacts resolved it – this will completely void your warranty and may damage the device.

If you suspect that your issue is hardware-based, consider contacting customer support and sending your headphones in to be repaired or replaced if they are still under warranty; JBL has a fairly generous one-year warranty for many of their products.

What To Do If Your JBL Headphones Are Still Pausing

Though these are six of the most common connection issues for JBL headphones, they are not the only reasons this issue might happen. If the issue persists, there may be something else behind it.

There are a few basic troubleshooting steps you can try beyond these specific fixes.

  • Reset your headphones by holding down the power button or holding down the volume+ and volume- for 20 seconds.
  • Reset your Bluetooth device.
  • Forget your Bluetooth connection and re-pair it.
  • Change position to see if this improves connection.

If your headphones are still pausing after all of this, you will probably want to send them in for repair or replacement. They may simply be defective or have a software glitch that needs resolving.


JBL is one of the most trusted audio equipment brands on the market today, with some of the best speakers and headphones. Their wireless headphones are reasonably priced and work well for long stretches of time, which makes them a favorite for audiophiles.

If you are having issues with your Bluetooth connection for your JBL wireless headphones, we hope this guide has been able to resolve the issue for you, or at least point you in the right direction to solve it.