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Are you struggling to hear your favorite tunes on your JLab earbuds? There’s nothing more frustrating than having a pair of earbuds that are so quiet you can barely hear anything. You might be tempted to turn up the volume to the max, but that’s not always the best solution.

If your JLab earbuds are quiet, it is possible that you have a pair that are just faulty, but this is not necessarily the case. It could also be due to problems with wireless or wired connectivity, accumulation of dirt and grime, or incorrect volume settings on any connected devices.

There could be several reasons why your JLab earbuds are so quiet, and in this article, we’ll explore some of the common causes and solutions.

Are JLab Earbuds Known For Being Quiet?

JLab earbuds do not have a reputation for being too quiet. Not consistently, at least. You can find plenty of mixed reviews on JLab earbuds, but how does that tie into the problems that you may be having with the volume on yours?

Let’s look at some of the things that owners of JLab earbuds have said about their devices. We are going to focus specifically on sound quality and volume.

1. Customer Complaints

If you are having problems with the sound on your JLab earbuds, you are not alone. You can find plenty of threads like this online of people complaining about output that is too quiet “even on max volume” or about it being quieter in one ear than the other for periods of time.

These kinds of threads can often attract people sharing similar stories and coming to the conclusion that JLab earbuds are just bad quality and are quiet because of this. But is this the full story?

2. Customer Praise

If you search further, you can find plenty of threads on the internet created by people who love their JLab earbuds and will even go as far as to describe their sound quality as “amazing.”

For every thread criticizing the quality and volume of JLab earbuds, you can find another thread praising them. Why do these stark differences in the reviews exist?

3. Unit Inconsistency

One explanation for customers having vastly different experiences with their JLab earbuds, even with the exact same models, is down to quality control. JLab have had a reputation of inadequate quality control for many years. Poor quality control often means that supposedly identical products are shipped with noticeable differences.

Although this can be frustrating if you end up with a dud pair of earbuds, it is not uncommon with lower-priced products, and JLab are known for being helpful when you contact them about issues with your hardware. They can be contacted through phone, e-mail, and an online contact form.

4. Problems That Can Be Fixed

Another possibility is that your JLab earbuds are so quiet because you are experiencing some sort of problem that has developed after manufacture. This is good news for you because most of these problems will not be unique to JLab, are not necessarily the fault of JLab, and can be fixed.

How Do You Fix JLab Earbuds That Are Too Quiet?

The correct way to fix your JLab earbuds will depend on what the problem is. Very often, these kinds of problems cannot be identified without attempting to perform the fix for them. For this reason, you may have to try multiple of the fixes we will talk about before you find one that works.

We are going to look at the 5 most common reasons for your JLab earbuds being too quiet. If none of these fixes work, the issue is probably beyond the scope of a home repair, and you may need to speak to JLab directly for advice or a replacement.

1. Volume Control Across All Devices

It may seem obvious to make sure that your volume is turned all the way up, but did you remember to check the volume on all devices that make up the chain between the source of your audio and your JLab earbuds?

Even if you have not previously turned the volume down on some devices, you should double-check this. Many smartphones, for example, will use a different volume setting for wireless audio, so you may think that your volume is turned to the maximum because it always is, but in the meantime, your phone is using a different volume profile for your earbuds.

Some devices will also have volume limiters installed by default. You can confirm this by searching for what the practice is in your country and for your specific device. If you have a volume limiter installed, you may be able to disable it depending on what type it is.

2. Poor Wireless Connectivity

One of the most common reasons for JLab earbud volume being too quiet is poor wireless connectivity.

If your earbuds are wireless and not connecting very well with the device that is sending the audio, this may cause the volume to appear distant, muted, and spotty. Bad wireless connectivity is also often the reason for one earbud being quieter than the other.

There are two ways to check and then fix issues with wireless connectivity. The first is to bring your device closer to your earbuds. If your volume improves, this has likely been the problem, and you can work around it by keeping your device closer to your head while you use your earbuds.

The second way in which your wireless connectivity can be hampered is through interference. If there are too many other wireless devices sending signal near you, this can degrade the quality of the signal between your device and your earbuds. Move these other devices or do not use your earbuds around them for a better sound.

3. Poor Wired Connectivity

If you have one of JLab’s wired earbuds, you can still have connectivity problems. If the jack or audio port are dirty, this will limit the signal that they can carry. Give them a quick clean to see if that helps.

Wired connectivity can also be affected by a jack not being pushed all the way into the port, which will only send some of the signal, and a damaged wire, which will need to be replaced.

4. Clogged Speakers

Another reason for JLab earbuds being too quiet is if the earbuds themselves are too dirty. Any build-up of material will create a physical barrier for the sound before it can reach your eardrums and will need to be cleaned. A small amount should make no difference, but if there is enough, it can significantly restrict the soundwaves.

Earbuds get dirty in a number of different ways. They can accumulate dust and grime from the environment, which can add up when you do not clean them. Because they sit partially inside your ears, they can also gather earwax over time.

5. Build-Up of Earwax

Earwax can also accumulate in your ear canals. Enough earwax in your ears can create a physical impediment to the soundwaves trying to reach your eardrums in the same way that it can when it is around your earbuds’ speakers.

Wearing earbuds can make this blockage more noticeable compared to listening to ambient sound with your ears uncovered, thus making it seem like your earbuds are too quiet.

There is controversy over the correct way to clean earwax out of your ears, so speak to a trusted friend or professional.


As we have learned today, there are a number of reasons for why your JLab earbuds are so quiet. If it is a manufacturing fault, you will need to contact the company, but if it is not, we now know of a number of fixes that you can try to get your earbuds to a good volume.