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So, you’ve got yourself a great computer, printer, shredder, and paper cutter, but all of them are scattered throughout the house in any available corner. Regardless of whether you work from home or not, having all of your ‘office’ equipment together is going to eliminate the time spent faffing about looking for each appliance.

What is the most important item to have next to your computer? A printer! Not, what is the most important item to keep next to your printer? It has got to be a paper cutter. 

So many of us want to have only the best computers and printers so that they do us justice for years to come. However, there is no point having high quality printed material if you are then going to cut it up with kitchen scissors and pretend your child gave you a helping hand with your party invites. 

If you haven’t got a paper cutter yet, check out this review of the 12 best paper cutters available today to help you decide which you should invest in. If you do already have a paper cutter at home, set it up next to your printer as soon as possible. Read on to find out why keeping them together is such a good idea.

1. Safety First 

Every year, hundreds of people report to have had accidents that involve paper cutters. This is not a risk you are willing to take with a couple of wild children running around the house. 

Believe me, children get their hands into everything, even if you think you’ve hidden it well. So, to stay on the safe side put the paper cutter in your office and lock the door.

Even if you do not have an at-home office and your paper cutter and other office equipment is scattered around the place, keep the paper cutter near your printer so that you don’t rush around and hurt yourself accidentally. Plus, not having to dash across the office and have to chat to Pat from HR about her 3 chihuahuas first thing in the morning is always welcome. 

2. Convenience 

Cutting one straight line takes less than 10 seconds, running around the house or office looking for the paper cutter takes a lot longer than that. Do yourself a favor and keep it close to you so that you don’t waste your precious time on unnecessary things. 

3. Precision 

Having to concentrate and get out a pencil, ruler, and scissors is a bit of a long process for such a small task. Even if you were to draw a straight line with a ruler before you cut with scissors, the chances of it being as straight as the line cut with a paper cutter are slim. 

4. Looks Good

Finally, lines cut with a paper cutter are crisper and neater than if they were to be cut with anything else.