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So you have two consoles and want to use one PSN account on both of them or maybe you want to share your account with a friend.

You can use your PlayStation Network account on two PS4s. You need to log in your PS Network credentials in two PS4s. After that, you can set up the other PS4 as your primary account, which would automatically tag the other PS4 as the secondary account, which would require an internet connection.


Can you have more than one PlayStation Network account?

Your PlayStation or PS Network account is a very crucial component of your PlayStation gameplay for the comfort of fans, because it contains the credentials of your account and your bought games. But, then again, there is no requirement that you only need one PlayStation Network account.

In fact, it is possible for you to have more than one PlayStation account especially if you have multiple consoles. That’s because each console you are using requires a PlayStation account to function.

For some people, they tend to create multiple accounts so that they can use as many PlayStation consoles as they can so long as they also have the same number of accounts that correspond to one console each.

However, even if you are only operating one PlayStation console such as a PS4, you can even have multiple different PlayStation Network accounts under that PS4.

All you need to do is to switch between accounts whenever you are switching between profiles. So, in that regard, you can have more than one PlayStation Network account regardless of how many PlayStation consoles you have. It really is up to you.

Now, you may wonder what purpose is there to have over one PlayStation Network account if you only have one console. The key reason do that can be due to various reasons.

One issue we can think of is connected to region-specific credentials, since certain games include redemption coupons that can only be redeemed if you use an account from a specific region.

For example, if you have a US account but purchased a physical game from an Asian nation such as Singapore while on vacation there, the redemption codes included in the game can only be utilized if you have a Singapore or Asian account. That is where you might wish to create another account with the location of an Asian nation.

Another reason you might want to use several PlayStation Network accounts on the same console is if you have multiple users in the same home.

For example, if your brother wants to use the same system, he may establish his own PlayStation Network account and connect into the PS4 with his own credentials rather than yours.

That way, he may use the PS4 as if it were his own, because the trophies he earns in the games he plays and the actual titles and downloadable content he purchases will be kept in his PlayStation Network account.

While it might still be possible for him to play the console using your account, having his own account will be a good idea for the future in case he plans on buying his own PlayStation console anytime soon.

Can I use my PlayStation Network account on two ps4s?

Now that we’ve shown that you can have many PlayStation Network accounts regardless of whether you own multiple PlayStation systems, can the inverse situation apply as well?

What we mean is that we want to know if it was possible for you to use only one account for two PS4s or any other PlayStation console.

So, although you can have many PlayStation Network accounts for multiple PlayStation consoles or just one PS4, you can also use just one PS Network account for two PlayStation 4s.

It may appear strange to have the same account for two PS4s, but here is where the concept of primary and secondary consoles comes into play.

When we talk about the primary PlayStation Network account console, you are using your PS network account and have tagged this console as the primary console.

The benefit that a primary console gets is that it can play downloaded games normally regardless of whether it is logged into the PS Network account or is using a different account.

So, let’s say you have multiple PS4s or if you have someone you know who also has a PS4. Then, in that PS4 you can set it up as a primary console of your PlayStation Network account, what happens is that it will now be able to download and play the downloaded games of the PS Network account holder regardless of which profile or account it is using.

It can even use an entirely different account to play the games as long as it is tagged by your PS Network account as the primary console.

This is where having several PS Network accounts becomes essential if you have multiple PS4s, since you can log into that account as long as you are using the primary console of your main PS Network account.

On the other hand, the secondary console is kind of like the extension of the primary console. When you log into a second PS4 using the same credentials as the other PS4, it can be tagged as the secondary console so long as the other one is already designated as the primary console.

So, the secondary console is capable of playing the same downloaded games that the PS Network account holder purchased but the difference here is that the secondary console always needs to be logged into the account.

That means that you also need to be connected to the internet to play the games using that account. And the downside is that, once the primary console is logged into the same account, the secondary console will be logged out.

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How to share PlayStation Network

At this point, you already understand the concept of primary and secondary consoles. So, how do you share the PlayStation Network account for two different PS4s? Follow these steps to find out how to do so:

1. If you have a new PS4 and you already have an existing PS4 using the same account, sign in to your PS Network account in the newer PS4. You also need a sub account or a second account to be signed into that console.

2. After signing in with the PS Network account in that newer console, re-download all the games that you have already purchased. This may take a while if you have plenty of games.

3. From there, the next step for you is to go back to your older PS4 console and tag it as your primary console.

This may be a bit confusing because you might think that it is better to make the newer console the primary one, but you’ll understand later on why this makes sense.

To tag the older PS4 as the primary console, go to Settings, Account Management, Activate as your primary, and Activate. The older PS4 is now your primary console.

4. On the newer PS4, which is now tagged as the secondary console, you can still play the games that you downloaded as long as you are always logged into the same PS Network account and that you are connected to the internet.

5. In the older console, if you have a friend, a brother, or a son who wants to play using the same games that the account has, he can do so by logging into the second PS Network account that we talked about a while ago.

However, because this older PS4 is tagged as the primary console, it no longer needs to be logged into your PS Network account for it to play the games stored in it even though it is playing the games under a different account. This is why you have to tag the older PS4 as the primary account.

6. So, when that happens, you can basically play the same games together or even play online multiplayer games without buying the game for each console.

Just make sure that the primary console is using a different account and that the secondary console is logged into the main PS Network account that we are talking about here.


We all know how costly PlayStation games can be, but you don’t have to buy a game for each platform if you know how to use the primary and secondary console tricks. As a result, you can essentially buy one game for two PS4s.

So, if you have a buddy or a sibling, you can split the cost of a game and each pay half the price since you can use one PlayStation Network account on two separate PS4s and play the same titles that the account purchased. It’s a neat trick that allows you to save money in the long run.