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You might have heard the rumor that an Ethernet switch will slow your connection. But is that true?

An ethernet switch maximizes the security and efficiency of your connection and doesn’t cause it to lag. A lag in your connection could be due to factors such as faulty hardware, the quality of the connection, etc. However, your switch has to be of high quality for it to work efficiently.

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Will An Ethernet Switch Slow My Connection?

An internet switch doesn’t slow your internet connection. It maximizes both the security and efficiency of your network, ensuring both the input and output ports work perfectly. For this reason, you won’t have any problems.

More often than not, what causes lag in your internet speed might be the quality of your network hardware or cabling. Even if your ethernet switch is old, it doesn’t affect your internet speed because your connection isn’t old.

The type of cables you use determines your internet speed. Although ethernet cables are generally faster, modern cables work better than new ones. Using an old cable will likely slow your internet speed.

Cables come in different categories, with each category an improved version of the former. However, the connector type is usually the same, and all categories of cables are compatible with any ethernet switch. To tell the sort of cable you’re using, check the label on the cable itself.

If it’s old, you might have to buy more modern cables. Faulty hardware slows your internet speed. If the devices connected to the ethernet switch aren’t working perfectly, you won’t enjoy working on the internet at that moment.

Your switch can also experience software issues. For instance, your computer’s circuitry board can suddenly develop a fault in the middle of the internet connection.

In addition, the quality of your internet speed matters. If your internet connection is a bottleneck, you will experience a lag in your activities. You might have to upgrade your bandwidth package.

If many users are connected to your ethernet switch at the same time, your internet connection becomes overpowered, especially if it is supporting data-intensive activities such as playing games, streaming videos, etc. You have to find ways to manage the devices connected to your switch if you want a faster internet connection.

Do Ethernet Switches Go Bad?

Generally, Ethernet switches rarely go bad. However, it depends on how well you use and maintain them. Below are some of the ways to know if your ethernet switch has gone bad.

If you are experiencing traffic drops that have nothing to do with the switch’s configuration, your ethernet switch may have gone bad. Usually, your ethernet switch should maximize your network efficiency and distribute it equally among the connected devices. If it doesn’t, it could be failing.

Another sign that your ethernet switch has gone bad is its refusal to come on. If the switch refuses to power up, or if it keeps rebooting anytime you turn it on, you need to take it to a professional to determine if the switch is faulty or if it’s due to insufficient power.

Also, if it disconnects in the middle of your activities on the ethernet with no warning signs, the handover fails suddenly, the packets aren’t transmitted, or the interfaces aren’t responding to controls, your ethernet switch might have gone bad. As such, you need to replace it.

How Long Do Ethernet Switches Last?

There is no exact answer for how long ethernet switches last. Some last for five years, while others work for longer. Modern Ethernet switches have a higher life expectancy due to more advanced hardware and engineering.

How you use and maintain your Ethernet switch also determines how long it will last. If you care for it properly, you might be able to use it beyond the expected lifespan. The quality of the switch itself matters too; poor-quality switches don’t last long.

To make your Ethernet switch more durable, ensure you use good cables. The higher the quality of your cables, the better your internet connection. Ensure the cables are correctly connected.

If the cables are wrongly connected, you will experience a network loop. Your connectors should firmly be in place as well.

In addition, you have to make sure the switch is in a favorable environment. It would help if you didn’t put it in places prone to moisture or high temperature. The switch components are likely to get damaged due to humidity, etc., affecting the board’s performance.

Once the components are damaged, the backplane will likely break. Since it can’t be repaired, you are left with no option other than to replace the backplane if you want to continue using the switch.

You need to check the hardware for damages as well regularly. If any connected device or cables are faulty, it will affect the switch’s performance even though it isn’t the switch’s fault.

Furthermore, to ensure your Ethernet switch is more durable, connect it to a stable power supply. The components in the switch can get easily damaged due to power failures. Always check the power indicator to know the state of the switch.

The indicator should turn green when you put on the switch. If it isn’t, then it means your switch is faulty. To protect the Ethernet switch from damage due to the power supply, you can get a voltage regulator to avoid fluctuations in the power supply.

Avoid configuration errors when setting up your switch. Such errors can lead to software problems that prove difficult for an electrician to repair. Except the switch is of poor quality, Ethernet switches usually don’t have software problems.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how best to configure your switch. You will find these instructions in the manual that comes with the switch or the manufacturer’s website.

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Can I Use An Old Router As An Ethernet Splitter?

An Ethernet splitter is a device that splits an Ethernet signal into two. It has three Ethernet ports, two on a side and one on the other. It helps to connect two devices to the primary signal.

It is inexpensive and easy to set up. However, it only works with two Ethernet ports. The internet connection is also slower when you use a splitter.

Instead of buying a new Ethernet splitter, you can convert your old router to one. Old routers shouldn’t be trashed because they have been replaced with more recent versions. You can always find new uses for them.

This is possible because Ethernet networks have had few advancements in the past years. Even if your old router no longer meets your Wi-Fi needs, it can work perfectly with your Ethernet network.

To turn your old router into an Ethernet splitter, you need an Ethernet cable and a computer with an Ethernet jack. Usually, every Wi-Fi router has five Ethernet ports. One of them is meant for an internet connection, while the rest are connected to your devices.

Unless you use a third-party firmware that allows you to dedicate a port for WAN and use the rest for your devices, you won’t be able to use two out of the ports available on your router when converting it into an ethernet splitter. The third-party firmware also has more benefits beyond allowing you to access 4 ports on the router.


With all conditions met, Ethernet switches don’t affect your internet connection. They rarely develop software problems and are most suitable when you need multiple connections. However, ensure you buy a more advanced Ethernet switch for better performance.