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The Xbox Series S and Series X consoles let you play some of your favorite games and connect to the internet. A good internet connection helps you quickly download games and apps and play online titles. Check out why some Xbox consoles keep disconnecting from WiFi and what you can do to restore and maintain your connection.

Xbox Disconnection Causes & Fixes

Is there anything worse than kicking back with a new game and finding that you don’t have a stable internet connection? Not only can this keep you from playing that game, but it will also prevent you from using the internet in other ways.

Forget about watching that new show on Netflix or downloading a new game. Lucky for you, there are some easy fixes for your Xbox Series S/X disconnection problems.

1. Router Error

Any error with your router can keep your Xbox from maintaining the connection you need. It might have some bad data stored on it or have too much data in its memory banks.

Check your router for a power switch. If you have one, turn the router off, wait a few minutes, and then turn it back on. Some routers do not have a power switch. You’ll need to unplug the power cord and then wait a few minutes before you plug it back into the outlet. You can then set up an internet connection and see if your Xbox maintains a stable connection.

2. Live is Down

No matter what you want to do online, you will use Xbox Live. One reason your console keeps disconnecting is that Xbox Live has an outage. Use your phone or another device to go online. Head to the official Xbox page and click on Xbox Status.

Not only will this page show you any outages going on right now, but you can see which areas the outages affect. You can also submit a support ticket to let the site know that the outage extends to your location. Keep checking back to see how quickly the internal team fixes the problem.

3. Xbox Errors

Whether you have an Xbox Series S or Series X, there’s a chance that it might have one or more errors that keep it from maintaining a good connection. Now is a good time to restart it and see if that fixes the problem. While not everyone has success with this method, it works often enough that you should try it.

Unplug the power cord from the back of the console and remove any other cables. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to clear the console. You can then restart it and connect it to the internet.

4. Network Outage

In addition to Xbox outages, you also need to consider network outages. Network outages only affect your city or region. They can even affect your city block or neighborhood, especially during storms.

Call your internet service provider (ISP) or check online. Most ISPs will list any known outages on their websites and allow customers to submit reports. Even if your area isn’t in the middle of an outage, problems might impact your connection.

5. Bandwidth Traffic

Both of these Xbox versions work on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths. The 2.4GHz bandwidth is often a little slower because it has more traffic. Most of your neighbors have routers that run on this bandwidth. Does your Xbox usually disconnect at certain times of the day?

If you only experience problems later in the day, there is likely too much traffic on your network. Turn on your console and go to Settings, All Settings, and Network. Change your console to run on the 5GHz bandwidth. You’ll also need to enter your router’s settings and change its bandwidth.

6. Expired Subscription

Xbox Live offers Gold subscriptions that give you full access to online games and services. You can also sign up for the Game Pass and get a few free monthly games. If you can connect to the internet but you keep losing your connection or you cannot connect at all, check the status of your subscription.

Make sure that it is still in good standing. Once your subscription expires, you can no longer play those games or download new ones . Click on your Profile and go to Settings, Account, and Subscriptions. You may need to pay to restore your subscription.

7. Bad or Poor Signal

Many Xbox players don’t realize that the distance between their consoles and routers can play a key role in how stable of an internet connection they have. The farther your console is from the router, the weaker the signal it gets.

There’s a chance that objects in the room affect the signal, too. For example, large pieces of furniture can block the signal as can people who walk between your Xbox and router. Moving the two devices closer to each other is the easiest way to fix this problem. You can also upgrade to a new router or add a WiFi extender/booster.

8. Bad DNS Server

There’s also a chance that you use a bad DNS server. Select Settings, General Settings, and Network Settings. Click on Set Up Wireless Network and Advanced Settings. When you click on the DNS Server, you can change both the primary and secondary servers.

To use Google, enter under the primary DNS and under the secondary DNS. Cloudflare is another popular option. It requires that you enter as your primary server and as your secondary server. After you change the servers, restart your console and go online.

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9. Missing Router Updates

Whether you have a combined router and modem or a standalone router, it needs regular updates. Each time you miss an update, you keep the router from getting the support it needs. Firmware updates and patches come from manufacturers and ensure that your router works the way it should.

If other users had problems with their routers disconnecting, the manufacturer will find a way to fix the problem and release either a patch or an update.

You can either search online for new updates or visit the manufacturer’s website and look for patches for your router model. It’s a simple matter of clicking a button to download and install the update.

10. Wireless Security Issues

When you set up WiFi in your home, you usually add a password to your network. This keeps anyone from using your connection unless they know the password. Some Xbox players found that they kept losing their connections because of issues with their wireless security, especially their encryption.

Run a network test first to see the strength of your connection. Go to Settings, General Settings, Network Settings, and Test Network Connection. If the results show that you have a problem, you may need to disable your encryption or turn off your password.

11. Faulty WiFi Card

If you played the Xbox 360, you might remember the hassles of trying to go online. Since you cannot use WiFi with the console, you must rely on an ethernet cable. The Xbox Series S and Series X consoles have an internal WiFi card.

As long as you have WiFi, you can set up a connection to run off your network. Replacing or fixing a faulty WiFi card costs a lot of money, but you can opt for an ethernet cable instead. Just run the cable from your router to the console.

12. Hardware Failure

During the early days of the Xbox 360, many customers experienced a problem called the Red Ring of Death. As soon as this ring appeared around your power button, you knew your console was a goner.

While the Xbox Series S/X consoles don’t suffer from the same problem, they can have hardware failures that keep you from getting the connection you need. Some failures can even cause the Xbox to disconnect from the internet.

Try moving your Xbox to a new spot and trying it. This will require that you shut it off and unplug all of the cables before you set it up again. Test your connection and see if it can maintain a strong connection. If you still don’t have any luck, it’s likely a hardware failure.

Check your warranty to see if you can still file a claim and get the hardware fixed. Once your warranty expires, you’ll want to look for an authorized shop in your area and have a trained Xbox tech check it over and fix any problems they find.


Using your Xbox over WiFi gives you an easy way to play online against people worldwide and use all of your favorite apps. There are a few common reasons why your console may disconnect from WiFi or keep dropping your signal. Try some of the best remedies to get the stable WiFi connection your Xbox Series S or X needs.