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AirPods are one of the more popular products released by Apple in recent years. They comfortably fit inside your ears and are perfect for use as you watch movies, play games, and listen to music. Learn more about how to charge your case and what to do if the pods no longer keep a charge.

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Will AirPods Work if the Case Has No Battery?

When you buy a pair of AirPods, they come with a case that charges them. Your AirPods will keep working when the case is dead or does not have a battery. You just need to ensure the battery inside the Airpods still has a charge.

Airpods rely on Bluetooth to establish a connection. As long as you are close enough for Bluetooth to work, you won’t have a problem using them. If you just bought a new pair and want to use them, you cannot use AirPods unless you charge them first with the case.

Using AirPods Without the Case

To use your AirPods without the case, simply open Settings on the device you want to use. Place your AirPods close by before you click on the Connect button. Follow the steps on your screen to choose a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and get the AirPods working. Even if the case is dead or has no battery, you can still use the AirPods.

Can AirPods Be Charged Without the Case?

No, you cannot charge your AirPods without the case. While the web has a few sites that claim you can use other methods to charge the pods without the case, the risk of damaging them is quite high. You also risk voiding your warranty, which will keep Apple from giving you a new pair or paying for the necessary repairs.

The older models require you to put them inside the case and charge them. Some newer models offer wireless charging, but you need the case close by.

Why You Should Never Use Home Remedies

Two more common claims online are that you can charge your AirPods with an app or a charger with narrow pins. One of the more common claims is that you can download an app that charges your AirPods.

We even saw claims that this remedy works because it uses the wireless charging feature. These apps may come loaded with viruses that can spread through your device. Once the virus gains access to your email, it can spread to your contacts, too.

Some claim that the chargers used by older phones are compatible with AirPods. They say you just need to plug the pods into the charger and the charger into the wall.

While these devices are similar, they feature entirely different designs. AirPods have two extra pins that these chargers lack. You can try this charging method, but it will not work.

A few TikTok videos released last year claim that you can use a Mac to charge your AirPods. These videos say that your computer has magnets inside that charge your pods.

You just need to put them in the right spot and let them sit until they finish charging. While Macs have magnets, those magnets will not charge your AirPods and can damage them. If you don’t have your case, you cannot charge your AirPods.

How to Charge Your AirPods Without the Case

If you lost the original AirPods case, you can use someone else’s case. You just need to ensure that you have the same AirPods model number.

The case will charge your AirPods and give you up to six hours of use on a full charge. Apple offers replacement cases, too. Always check with Apple to see if your warranty covers the damage that stopped your case from working. While it will not cover lost or stolen cases, Apple will let you buy a new case.

Do Airpods Need to Be Near the Case?

You do not need to keep your AirPods near the case or even carry the case with you to use them. AirPods connect to devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can go for a run, use them on the bus, take them on vacation, and do anything else that you want with them, even when the case is at home.

However, there are some benefits to taking the case with you. It ensures that you never run out of battery power because you can charge your AirPods and keep them safe from damage.

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AirPods Case Not Charging: 6 Ways to Troubleshoot It

While the case helps you keep the AirPods charged, it can stop working. This can happen for a few reasons, many of which are easy to fix. Make sure that you contact Apple if you have a faulty case or if your warranty is still good.

1. Look at the Charge Status

When you charge your AirPods, you can check their charge status using another Apple device. Place the AirPods inside the case but leave the lid open.

Move the case close to your iPhone or another device, which will pair the two. Your device will show the name you gave to your AirPods and let you know where they are in the charging cycle.

This lets you know if the device views the AirPods as fully charged or still in the process of charging. If you have dead AirPods, but your device says they are fully charged, you know it’s an issue with the case.

2. Dirty Charging Port

The case with your AirPods has a charging port on the bottom. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t take great care of this case.

It’s easy to tuck it into your backpack or stuff in your pocket. You risk clogging the charging port with debris every time you store the case. The debris prevents the charging cable from fitting in the port. It also creates a loose connection that doesn’t work.

Any type of sticky tape will clean away the debris without damaging the port. While the cotton swab helps you reach deep into the port, the tape keeps the cotton from sticking to the case.

3. Change the Cable

AirPods have a charging cable plugged into the case and work with other adapters. Try the charger in a few different ways. Unplug it from the wall adapter and use the cable with the case.

Then, plug it into your Mac or another computer and see if it works. Sometimes, the cable will work fine but not work with the case.

This tells you that you need to replace the case. If the cable does not work, try a different cable. You might find that the issue was with a broken or damaged cable.

4. Check the Case and Cable

Apple often warns customers against using third-party cases and cables. They are cheap, so you might decide to take a chance and use one.

The biggest problem is that third-party vendors can claim their items are compatible when they are not. You may not even know it until you plug in the charger and see that the case doesn’t recognize it.

If you aren’t sure you bought a reputable case and/or cable, look up reviews for the product to see if other customers had the same problems.

5. Reset the Case

It’s common for an AirPods case to stop working because of a software problem. To test this, you need to reset the case.

Turn the case over to find the reset button. It’s a small button near the center. Hold down on the reset button for 15 seconds or until you see the light become a soft brown color and then flash white.

After that, use your cable and AirPods to see if the case works. If this doesn’t work, plug the case into the charging cable and let it charge for two minutes or longer.

While the case is still charging, press down on the power button to reset it. This step won’t work if the case can’t hold a charge.

6. Faulty Cases

Apple fans like to think that the company makes the best products, but others have different opinions based on their experiences.

There is always a chance that you have a faulty case and/or cable. If you have problems as soon as you bring the AirPods home, take them back to the store. You can also contact Apple and file a warranty claim.

Check the cable for any signs of damage, such as a broken cover or exposed wires. You should also check the case for any signs of damage.


All Apple AirPods need a case because it keeps them safe as you travel and charges them quickly. You can still use your AirPods when the case doesn’t work or lacks a battery as long as they have a good charge. Make sure you know how to troubleshoot your case when it doesn’t charge your AirPods.