A simple step by step tutorial to fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error on your Google Chrome browser.

I want to say Google Chrome is my favorite internet browser, which I can use on multiple platforms with one Google account and all is synced. Let’s imagine how easy to use Google Chrome when you can sync user data across platforms, including your Windows computer, Mac computer, a smartphone or even tablet. Just need to bookmark a website on your computer and visit it later on your mobile device. It’s quite easy, right?

However, there are a few common issues that frequently happen on Google Chrome browser, which make me feel very annoyed. One of them is the Err_SSL_Protocol_Error. Many reasons can be caused this problem. There is no universal formula to solve it. You have to try a few methods that I will mention in this guide until you fix it.


Simple guide to fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error error on Google Chrome.

In this article, I will give you two more useful tips to help you fix this problem. Of course, you can also try a few other tips that I have suggested in previous posts:

Methods To Fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error On Google Chrome

If you search on Google how to fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error, it will return to you a lot of results, and you need to read all of those articles and try all methods listed there. To make this process simpler and help you solve the issue quicker, I have collected and created this guide, which contains some useful methods you should try.

Verify Your Computer’s Date And Time Is Correct

Like the Your Connection Is Not Private error if the date and time of your PC or device are incorrect, your browser can’t load SSL connections properly.

Before going further, you need to check your computer’s date and time again ensures it’s correct and match with the current time.

Computer Date And Time

Temporarily Turn Off Antivirus And Internet Security Apps

Sometimes, your antivirus software, internet security programs or built-in firewall blocks SSL connections. That made all of SSL connections can’t load completely and lead to this error.

To diagnose this issue, temporarily disable your antivirus software, internet security programs, firewall or anything similar. If the error is gone, you can figure out the cause of the Err_SSL_Protocol_Error error.

Kaspersky Pause Protection

Remove System Hosts File Or Restore It To Default

If some program modified your hosts file, or it was affected by viruses or malicious programs, you may face this SSL error on your Google Chrome browser. In this situation, your hosts file may contain incorrect information and will redirect the Internet connections to wrong places. That could be a reason why this SSL error showed up as SSL certificates can’t verify SSL connections.

So, if you are not using your hosts file for any purpose, simply remove it from this location: “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\“.

The Windows hosts file

If you are unable to remove the hosts file, make sure you have permission to do that. In order to grant permission for your current user, right-click on the hosts file and choose “Properties”.

After that, click on the “Security” tab and choose “Edit” button. Next step, select the username you are using and checked all in the “Allow” column.

Delete or remove Windows hosts file

If you are using the hosts file for some reasons and have declared your commands there, just keep your code and remove the unusual one.

Clear SSL State To Fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error Error

In some cases, SSL state may block your connection and show you this error. By that, you have to remove all SSL state.

To clear SSL state, go to Control Panel and select Internet Options.

Windows 10 Internet Options

Next, select the “Content” tab and click on the “Clear SSL state” button and then click “OK”.

Clear SSL State To Fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error

All is done. You may want to try to reload your website on Google Chrome browser again to verify if the error is gone or not.

Change Your Internet Security And Privacy Level

If you have set the “High” level as your security and privacy level, it might block some strange connections, including SSL connections. That resulted in Err_SSL_Protocol_Error error.

By changing these settings to be “Medium” or “Low”, your SSL connections will not be blocked anymore. In order to change your internet security and privacy level, go to Control Panel and choose Internet Options.

Next, select the “Security” tab and set “Medium” level.

Change Security Level In Internet Options

Do the same with the “Privacy” tab. After changing these settings, try to reload your Google Chrome browser again to confirm if the issue is gone or remains.

Disable Chrome QUIC Protocol To Fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error

According to reports, there were many users used this method and it was helped to solve the problem. So if you want to disable QUIC protocol on Google Chrome browser, copy “chrome://flags/#enable-quic” and paste it into the address bar and press “Enter”.

Next, select “Disabled” in the drop-down list and then restart your Google Chrome browser.

Disable QUIC Tool On Google Chrome

I hope this guide was helpful and can help you to fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error error on your Google Chrome browser. If you have something to add to this article or there would be any question or concern, leave your comment below.

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26 Replies to “How To Fix Err_SSL_Protocol_Error On Google Chrome”

  1. kalle middle says:

    Hello I Have Found A Much Easier Way Please Dont take credit from me

    Ok So Go to Windows Firewall Click on Restore Defualts then again then The problem should be fixed I did that 5min ago and thats the only reason why i am here
    Your Tips Didit Help me a bit …. Thank you for reading if your gonna take my idea please credit me

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Hi Kalle,

      Thank you for your method. I haven’t try it yet but I will recommend it to users to try.

  2. Halp says:

    I tried all these solutions, and the one with the firewall here in the comments. Still not working.. This is [———] never had this before. Only site i’ve noticed it on is Reddit. can only reach it using Tor browser

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Can you tell me that this error occurs when you visit a specific website or all HTTPS site?

      Have you tried to use other computer to access that site?

      How about use other browser?

  3. Ofid says:

    Disable QUIC saved my ass. Thanks

  4. Tori Magic says:

    Restore defaults worked for me!! Thank goodness!

  5. Phillip says:

    We’re having a local network issue with this website most us are thinking the school is blocking this website under certain circumstances. We are not for sure exactly what it means, but all I found for extra information is a Wifi encryption method only partially secured we just ask politely if you can have a look at this problem with the website and find the source of the situation please and thank you.

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Can you tell me which website?

  6. Franck says:

    It works for all website after disabled the QUIC .. Except one : google.com/fr/uk .. etc ..
    Any idea ?

    1. Tony Tran says:

      What about mail.google.com?

  7. Shirsha says:

    Hi, I’m getting this error consistently on my home network when I try to access Pinterest. Tried logging in from multiple devices – doesn’t help. I’m using a Macbook Air. Tried multiple browsers, resetting to default etc. etc.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Tony Tran says:

      You still get this error when using other browsers? Even using another device, such as other computer or smartphone (of course in the same network)?

  8. Anna says:

    It works for me… Thanks 🙂

  9. Sayed Ahmad says:

    I have such error issur only when i want to gain an access to blocked websites using proxy websites suxh as https://hide.me/en/. I tried all the solutions suggested above without succeeding to overcome the error issue.

    I am facing the same issue even with using my smartphone to access proxy websites.

    1. Tony Tran says:

      You mean https://hide.me/en/proxy ?

      In case you have tried all methods above, I would recommend you backup Chrome and reinstall it. Here is how to do it.


  10. Ivan Koh says:

    I have tried everything suggested on this page and still encountering the err_ssl_protocol_error on Chrome.
    The last resort which got things working is to remove the “Chrome” folder in AppData.


    Hope this information helps those in the same situation that got me stuck for 2 days.

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Can you please explain a bit further regarding your method you mentioned above? It helps me to understand more and add an extra tip to help other users.

  11. wolf says:

    go to IPv4 of your wlan and click “use following dns server”
    – sources: yusuf my friend

  12. Mahbuber Rahman says:

    its not worked bro

    1. Tony Tran says:

      Can you tell me which methods have you used?

  13. PixelDaFox says:


    1. Tony Tran says:

      Have you tried other methods?

  14. NIZA says:


    1. Tony Tran says:

      Did you find any types of viruses, malware or malicious programs?

  15. Scott says:

    I have tried all solutions and as long as I am on my home wifi, I cannot access www.fogmart.com. If i turn off my wifi and choose to access it through my phones data, it will open. Otherwise, not. Even stranger this happened suddenly. I did not have this issue at one tim e and no, i cannot figure out the trigger…Different devices and browsers have the same result.

  16. miley says:

    I can’t fix the problem. accessing to the website youtube is impossible, I’ve tried everything suggested and still no results.

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