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As much as you love your Xbox, you probably dislike the lag on your controller. This delay relates to the controller’s latency and can change how you play all your favorite games. Learn about the causes of Xbox controller input delay and the best way to fix it.

Xbox Controller Input Delay: 7 Causes & Fixes

When you play a game, you expect your character to respond quickly when you push buttons or use one of the analog sticks. The same thing is true when you flip through songs and files you saved on the console and use other apps.

Input delay creates a pause between your actions and what you see on the screen. Instead of making it to safety with your character, that delay can lead to an enemy dropping you on the spot. Many players noticed delay issues with popular games like FIFA and Apex Legends.

The delays you encounter are usually small and range between .25 up to .5 seconds. While it may not affect the way you play some games, it becomes a problem in titles where you need to move and react quickly.

It’s common for some gamers to find that the delay only happens when they play specific games or use their controllers in certain areas. We found the common causes of input delays with Xbox controllers and how to fix all of those problems.

1. Interference

Always look for things that can cause interference, especially if you use a wireless controller. Any other devices that use the same frequency and objects that connect with Bluetooth , can interfere with your signal and cause some delay.

This includes the cell phone you keep right beside you and the tablet or computer you use to look up game tips. Certain appliances, like microwaves and heavy objects, can also cause interference.

Fixing this problem is easy because you just need to rearrange your room. Start with the devices that use Bluetooth or the same signal as your controller.

You want to move them out of the way and make sure they are not between you and the console. Do the same thing with any appliances that might interfere with the signal between your Xbox and controller.

2. Poor Internet Connection

If you only play offline games, you can skip this step. For those who love online games, a poor internet connection or signal can be the main reason they experience delays.

Xbox Live is a fun marketplace designed by Microsoft that allows you to keep track of your game achievements, download new games, play online, watch trailers, and do dozens of other things.

If you have a bad or poor internet connection, you may find that some games have a short delay.

To check your internet, open Settings and go to Network. You can then select Go Offline to use your console without the internet. Go ahead and restart your Xbox before you go back online to see if you fixed the issue.

If you still see a delay, shut down your console and restart your router. Wait until the router turns back on and let it run for a few minutes before you turn on the Xbox and go online.

3. Outside of the Range

Most Xbox controllers have a range of 19 to 28 feet. When you sit too far away from the console, you may experience a short lag or delay between your actions and what you see on your screen.

Simply reducing the distance between where you sit and your console can help.

Remember that large and heavy objects can interfere with your connection and/or affect your range. You may want to move any furniture that sits between you and your Xbox.

4. Lack of Updates

Xbox consoles rely on regular updates to keep them running well. If you skip updating your console, you may have a delay that impacts some of your favorite games.

The next time that you turn on your console, go to Settings and look for firmware updates.

This will let you see all of the updates you missed in the recent past. You can accept them one at a time or tell the Xbox to download and install all of the available updates together.

The Xbox should restart itself once it finishes with those updates.

Skipping the updates for your games can also cause a latency problem. Apex Legends enthusiasts found that the game had a serious delay that lasted for two weeks before a patch came out that fixed it.

Always check your console for any available game updates and install them. While updating your games can take a few minutes, it may save you hours of frustration later.

5. Xbox Latency

Your Xbox’s latency is another reason you might have a small lag. This problem often affects those who updated their firmware because past updates caused their consoles to always use a low latency setting.

You might have previously updated this firmware and didn’t even know it. Open your Xbox Settings and select Game Mode. Click on the box next to Allow Auto Low Latency Mode.

This keeps your console from using that mode, which can cause delays.

6. TV Setting

Another reason your controller might suffer from a delay is due to your TV settings. Many TVs today have multiple settings that change the resolution and graphics based on what you do with them.

For example, the Cinema setting helps recreate the theater experience at home.

You need to press the Menu button on your remote, go to Settings, and change it from Cinema or Movies to Games or Gaming. Sometimes, using the wrong setting on your TV can delay a few milliseconds on your games.

Some TVs also come set to low latency or lag right out of the box, which can interfere with your games.

To fix this, open your Settings and go to TV and Display Options and then Video Fidelity and Overscan. Choose Overrides and move from auto settings to HDMI. You will then have the chance to reduce the resolution to 120hz.

7. Bad Port

Wireless Xbox controllers come with a dongle that fits inside one of the open ports on the front of the console. This creates a link between your Xbox and the controller.

There’s a small chance you have a bad port, which will keep your controller from working the way it should. Shut down your Xbox and move the dongle to a different port. Restart the console and see if it still has a lag problem.


Delays in your Xbox games can lead to your character dying before you have a chance to move and cause you to play the same levels multiple times to finally get through them.

There are tons of reasons why your Xbox controller suffers from an input delay. Try all these solutions to fix the issue and eliminate those delayed actions.