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Game developers create games that you can play while watching TV. In this post, I list some easy games that everyone can enjoy. Even though the games are easy to play, you can still experience the fun and excitement a game provides.

Is it even possible to play games and watch TV at the same time?

It’s possible to play games while you watch TV. You just need to avoid games that have a time limit because it forces you to complete them in a certain period. Games with time limits also require you to focus on the game or else, you’ll lose the chance of winning it.

Similar to games with time limits are quick-time events such as Halo 4 and Mobile Legends. These games also require you to focus so that you may lose track of the plot of the movie or series you’re watching.

You must also avoid highly difficult games that require you to think and analyze. Puzzle games that are crossword-based force you to stop with what you’re doing and let you think of the right word that matches the puzzle.

Another puzzle game that requires attention is those that require you to memorize the position of an item or find the hidden items. Most puzzle games have a simple interface that gives an impression that it’s easy to play even when you’re watching TV. But don’t be deceived with puzzle games because they are a lot harder than some role-playing games.

Before I proceed to the genres you must play, let me continue the list of the game types that you should avoid.

Another game you must avoid is the narration game such as the Stanley Parable and West of Loathing. Although these games can be played by themselves, you must read the narration so you can appreciate these games. The narration gives you a similar vibe when you watch a TV series. In this case, the plot revolves around someone playing a game. So, if you’re not paying attention, you won’t feel the excitement and thrill it gives.

Other game types you must avoid include rhythm games, timed responses in dialogues, horror games, fighting games, and multiplayer games. You must also avoid games that trigger your emotion that you may end up shouting or screaming. There’s no problem if you’re alone watching TV but that can be annoying if you’re watching with someone.

What genre games should I play while watching TV?

The genre games that you should play while watching TV include building games, turn-based strategy, social simulation, and action-strategy games.

Building games

Building games are among those Android games that you can play while watching TV. Although some building games let their characters talk with each other, you can skip those conversations and continue building. In this genre, you can find different settings that allow you to be creative but at the same time, you don’t need to be meticulous when you build.

The building games can be set in a town, city, or farm. The game lets you build buildings, shops, coops, equipment, fields, roads, and other infrastructures needed in the community. These types of games allow you to harvest plants and yield produce. You only need to click or drag and drop the item you want and place it to where you want it. If you want to organize it, you can do it some other time when you’re not watching TV.

Turn-based strategy

The turn-based strategy game is another genre you can try if you want a challenging game that doesn’t require too much attention. This type of game requires you to build your camp, community, or battlefield. You have troops and equipment to help you win the game.

It’s more challenging than the building games genre because you need to position your troops to win a battle. You must also strategize on how you’ll build your fortress to keep you safe from the enemies. But when it’s wartime, you can leave it and the troops just work by themselves. You don’t need to watch them, unlike other games that you need to control the characters.

Social simulation

Social simulation game requires you to read the conversation of the characters but you can skip it if you want to fast forward to the next task. This type of game requires you to do small tasks like shaking an orange tree or finding a block of wood for a campfire.

Some of the games under this genre don’t have enemies around so you’ll just make friends within the neighborhood. On the other hand, some games have a challenging environment that can be creepy giving goosebumps as you play it. Yet, this genre is easy to play because the tasks are easy to do.

Action-strategy game

An Action-strategy game is another genre that doesn’t require too much attention when you play it. You can expect conversation among characters and simple tasks commanded in the game. It’s somehow similar to social simulation games because characters talk with each other and simple tasks are required to move to another level.

However, the difference between the action strategy and the social simulation game is the difficulty of the tasks. In an action-strategy game, you don’t just shake an orange tree but you’re given tasks such as launching a fireball to hit the enemy. So, you just don’t aim without focusing on the target or releasing the fireball without gathering enough force before launching it.

Great games to play while watching TV

Now that you know the game genres that are best to play while watching TV, let me give you the list of great games for each genre.

The Simpsons (Building Game)

If you’re a fan of this show, downloading it to your Android phone will not disappoint you. It’s considered one of the funniest building games available today. This game allows you to take control of the community — the ever-famous Springfield. This game requires you to expand the town and grow your business.

Clash of Clans (Turn-based strategy)

Clash of Clans is considered a building game because you build a village and you raise a clan. Yet, it’s also considered a turn-based strategy because, during wartime, you don’t need to control your warriors. You don’t need to position them to a certain spot to defend your village. They work on their own so you can leave them and wait for an announcement if your clan wins.

Animal Crossing (Social Simulation)

Animal Crossing is one of the easiest games that you can play while watching TV. Do you remember the shaking of the orange tree I mentioned earlier? You can find that simple task in this game. The characters talk with each other and you get commands in between. The commands are easy to see because it’s written in a different font color written on the conversation bubble. If you have no plan of reading the conversation, you can click it until you reach the task.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle (Action-strategy)

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the easiest games to play under the action-strategy genre. It features 2D illustrated visuals and your favorite characters from the series. It’s a self-paced game so you don’t need to hurry when playing this game. You won’t get disappointed with this game because you can use the Kamehameha super attack of Super Saiyan Goku.


Games are best enjoyed when you focus as you play them. However, for some reason, we get bored with what we watch. So, playing a game is an option to kill boredom. The examples I mentioned are guaranteed to give you the enjoyment you want without the need to focus that much. With the guidelines and genres I mentioned, I hope that you can find the right game that you’ll enjoy.