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Like Mozilla Firefox, the Google Chrome browser profile folder stores all information related to your browser, including settings, bookmarks, saved passwords, history, cookies, extensions, apps and much more.

The Google Chrome profile folder is separate from the application folder, which will protect your data if anything goes wrong. If you ever run into any issue with your Google Chrome browser, a new installation can help you resolve the issue.

By doing that, you need to know where your Google Chrome browser profile locates and then backup and restore user data after installing a new copy of the browser.

Find Your Google Chrome Profile Folders On Windows, Mac, And Linux

We would not recommend to manually backup your Google Chrome profile because sometimes it doesn’t work properly. You should try to backup and restore entire Google Chrome settings with this guide, instead of doing it manually.

But if you still want to backup these user data and settings manually, then please follow locations below to find your Google Chrome profile folder on each platform.

  • Google Chrome profile folder on Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10: C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Google Chrome User Data Folder

  • Your Google Chrome profile folder on Mac OS X: Users/(username)/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default
  • The Google Chrome profile folder on Linux: /home/(username)/.config/google-chrome/default

Just replace (username) with your username, and copy the whole folder to backup your Google Chrome profile.

However, if you have created and been using multiple profiles on Google Chrome, the profile folders may differ and not like the locations we mentioned above.

Don’t worry! You still can find the exact location of your Google Chrome profile folder with a simple trick.

Firstly, you need to switch to the profile you want to get the place of the profile folder.

Next, copy “chrome://version” and paste it into the Google Chrome’s address bar and press Enter.

It will show you information about your Google Chrome profile, including version number, revision, operating system, Javascript version, Flash version, and profile path.

Multiple Profiles On Google Chrome

In order to backup your Google Chrome profile, just copy the “Default” or “Profile X” folder, depending on which profile you want to backup – and save the copied folder to somewhere safe.

  • The “X” is the number of the profile.

If you want to restore your Google Chrome user data, just overwrite the backup folder to the existing folder of the browser.

If you want to erase all user data of your Google Chrome browser, simply delete the “User Data” folder. The next time you launch the Chrome browser, this folder will be automatically generated with a fresh default profile.

We hope you can find the location of your Google Chrome profile folder and backup your user data to keep it safe.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox and want to find the location of its profile folder, we also have published a guide to show you how to find it here.